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  1. I think this thread pops up every once and a while but nothing (at least for me) has ever come from it, so I'm going to make another one... !

    I've picked up League a little bit lately, but I no longer have people to play with (excluding my roommate), so it's not as fun as it used to be. I used to be a Platinum player but that was like 2.5 seasons ago so take it as you will. 8| I like ARAMs a lot, but I'd like to play more normal games! I just hate queuing for those on my own.

    My IGN is Garnet and I play on NA, usually in the evening. I'm most comfortable with the support role (Braum, Nami, Janna, Sona, learning Bard), but I've picked up interest in ADC/Marksman this season, since they've made it much more versatile! I also enjoy mid lane and jungling, but you'll have to bear with me on the latter since shit has changed so much. Actually, just bear with me on everything haha.

    Would anyone be up for playing some matches once and a while?
  2. If a dedicated group started forming, I might--might-- be interested.

    I used to play years ago, back around circa 2012. I quit for the community: I find it highly toxic. I just got sick of how abusive other players were, and how the game stopped being fun. Of course you want to win, but even if you lose, you should take something from it. And when half of your losses come from a player who decided from the get-go to feed on purpose because you don't have a dedicated Jungler? /sigh

    My main Champs were: Wukong, Lux, Gangplank, Jax, Janna, Karma... Uh... Can't think of anymore.

    Can't remember my name either. >>;; I think it was faceguitar.
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  3. I used to play on OCE, I kinda stopped playing because I just didn't find the interest anymore and because most of my friends stopped playing as well. Still keep up with the news and watch videos, hyped for the Japanese servers because the voices are frickin' amazing.

    Liked to play support and adc. I binge played Caitlyn/Quinn and Thresh.
    Tried to avoid mid and jungle but if I had to it would be Vel'Koz/LuxMorg for mid and Warwick for jungle.
    And top was like, Shen and Gnar's world.
  4. OH YEAH, SHEN! That was the only tank I could play, but I think he was considered Easy-mode Tank? >>;;
  5. Well I mean, I just tried to do two games with my roommate while playing Kindred/trying to get comfortable with Marksman, and got bitched out by other people each game, so yeah, the community isn't the greatest. Ugh. That's why I want friends to play with. :( It was fun when I had teammates that didn't care about whether or not we won and actually let me learn shit.
  6. See, that right there I'm cool with. If we can find a full 5-man team, fuckit, I'll re-install and play a round or two whenever everyone decides to sit down and play.


    We gotta voice if we're gonna play. >>;; We need to be at least a slightly-oiled, rusted machine, damnit! And no bitching at each other about a bad play, or a weird build. I wanna have fun, TONS of fun, if I'm gonna play this again. :P
  7. Oh yeah, I never play with groups in these sorts of games if I can't use voice chat! It's much easier to yell 'I AM GOING IN PLS DON'T LEAVE ME I DON'T WANT TO DIE' than just sit helplessly while your ADC tumbles into a 1v2 without you. I miss being able to do silly team comps or go five man jungle. That's when the game was fun.
  8. Well damn, I guess it's decided then!


  9. I stopped playing it. I just follow the pro-scene now.

    Wtf am I doing with my life, watching competitive e-sports....
  10. I should start playing again...

    Adc/mid main (I know, incredibly cancerous). Played a lot of Ashe, Kalista and LeBlanc.
    I play support too...except the only fucking support I play is Leona. Nami and Sona on very rare occasions.
    Barely even touch jungle and top. In fact, I think I have jungled more than I have being at top =-=

  12. I still play League, and I never really had a problem with the community. Maybe because every Ranked or Normal game I play, no one talks at all. The chat is just dead until after the game is over, and after the game is over I normally queue up another one and don't even read the chat.

    I mainly play Jungle and Mid.

    Mid: Zed, Kassadin, Twisted Fate, Malzahar, Azir, Brand, and a few others.

    Jungle: Tahm Kench, Kindred, Shaco, Wukong, Udyr, Vi, Xin Zhao, Olaf, Nidalee, Rengar, Kayle, Hecarim, Diana, Elise, and that is about it. I mainly play the Jungle role.
  13. I'm all over that shit!

    If you guys want to play, hit me up in NA Servers

    Just give me a heads up by PM or once friended on League, hit me up when I'm on.

    Been playing since season 4, still play.

    I play anywhere (I'm a very poor support, but I can play.)
  14. Y'all should give me your usernames so I can add you!

    @Rain of the Night @Artorias @Yatagarasu

    Top is totally my least favourite lane tho. I can't do it. Which is a shame, because some of my favourite champions to play (Shyvana, Hecarim) are top-laners. :< Thankfully they can also jungle, but idk how good they are anymore...
  15. @Fauna

    I'll do so once I get home from work :P
  16. My name is either RedDevilHanzo or HanzoRedDevil

    I don't remember which one it is. The other one is (or was) my steam name.
  17. Midget Madness (used to be ShortCake95 if you need the older user name to add me) is my user name for those of you that want to play with me. I play jungle and support most the time, and I main Hecrim and Sona. I'm a casual player so I'm probably not as good as some of you guys in this thread. I prefer to play for fun you know?

    So yeah if you add me on League just send me a message on my profile or tag me here telling me you did and the user name you have. ^^
  18. Username: Yan Stryver (Or YanStryver, not sure <.<)
  19. League isn't really my kind of game, however. Although I do wish you luck in your endeavors.
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