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  1. Anyone else play this?

    I play it, uh, a lot. I'd say I could probably push for Gold rank if I wanted to really push for it, but I am kind of lazy and enjoy playing troll and fun builds more than actually being efficient in game.
  2. I play... occasionally. I'm not very good, though. I mainly play against bots. Heh, I play video games all the time, but I'm just not very good at most of them.

    I main Sona, though, and I'm not bad at support if we're playing against baby bots. :3
  3. Sona is my favorite too! :D

    I play very occasionally, but I enjoy messing around with fun builds and such. If we got a group of casual players together I wouldn't mind joining in from time to time.
  4. I do play, though I haven't for a while because of unrelated reasons. ._.

    My IGN is Garnet if anyone wants to add me. Was Plat last season but have been too lazy to play ranked at all this season... I don't really consider myself to have a 'main' champion, but the closest to that would be Nami. I'm pretty damn good with Nami. I also love Orianna, Ziggs, Shyvana (I PLAYED SHYVANA BEFORE IT WAS COOL,) and Hecarim. I really hope Hecarim gets buffed soon... he's almost useless at the moment. I miss playing him.
  5. Hecarim isn't near useless, but I agree, he could use some major changes to spice up his gameplay. He's just outclassed by champions who do the same thing that he does except better.
  6. That's exactly what I mean by useless. People use those champions (of which there are many) over him, and he gets stomped by them. They nerfed him three-four patches in a row, and then just left him where he was. He's simply not strong enough atm to compete with the other junglers.
  7. The thing is, Hecarim is FANTASTIC early in the game, and if his ult is landed correctly, he will win teamfights.

    But the issue is, he HAS to get that initial boost early in the game that comes from literally playing super-aggressive and riding in like a harbinger of death.

    It's why I listen to Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden on repeat when playing him.
  8. Hecarim has a pretty poor early game... he can't duel other junglers. They nerfed his ability to counter jungle, so that's not very reliable, either. You basically have to rely on counter ganking, and getting kills from those ganks. If he does get fed early game, he's super scary, but not nearly as much of a threat as he used to be. Vi will poop all over him, as will Elise, Jarvan, Lee Sin, and most other popular junglers at the moment. The thing those junglers have over him is that they are also duelists, and can carry games.

    Seriously, I adore Hecarim, but he's not in a good place right now. There are a few very specific situations where he may outshine other junglers, but right now the FOTMs/meta don't allow for many of those situations. That's why I want buffs. :(
  9. Admittedly, I usually only use him for pubstomping rather than ranked play (I play Talon Mid, J4 Jungle), so eh. Mileage may vary.
  10. I think we have a Iwaku group for LoL/MOBA's in general.
    You should look it up.

    And I also play, but only when I have time and not other things to do (like school, lololol school..).
    Name is xXPurpleStaticXx
  11. If anyone wants to add me, my in-game name is Sword of Orion.

    But honestly, I've got Link Between Worlds to finish on my 3DS, and I haven't even started Fire Emblem or Bravely Default. And on PC, I've been playing the crap out of the Star Wars: Attack Squadrons beta and Loadout on Steam. League just takes too much time to play a single match for my limited attention span. :x
  12. I play. My summoner name is Ministry (NA Server)

    I'm currently Diamond 2 with 85 LP, but I don't really play much. My current main is Draaaaven.

    Might make a push for Challenger soon.
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  13. I used to play League a lot once. This year though, school studies have halted back most of my free time so I spend less and less time playing games. I only have a couple of games on weekends, and that's it.
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