League of Legends - Shattered Command

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  1. Plot:
    Something has gone haywire with the League's magic. Champions are trapped on the maps and summoners are no longer controlling them. To make matters worse, the jungle monsters have feral, no longer stay in their areas to be killed. The turrets no longer notice champions by their team colors and attack anyone who comes close. Any damage sustained before the system fail is still there but now there's no magic to bring people back if they die. Hunger and thirst has become a problem.

    Champs from warring factions are finding themselves stuck with one another. They are forced to work together for new reasons. Perhaps new friendships or bigger rivalries will sprout from this. All they know is that they have to make it to a nexus with what little they have. Can they work together enough to live?

    RP Info:
    I hope to have fun. romance heavily encouraged

    Champs can be dressed in any skin

    No controlling of other people's characters.
    No killing or maiming another's character without their permission.
    During fights, don't dodge every attack and win kill shots. I will decide when a monster or villain gets hit.
    Don't be a jerk unless you're playing a character that's naturally a jerk.
    Only canon champs allowed.
    Romance (m/f, m/m, f/f) is alright, if you want to have a relationship with someone else's champ, message them.

    1-3 champs allow per player.
    Please wait to be accepted
    Every champ has their full set of attacks
    Try not to rush

    Posting rules:
    Three sentence minimum please per post
    Try to use your best spelling and grammer, I'm not crazy picky but I like to know what I'm reading

    Pairing preference: (What champs you like them paired with)
    Gender preference: (what kinda pairings you don't mind playing if no one plays or ships them with champ above)
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  2. Name: Jayce
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Pairing preference: Lissandra
    Gender preference: f/m, m/m


    Name: Zyra
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Pairing preference: Thresh
    Gender preference: Any
  3. Hm. I'm throwing my interest in this one! Hope it gets more attention, as this is a really interesting concept.

    Name: Twisted Fate
    Pairing Preference: Graves
    Gender Preference: m/f, m/m
  4. very nice.

    I hope this takes off as well
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