League of Legends Roleplay?

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  1. We could either play canon champions, or make our own - or both! Would be interesting to explore the relationships and ties between characters within their lore, and see how characters that have not yet interacted in canonical lore would.
  2. I want to keep a rain check on this. I'm quite familiar with LoL though I stopped playing the game since earlier in the Spring because my comp can no longer keep up with the graphics demand of the game. I'm interested in role playing characters from Demacia.
  3. Yes please; ahh, please tell me this person is still active here. (* ; n ; *)
  4. I would love to participate in a League roleplay!
  5. Still here, still here.
  6. Can I go ahead and lay claim to Jinx or Shyvana?
  7. Yessu!
  8. Nooooo my Jinx bby waifu was already claimeeddd! /dies

    So slow Alice.
  9. I can take Shyvana then. :3
  10. Wahh, I don't want to, but I will have to decline. :c
    Alice needs to not be a whiny butt.
    Thank you though, you are very sweet. c:

    On a side note; 'Atolia' my summoner name.
    You should add me. :3
    Just tell me who you are in League if you do.

    Might be playing a custom Champ. Probably.

    Um, can I get a final confirmation as to how many we will have?

    If you know any peeps that'd be interested in this, feel free to drag them in! I'll put up an OOC thread ... Soon-ish, once I get a decent headcount! Maybe five?
  12. Alice is defiantly interested~. c:
  13. That's two down, three including me!
  14. Is this still a thing? ( ; u ; ) ?
  15. Numbers, man ... :(

    I was gonna start with five, and we get summoned as a team.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.