League of Legends: The Beginning

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  1. [​IMG]

    Welcome, to the Forest of the Magi.
    A Loud voice female voice said that resounded out across all of the forest. In front of both teams a large forest sprawled, the tree's reaching up to 20 feet tall and 10 to 15 feet think, alongside ruins that dotted it's landscape. The 2 teams, Blue and Red, were on both ends of said forest, 3 'Lanes' darting off to the left, middle, and right. Both teams spawned on their respective 'Spawn Platforms', a shop not that far away. After a few seconds for each side to get their bearings, the voice sounded again.

    Since this is the first match of the Institute of War, i will explain a few things. You will note that on the bottom left corner of your vision, you will see 6 'slots', those are the slots for any items you buy at the shop, you can also see how much gold that you have currently. When you buy an item, it's effects will apply to you, and will be sent to a pocket dimensions that is labelled as yours, if it is an item that can be activated, you just need to will the energies in your body to use it. On the bottom right of your vision, you will see a small 'Mini-Map' that will show you your teammates current position, and if any of your teammates can see an enemy, said enemy will show on the map as well. On the top left corner of your vision you will see 4 numbers and a timer counting up. The 3 numbers represent Kills, Deaths, Assists with a kill, and Minion kills, respectively. The Timer is how long the match has been going on for. On the top right corner, you will see your current abilities and what level they are, at this point in time, please choose which ability of yours you want to start with, the others will unlock over time (2 Posts into a match you choose a second ability to unlock, 4 posts in you choose a third, 6 posts in you unlock your Ult/Ultimate/R Ability).

    This map does not have any Jungle Monsters, however, it does have a 'Mini-boss' monster, and a 'Boss' Monster, each of which will give you a buff, which is something that will increase aspects of you, your teammates, and your minions damage, speed, and power. The 3 'Lanes' in front of you are the paths your minions will walk, once the minions meet the enemy minions or enemy champions or towers, they will attack them. I will not explain Inhibitors, Nexus', or Towers, as those should have been explained before you got here. Finally, you do not have to worry about dying, because if you die, you will just be resurrected at your spawn point next to the Shop. Also, as a final general rule of Thumb, Have fun, as this match won't be deciding anything, and will just be so you can get comfortable with how matches work!
    Team 1: Red Team
    Aria the Spirit of Nature (@Winter )
    Mara the Archer of the Afterlife (@Archmage Jeremiah )
    The Dread Void Judge Thkola (@Archwar )

    Team 2: Blue Team
    Joshua the Sentry (@ProfessorNv )
    Yrgena the Hunter Tracker (@Archwar )
    Mishra the Void Touched Alchemist (@Yaoi Master Gavin )

    Creatures of this Map

    Name: Ghashi the Protector of the Forest

    Abilities: Is around 20 feet tall. Has superior strength. Can summon fire pillars that knock-up and stun Champions. Can fling massive fireballs and summon 3 fireballs from the sky. Summons 2 mini versions of itself that are less powerful when attacked to assist with protecting itself.

    Location: Middle of the map, in the forest between Middle Lane and Top Lane. He is surrounded by large circular ruins and pillars.

    Buff: Grey Buff, Massively increases Champions Health and Mana. Increases minions Size from 4 feet to 8 feet, and gives them a large attack damage bonus to Towers and other Minions. This Buff only lasts 5 minutes (6 Posts).

    Name: Shorga the Shadow of Cataclysm

    Abilities: Is around 6-7ft tall. Can fire up to 20 arrows at once in a burst to deal massive damage, but takes 1 minute (1 post) to reload and replinish it's ammo. Has impressive amounts of speed and can leap from tree to tree. Can set traps that are hard to detect and can summon up to 2 wolfs 1 time to attack it's attackers.

    Location: Middle of the map between Middle Lane and Bottom Lane in a large clearing where it whistles into a red blade of grass (AKA a grass whistle) creating peaceful music.

    Buff: Red Buff, This Buff can stack up to 3 times. Each Stack increases Champions damage to Towers, Buildings (AKA Inhibitors and Nexus'), and other Champions by 15%. This Buff lasts the entire match.
  2. [​IMG]

    As Mara spawned into the Forest, her glowing eyes shot darts towards her other two teammates. She studied them closely, leaving no detail out of the question. One of them - a man, it seemed - stood two feet taller than herself. Intimidating...she liked it. Though as her eyes slid towards the final member of her team, she couldn't help but release a quiet scoff. An Ionian. The shortest of the three, and the most fragile. As expected of those peace-lovers. After soaking in her team composition, she walked towards the shop and took a look at what they had to offer. She decided to take Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions to start, and Thirsting Arrow as her first ability, before turning back around to face her team again.

    "I'm not going to spend any time on introductions, I simply want to know which lanes we wish to enter." Mara stated monotonously.

    "I say I go into bottom lane."
  3. Ted shook his head as the female voice blabbered away. He already knew the plan and when the undead creature said she was taking the bottom lane he didn't respond. Instead he pulled out a curved sword after buying a few health potions. Ted then began trotting along the middle lane as minions streamed past him. He wanted blood and so he will get it.
  4. [Upon his arrival at the Forest of the Magi, Mishra did the first thing he always did when he was summoned - checked over each of the vials in his jacket and sleeves. They hadn't broken on transport yet, but he wasn't about to take the chance, not with some of the things he carried. Luckily, everything was in order but that brought with it the realization of the dampener on his abilities that came with these matches. He hated not being able to go at his full capacity against his opponents but such was a consequence of the arena.

    Looking around he noticed his allies this time were the Sentry and Sif. Well, at least the Sentry was useful to be behind. Right now though, with the lanes as they were, they would be splitting up. Thumbing up the guard of his katana from it's sheath, he drew it gracefully, the silver edge instantly glowing a sickening purple black with void energy.

    "Not sure about you two, but I'm going straight through the middle. I've got a surprise for whoever's there so if you want to tag along for some fun, go right ahead."

    He cackled as he flipped out a vial from within his sleeve and spun it about his fingers until it was nearly a blur before catching it, the fragile phial showing not a speck of wear. Grabbing a Faerie Charm and a few health potions he was on his way down the center in a hunter's run, the phial of his Catalytic Conversion waiting for it's catalyst - his target.]
  5. Battle systems: Online

    HUD: Operational

    Assisted Motion Enhancer: Online

    Joshua rolled his shoulders and shook out his legs as he limbered up for the upcoming challenge, the gears and mechanical parts whirring and shifting as he moved.
    He looked over at his other two allies,
    Mishra and Yrgena, two formidable allies which would both be great coupled with him. Unfortunately, they would be split up for the most part in this battle, considering it was only the three of them here. Mishra went on to say he was going to take the middle, and Joshua nodded.

    "I can come with you then I will branch off and head to the top lane. Maybe we can cause a little damage to them off the bat before we have to split." he said as he went to the shop, taking Doran's Blade and Shield, followed by two health potions. he also grabbed a few of the free warding totems and decided to have Power Dash as his first ability to use.

    Power Dash: Online

    His suit acted accordingly to his unlocked attack, the thrusters located on the back of his suit humming as they prepped themselves for use in the upcoming battle. "Ready when you are"
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