League of Legends RP?

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  1. Hi Everyone! :)
    I'm a league of legends player and I've been craving for a LoL group roleplay related to the game.
    So, I was curious to know who would be interested to join or organize it with me!
  2. Sure! I love LoL and would be interested in this!
  3. Thats cool :)
    The only thing is that I think their is one ongoing.... So I want to find it. And if its full, maybe create one :P
  4. Possibly interested... Though I have to ask, are you planning to use the canon lore and champions? If so, I am excited. (I just can't get into the make-your-own-champion groups.) Also, what posting-level would you want to set this at? If it's intermediate or up, I am almost definitely interested and would be game to help organize should you still want help.
  5. Thats exactly it. Using canon lore and the champions :)
    If you want, PM? I still have to read the lore soooo and intermediate is cool. Small paragraph with no One liners.
  6. PM sent. I've been interested in something canon for a long-ass time, so here's hoping it all works out.

    The lore recently underwent some changes, but don't let that dissuade you.

    Also, I can't promise small paragraphs because I tend to average around 4-5 per post, but so long as general posting is kept at a one paragraph minimum, I can deal. :3
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  7. I guess the question stands, though... Who else is interested in something canon/lore-based?
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  8. I.




    Lore nerd.

  9. League roleplay? Count me in! Canon characters or no, I AM DOWN.
  10. Yeah, I'll join up. Can't say I'm too lore heavy but it's not like I'm entirely interested in making my own OC's. I know a few characters who I like enough to play as.
  11. @Lucius Cypher

    Okay, we have the actual interest check up -- with some organization and even a brief idea of the plot we are starting to develop! If you'd still be interested, hop on over here.
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