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  1. It's been about 40 years since Runeterra was on a course for complete utter destruction, and about 20 years since the League of Legends was formed to avoid this catastrophe. All seems well and normal, Noxus and Demacia still bicker, Zaun creates the maddening future of technology, while Piltover improves and studies on it's own technologies. The citizens of Piltover, Zaun, Noxus, Demacia, and Bandle City are excited for the upcoming annual Newcomer's League Match, an annual battle within the League of Legends between Noxus and Demacia. Unlike usual matches, this one is known for not having any significance to the political stability of Valoran, as the only gain from this is the entertainment of one side beating the other. A bigger meaning behind this holiday is to calm down the masses within Valoran and Noxus and introduce to them new champions to use in future matches, as this event is also used to show new champions to the city-states. Another quirk for this event is that it's usually celebrated as a sport's event rather than a war, and is more televised and shown to the other city-states, via a hextech "Seer's Box," more commonly known as an SB. created by both Zaun and Piltover. The Freljord, Ionia and several other smaller parts of Valoran choose not to partake in this event, as they don't use much hextech.

    Valoran is however, eager about another future event. The astrologists of Zaun and Bandle City report sightings of a massive object the size of Blue Flame Island hurtling towards Valoran. Piltover used a techmaturgic prismo-telescope to investigate, and saw myriad amounts of magical energy emitting from the object. None of the city-states have concluded when the meteor will come in contact with Valoran, but some theorize it'll be years, or even days until the object will crash. Some even suspect that it'll land during the Newcomer's League Match, bringing the end of Valoran. The citizens became uneasy, starting riots and such about the inevitable apocalypse. On the other hand, the Champions chosen to represent either Noxus or Demacia are preparing for their first League match, which will begin in a few days.
    I plan on having this RP more focused on the Lore rather than the actual matches. Though we will obviously have those special little events in the Fields of Justice, but they will usually be very rare and more of an annual thing for every Arc. Speaking of which, I plan on having lots of plot stuff and arcs. I have already planned the plot for the next 3 Arcs or so, and I will keep things interesting for each of your characters on what happens OUT of the Fields of Justice. No canon characters, but you can make OC's. So is anyone interested?
  2. Sounds just like my thing, interested in putting an OC of mine to use here.
  3. If I get at least 3-5 people interested then I will post the OOC thread.
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  4. If this were old/pre-change LoL lore with canon characters, I'd be all over it. Just can't get behind fan-made champs. -_-

    Either way, your signature is amazing. @KthuluKhild

    Best of luck!
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