League of Legends: The Beginning

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  1. Plot
    Over the many years, all across Runeterra, wars of many shapes, types, and sizes were created and used for simple or otherwise selfish Reasons. The people were tired of it, and thus the Institute of War was created. The strongest people from each nation were required to join the Institute of War if they wanted to continue to fight for their country and people. The Institute would replace all wars, and all conflicts would be settled here by the participating Champions. The Institute was just founded, and you are one of the first champions to arrive. Other Champions will arrive over time, but you are one of the first, and will participate in one of the first matches in this Institute.

    When the Roleplay starts all 6 heroes (As the first match will be a 3v3) will begin at their respective spawn points with their teammates (I'll tell you which teams your in.) Once the match ends the Roleplay will continue, matches will be held here and there (Of which i'll announce ICly) and there will be no limit to how many people sign up/champions and after a few matches an event will happen, after all, not everyone approves of the Institute.

    Map of Runeterra

    Character Sheets

    Keep in mind, your characters when participating in Matches are not at full power, and are only limited to a few of their abilities, when outside of matches these limits are off.



    Origin/Representing: (Pick somewhere off the map, characters can also come from The Void)

    Title: (Every Champion has a Title)




    Weight: (Height and Weight are just in case someone wants to make a large characer, like Nautilus for example)

    Relations: (Does your character have any relations of any type to any other characters?)

    Weapon/s: (What weapon or weapons does your character use?)

    Attack Type: (Melee, Mid-range, Long Range.)

    Preferred Role: (Marksman/ADC, Mage, Support, Fighter, Tank, Assassin.)

    Personality: (How does your character act?)

    Lore: (A Little bit about their history and how they joined the League)


    Passive - (This is the ability your character has that activates on its own/is always active/can be activated. It can't be large scale, but it doesn't have to be low scale either.

    (For these abilities be sure to put a cool down time in Posts/Rounds. IE, half a post before usable again. Also be sure to put how many uses it takes in order for that ability to 'Level Up'/'Gain Levels')

    Q -

    W -

    E -

    Ult/Ultimate/R - (This is your characters ultimate ability, it can be landscape changing, but it has to have limit until the landscape returns back to normal.)

    Important Information

    Firstly, Damage works kind of like Real Life, if it's a kill shot, your character will die, but they don't have to worry about dieing all the way when in a match. If a character dies while in a match they will respawn back at the beginning spawn point next to the shop. If your character grabs any items that up their Health that just means that they can take more damage before dieing and inevitably respawning. Same with Mana items, just means they can use their abilities more without getting tired as quickly. This applies to all items.

    In matches every champion starts with 500 gold to use on items, and gains +1 gold every post and +18 for every minion killed. If a champion kills another champion they get +500+ Gold depending on how many the now dead champion has killed other champions without dieing.

    There are lanes for champions to follow that head to the opposite teams base, but there are 2 towers for each time along each path like normal, and the paths are kind of hard to see. Just keep in mind that this is more freeform, so you don't have to take the paths to reach the enemy base, but these paths are where Minions will go to to reach the opposite teams base. You also still have to destroy the opposite teams inhibitors (At least 1) in order to damage the towers guarding the Nexus Crystals. You must destroy the towers (which are stronger than all the other towers, and focuses on minions like all other towers do) in order to be able to damage the Nexus Crystal.

    When a match ends you get 50% of the gold you still have not used as your payment, as well as 1000 gold if you win the match. You will be RPing your characters when their out of matches as well, AKA RPing their lives. Also be sure to remember that your character doesn't have to be worried about death during a match, and should be willing to kill another champion at the cost of their own life if it means progress, after all they will just respawn anyway.

    All characters will not have actual homes until they buy them, so your characters starting homes will be the Dorms near the Match Building, and Cafeteria. You can also use Recall to travel all around Runeterra and back, except for the Void, you can come out of the Void, but you can't go back.


    1. No Godmodding
    2. Characters can be overpowered
    3. Romance and everything relating to it are allowed, but anything 18+ goes to the Libertine forums.
    4. Death happens regularly in Matches, keep that in mind.
    5. While in matches your champion/character are only limited to their QWER and Passive abilities, leaving them underpowered.
    6. If i don't forbit it, than it's plausible to do.
    7. Anything can happen.
    8. Have Fun.

