League of Legends? (F/F, M/M)

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  1. I'm a big nerdy dweeb who loves the lore of this game more than actually playing it. Kind of. I like playing it, too. Anyway, I would really like to start a role-play or two relating to the game!

    About Me
    - I'm 24 years old, and not comfortable role-playing with anyone under 18. I enjoy dark and potentially adult themes in my role-plays, so under 18 is a no-no. Sex is fine, but I much prefer plot.

    - I am not a rapid-fire role-player most of the time. My posting speed changes; sometimes I reply multiple times in a day, sometimes once, sometimes once every few days, sometimes only once a week. If it's any longer than that, I will let you know.

    - I will never hassle you for replies. I have infinite patience. I understand that life comes first. Even if you just aren't feeling the role-play any more, that's cool. This is just a hobby, after all!

    - I role-play F/F or M/M only. Please don't try to convince me to play M/F; I am not interested in it at all.

    - I write between two-three paragraphs per reply minimum. I can - and often do - go longer than that. If there's a lull in the role-play, sometimes I might go down to one paragraph. I'm looking for a partner that can match that.

    - Though I'm by no means a grammar tyrant, I do request that you have a decent grasp on grammar and spelling.

    - I have problems with PMs. They intimidate me for some dumb reason. If you don't hear from me, just nudge me! I don't mind.

    Now onto the good stuff!

    - Character that I would prefer to play
    * - I'm very, very interested in this
    & - I have some ideas

    - Diana/Leona *
    - Ashe/Sejuani *
    - Riven/Katarina
    - Miss Fortune/Nami (Little Mermaid AU anyone?) *** &
    - Illaoi/Miss Fortune
    - Graves/Twisted Fate
    - Vi/Caitlyn **
    - Vi/Jinx *
    - Jayce/Viktor (pre-Robolution)
    - Elise/Zyra
    - Jhin/Zed
    - Shen/Zed
    - Hecarim/Thresh (as humans)
    - Quinn/Shyvana

    If you have any pairings (F/F or M/M only) not on this list that you're wanting to try, let me know! I'm probably down for it.

    General characters I'm interested in exploring:
    Sivir **, Sona, Soraka, Quinn, Shyvana **, Syndra

    Persona 4
    I've basically resigned myself to the fact that I'll never find someone to role-play this with, but I will still try. All I really want in life is a Souji/Yosuke (or Yu, but #Souji4Lyfe) role-play, man. I will play either dweeb, and I have several plot ideas. Pls, someone indulge me. 8(

    If you're interested, please reply to this thread first instead of PMing me directly. I mean, I'll probably reply anyway, but I will be sad about it. :(
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