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  1. Who here plays League?

    I'm a twenty year old female that plays it. My boyfriend introduced me to it last year, but I haven't started playing it seriously until recently. I'm a mid main, and I play mostly Ahri. I can go AD Carry as well with Ashe.

    I'm on the NA Servers. So NA>EU. XD

    I was hoping we can have friendly discussion and possibly make friends here!
  3. Ooh, me! Me! my favorite champs to play are Cho'Gath, Rammus, Rek'Sai, Azir, Wukong, Thresh and Malzahar. I like Fizz, but I'm not the greatest with him. I actually enjoy the featured modes more than the regular Summoner's Rift. I've been playing since the end of season 4. Username is Raxicor. Though I have this unfortunate tendency to ignore invites and just solo queue. I'm kind of afraid to play with people then have a bad match. I'm trying to keep my style varied so that I can actually hold my own in Ranked, but it takes a lot of time. I'm currently saving up for Talon so that I have an AD to take mid if a mage is picked top.

    :) Nice to meet you!
  4. Nice to see you again, Sen!

    Nice to meet you, Shiri! I can see that you like a lot of champions but you don't like a lot of ADC champions.
  5. I played Pre-draven or whenever that was.

    Cancerous and toxic community drove me away. Bot matches were more enjoyable than dealing with try hards and angry kids.
  6. Its true I don't ADC often. Its a very farm heavy lane and I get confused on when I should group to mid. @.@ But when I do its either Sivir or Kog.Maw. Caitlyn and Jinx are okay too. I suck hard at Draven. I'm not to the point that I can split my attention between CSing and catching axes.

    I should really try the updated Ashe. She sounds like fun.
  7. That's too bad. I learned how to mute and ignore, so I just play for fun and trying to get better. But I know how toxic the community can get.

    Ashe is really fun, and everyone is playing her again. If you want to try out a new mid champion try Ahri, she's fun to play as well.


    I main Fizz in mid lane.

    Top with Teemo and Yi.

    Bottom with Draven and Blitzcrank.

    Jungle with Warwick and Kha-Zix.

    A Fizz main? My mortal enemy. D:
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  11. I:

    Mid Kassadin, Lissandra, Swain, Viktor

    Top Vladimir, Renekton, Garen, Jarvin

    ADC: Graves, Jinx, Draven

    Jungle: Hecarim, Jarvin, Evelynn, Diana

    NA server
  12. Teach me your ways. :o I want to troll poll and do it well. I did fine in Hexakill, but that's Hexakill.
  13. I just went up against a Fizz. -_-
  14. I've been playing since about November, recently got to Level 30 on the EU server.

    I main Annie support and can play Morgana support as well.
    ADC: Ashe or Graves, Mid: Ahri or Annie.
    I've not practiced top or jungle that much, so I suck at both, but when I'm forced I'll usually go Jax jungle and Fiora top.

    I ended up specialising my role and champ choices quite a lot because all my friends started playing years ago, and when I went into matches with them I got demolished. So I focused on just getting really good at one role with a couple of champs - support Annie, mostly - so I could play with them without being such a liability. Really bad for my overall game ability, but lets me have more fun when I play with them, so yay.

    I play more ARAM than anything these days, though.
    New Ashe is ridiculously good, particularly on ARAM. Permaslow is OP as fuck and global Hawkshot is obviously useful as hell. Only potential downside is that she doesn't technically crit anymore because of the new mechanic for her, but she still scales well with crit-chance so it's all good.
  15. She has no escape either, and is still incredibly squishy. To really take advantage of her bonus damage you have to build AS atop a regular AD build, meaning that defensive item options are also very few. :ferret: If anything, she will still probably lose one on one fights to hard carry assassins like Vayne, but finally be able to perform on par to a good Sivir or Jinx. Pair her with Braum for maximum hilarity. (AS bonus on Braum's stun stacks is pain incarnate.)

    I play League of Legends on NA once in a while. You can find me as The Ferret Guy. I usually just stick to normals and play casually for fun, and have since Xin Zhao & Vladimir were released years ago. Generally I can tackle any role, save the jungle, admirably. :ferret:
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  16. [​IMG]

    posting doto in a league thread
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  17. I think most champions lose duels against hard carry assassins like Vayne. Not even 'like Vayne' - just Vayne. I love Vayne.

    I also play on NA, but not very often anymore. I used to play pretty intensely, though. My username is Garnet.
  18. I play League when with friends.

    Level 9 NA, Level 5 Australlian.

    My skills including dying in PVP, not understanding the Meta, and having people false report me simply for not playing at their own skill level. :3
  19. I'm a big DotA 2 fan and as odd as it sounds, I actually dislike the League atmosphere.

    Heroes of the Storm is where it's at now.
  20. I play a lot of LoL since it's easy enough to where you can drop it for an extended period of time and pick it up where you left off.

    Top: Nasus
    Mid: Swain
    Jungle: Nocturne
    Support: Alistair
    ADC: Varus or Draven

    I usually stick to Top lane though since I like 1x1 skirmishes more than team fights.
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