    Player List
    7/7 Champions
    Each person can have at least 3 characters.

    Dread Void Judge/Judge (Unknown Origin/Represents Ionia)
    Narik Torga/The Void Blade/The black Blade (Originates from The Void/Represents the Shadow Isles)
    Joshua Forreck/ The Sentry (Representing Piltover)
    Yrgena Sif/The Hunter Tracker (Originates from The Freljord/Represents Bandle City)
    Mishra Ayrie/The Void-Touched Alchemist (Originates and Represents Zaun)
    Aria/The Spirit of Nature (Originates and Represents Ionia)
    Mara/The Archer of the Afterlife (Originates from Noxus' past and Represents modern Noxus)​
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  2. Oh, I am so interested!! Just let me design a character and I'll get back to you on that!
  3. Alright, can't wait to see it ^^
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  4. Hello Pasta! I might throw in as well. Though the character I throw in won't be...from this plain of existence. He'll still abide by the rules of course, but his origin and lore is going to be different from the others.
  5. Alright then, nothing too extreme Arch XD
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  6. Oh, don't worry, only a 15 *gets whacked by character and blacks out*

    Character: You don't need to know my age. In fact I'll be making my own app so Arch doesn't show anything too revealing.

    Someone in background: Fourth-wall break!
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  7. ARCH WHAT DID I JUST SAY?! *Slaps Character around*
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  8. *Character dodges every attempt*

    You common humans are slow.

    Show Spoiler

    This isn't my actual form, however.

    My name goes by title then name.

    Judge Thkola. Nickname is Ted...

    I wasn't born on this world, but somewhere else. I retreated to this place after that war. I am, however, representing Ionia. Quiet place where I can forgot about my past, but I'm itching for a bit of bloodshed.

    I do have many titles, but I think the Dread Void Judge will do or just Judge.


    Arch, don't you dare!

    *Approaches with a pen* Let me write your app!

    *Unleashes high-pitch shriek out of human audio range thus causing some nasty effects on Arch* Let's just say I'm 200 years old.

    About a good 9 feet.

    My good old scimitar Gavel. And don't make fun of the name. My older one will have a fit if you do.

    Attack Type:
    Melee. That how I can see my foe screaming.

    Preferred Role:

    Like my title, I judge things by what is provided. Often I form my opinions on first impressions and reform it as information becomes available. Same thing on the battlefield. I'm also a serious type of person and only speak when need to because I found gossiping a waste of my time.

    He's also shy about his past!


    I came to this world after the war in search of peace and a place to escape the chaos. I searched and searched until I came to Ionia. They didn't search for war instead preferring spiritual enlightenment. I choose them over all others because I was looking for enlightenment as well as a place to quiet my turmoil. Another reason was because I didn't want to fight anymore, but itch for combat came. I tried resisting, but couldn't.

    It was some time after that itch came that a battle occurred. I just threw myself right in there and slaughtered those I felt didn't deserve to live. Afterwards the 'One Man' legend followed suit. Not sure if it was about me, but one man went into a battle with neither side and put down both. If this was about me, I didn't put down either side. I just killed for the heck of it.

    The battle did draw attention from some of the monks, but because I generally stayed in the forest they didn't bother. Then came the news of the
    League of Legends' or LOL for short. I laughed out loud when I heard the name and some monks persuaded me to throw myself in. I honestly hope I can murder some people so I can satisfy this itch.*Begins itching like mad.*


    Passive - Shadow Aura
    A aura of shadow surrounds me and everytime when a ability is used on me, my speed increases for 1 post. Stacks. Max 3.

    (For these abilities be sure to put a cool down time in Posts/Rounds. IE, half a post before usable again. Also be sure to put how many posts it takes in order for that ability to 'Level Up'/'Gain Levels')

    I gather up the available Shadow/Dark Energy in the area and use it to launch myself at the nearest foe thus dealing knockback damage to them and has a chance of stunning them for a quarter of a post. Recharge time is three posts. Typical level up takes about five uses. Every level up increases knockback damage and stun chance.

