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  1. So who else plays League of Legends 'round these parts? I just got back into it after a several years' long hiatus and I'm looking for some people to play with.

    Summoner Names

    KingHood (Wolves)
    The Ferret Guy (Brovo)
    Crimsondude (Bomb)
    GwaziMagnum (GwaziMagnum)
    RedDevilHanzo (Artorias)

    Amis Thysia (Halo)
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  2. Used to play a mean game of LoL back in circa 2012.

    MOBA games have some of the worst communities, I swear. Turned me off entirely.

    Haven't played since.
  3. I still play on occasion on NA, you can add me if you want to play sometime.

    Name: The Ferret Guy :ferret:
  4. I play LoL not as frequent as before. Still play it though.

    NA: Crimsondude
    PBE (if you guys have it lol): Topazdude
  5. Summoner Name: GwaziMagnum

    I only play with others.
    I never play solo.
  6. Summoner name is Amis Thysia on the EUW server, been playing since November.

    Also as this is a League thread I feel obliged to say "new Ryze OP".
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  7. I'm on the NA server under the name KingHood. I'll add you guys when I hop on again.

    What champions/positions do you guys generally play?
  8. Anything but the jungle, usually. I don't find it all that fun so sitting down to learn a champion for it ain't my thing, especially with it being popular right now.
  9. I've been trying to learn. It's pretty tough stuff but I'm getting into it. I'm much more comfortable playing a lane.
  10. I'd learn it if it seemed like a role that needed people in it, but it's not. There are lots of jungler mains, so... :ferret:
  11. Yeah, kind of why I've been slacking on that. Plus I prefer playing Yasuo and Talon and they aren't great junglers.
  12. I play.

    NA: RedDevilHanzo

    I normally play Mid as Zed, Viktor, Malzahar, Aziir and a few others.

    I play on OCE and I haven't really touched on it for several months but I do plan on coming backdlkkdlfj. I mostly linger around the bot lane, ex-support main, kinda moving on to other roles.
  14. ayyy

    Also, cool stuff. I just added everyone's summoner names to the original post and added everyone on NA, so y'know. We should play sometime.
  15. Champions are generally Master Yii, Twisted Fate or Xin Zhao.

    Positions: I generally Jungle, just because I'm awful at PVP (defending a lane) and prefer to fight the NPCs.
  16. I play mainly Aram, but I may accept invites. :3

    Username: Raxicor

    I play according to my whimsy, but some of my favs are Gnar, Cho'Gath, Azir, Volibear, Thresh, Tahm Kench, Rek'Sai, Fizz, Rengar, and Kog'Maw.
  17. True story. Finding a good team is few and far between, especially in pub matches.

    To the actual thread:

    I've never played LoL. Looked at it and decided I would stick with Dota 2
  18. Why didn't you just Skype me this? ;A;
    I would have seen it sooner.
  19. LOL this thread is old but shoot me a friend request only IF YOU ARE ON OCE

    Main account: Mr Mr
    Smurf (only got it for the name, I still am shit at LoL): TM21 Frustration
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