    W -Banshee Shriek
    Like all other members of my species, I unleash a high pitch shriek towards a target, but instead of doing damage it messes with their senses. Vision becomes fuzzy, smell is dulled, hearing is lessened. It goes on for about a single post and takes up about seven posts to recharge. Takes about 10 uses to level up. For every level up damage to is added, knockback is increased, and status effect is lengthened.

    It should be noted that I can change the pitch to cause other effects or to deal damage, but that's only out of the matches.

    E -Judge Gravel
    I transform Gravel into a giant mallet increasing the damage times 2. Recharge time is 2 posts and and level up is every five uses. First up adds a elemental effect and every level up afterwards increases it, but depends on my surroundings. So if I'm in a place where lots of fire is present then my hits will do fire damage.

    Ult/Ultimate/R - True Form
    Cower in fear mortals! I tear off this clothing showing my true self tripling my stats and causing everyone around me to have lowered stats. However, the longer I stay in this form the more damage it does to me and this I cannot maintain this for very long. Recharge time is twenty posts. Cannot level up.

    It also has a small chance of nulling abilities.
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  9. That's awesome Arch, accepted ^^, i'll be making my Char tomorrow :3
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  10. Thanks! It should also be noted that this character is going to have some subplots in case this Rp gets too slow.
  11. Alright, just be sure to PM me to confirm that you can before you do, as i have quiet a few plot devices in mind that could already be in play unknowingly.
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  12. [Oh yeah, I want in on this. Was watching him play it last night and I think I've got a good grasp on it. I'll be myself of course since I can be. Oh yeah, void touched alchemy. Bring it. However, it might be a few days before I get a chance to get everything down. He's got two tests and a paper due this week]
  13. Appearance: [​IMG] To the right is Narik, the left one is his Knight Summon
    What he looks like without his helmet/armour.

    Name: Narik Torga

    Origin/Representing: Originated from the Void, Represents the Shadow Isles.

    Title: The Void Blade, The Black Blade

    Gender: Male

    Age: Over 100 years old

    Height: 6'4"

    Weight: 150 lbs

    Relations: Supposedly at some point he had met The Void Judge, Judge Thkola, and they fought a large battle in the middle of the Sharima Dessert, though inevitably the battle ended in a draw when both of them blacked out from exhaustion.

    Weapon/s: His Void Blade and his Fists.

    Attack Type: Melee

    Preferred Role: Fighter/Assassin

    Personality: Narik doesn't talk, at all, unless it's with others he considers friends, rivals, or loved ones. If he can solve a problem by himself without getting others dragged into it, than he will do so. He is one of the nicer people throughout the League, and want's to make sure others don't get dragged down because of something that he did. If he considers you a friend, a loved one, or even an ally, he will sacrifice his own life if it means that you will live. Outside of Matches he likes to stay secluded in his dorm room and either read or meditate using his dark powers, and sometimes even head to the Training Grounds to practice and keep his skills sharp.

    Lore: Narik appeared one day from a Void Portal from up above in the sky wearing his armor with his void blade firmly gripped in his hands. He had crashed into the Shadow Isles and he was lucky, as he had landed into the backyard of one of the nicer people of the Shadow Isles. They took him in and took care of him for 3 weeks until he was back to full health. Apparently, he originated from the Void, as they had apparently been calling it, and he lived inside of it. He had to learn to fight and kill at the age of 4 because the creatures in the Void were aplenty and wanted nothing more to than slaughter him and his family. He was in the middle of a large battle inside of the Void when a Void Portal suddenly opened up and he was launched through it by his adversary, though he won't say who it was.

    After telling this to his caretakers he joined the Shadow Isles military in order to protect them. The military was small, but the people, creatures, and hybrids in said military were all very strong, stronger than other standard military's soldiers. He participated in many battles, stoically killing any and all of his enemies that dare threaten his new home. Throughout all of this he had found a person he could call his wife, until she was inevitably killed off by those of whom's family and friends he had killed, thus gaining him a hateful reputation throughout all of Runeterra. Because of the loss of his wife Narik prefers to be alone most of the time, not wanting anyone to suffer the same fate just because they knew him or were friends with him. His goal for now is to find someone who will love him instead of fear him so that he may one day have children of his own that he can take care of with all of his love.


    Passive - When Narik is Shrouded or Engulfed in Darkness, Shadows, and Smoke he gains an attack speed and movement speed boost by 10%. When he uses his abilities and is Shrouded or Engulfed in Darkness, Shadows, and smoke shortly afterwards he gains an Attack Damage and Ability Damage boost by 10%. Both effects can stack up to 5 times separately. 1 Stack lasts 2-3 sentences unless renewed. Takes 1 sentence to gain a stack when not moving, and 1 paragraph when moving.

    (For these abilities be sure to put a cool down time in Posts/Rounds. IE, half a post before usable again. Also be sure to put how many Uses it takes in order for that ability to 'Level Up'/'Gain Levels')

    Narik focuses his power over the dark, pitch black smoke inside of his body and shoves it outwards out of his body, hiding everything in a 15 foot circular radius around him in black smoke. If an ally is inside this smoke it gives them a 40% movement speed bonus for 1 post. If an enemy is inside the smoke it does small amounts of damage for 1 post, blinds them for half a post, and lowers their movement speed by -20% for half a post. 4 post cooldown and 6 uses until it levels. Lasts for 1 post.

    Narik uses his dark powers to summon up to 3 Void Knights that he can order. They do large amounts of damage but can be killed extremely quickly. They can only be summoned in a 5 foot circular radius around him. 1 Void Knight lasts 1 post, 2 Void Knights last 1 and a half posts, 3 Void Knights last 2 posts. 4 Post cool down, levels at 2 paragraphs, than 2 uses for next level, 4 uses for second to last level, and 6 uses for last level.

    Narik focuses his powers to summon a large bubble of void energy that covers a 15 foot circular Radius that allies can enter and leave, but enemies cannot enter or leave. Enemies can attack the bubble to take it down quicker but it sends back 3% of their damage to themselves, harming them. First Level grants 5% attack speed to allies inside of the bubble, second level grants 5% attack speed and movement speed to allies inside of the bubble. 3rd level increases it to 10%. 4th level increases it to 15%. Final level increases the radius from 15 feet to 25 feet. Lasts 1 post. Cooldown is 2 posts. 10 uses to level.

    Ult/Ultimate/R - CALL OF THE VOID
    Narik focuses his powers for 3 sentences and summons orbs of void energy that traps all enemy champions that are visible to his team, inside spheres of void energy that does 100% of his attack damage to them. When an enemy champion gets trapped they suffer large amounts of damage at the beginning for the course of 5 sentences. During this Narik still has to focus to maintain the void energies, if he loses focus it lowers by 25% of his attack damage the more he loses focus, he only loses focus when hit. (IE 100%, gets hit, 75%, gets hit again, 50%, gets hit again, 25%, gets hit a final time, 0%.) The Void spheres last 3 sentences before they get released, once released the enemy champions are distorted and disoriented for 1 paragraph. (the enemy is not fully visible to anyone else once release because they are still partially inside of the void, but at the same time the enemy champions cannot see very well, walk straight, almost like their drunk.) Cool down is 10 Posts. levels every 2 uses.
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  14. Also, i thought of a better level system for abilities, put their levels, instead of Posts, do Uses. Example, 2 uses to level.
  15. I'll edit my App then and make the abilities a bit more detailed.
  16. Alright, Ted changed his abilities and added some extra meat so he isn't left behind. Let him know what you think.

    Also, Ted says he doesn't remember fighting Narik. Though for RP reasons lets just say it's possible that it did.

    I'm also planning on telling more about Ted's race via Rp and subplots. Right now you just need to know the name which is Banshee due to their shriek.
  17. Yea, i put that there so that at least some characters would have relations with others, if he wants i could change it?
  18. wut

    wut is this

    I think I might cry from fangirl joy. I have so many champions made up for fanfiction T-T

    Can I join? Pretty please?
  19. Of course you can, theres no limit to how many people join, and if you think you can handle it, you can have up to 3 characters max ^^
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