League of Galactic Game Hunters

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  1. The Classes of Galactic Game-Hunters

    1. Battle-phormer.
    Battle-phormers are, like all members of any Galactic Game-Hunter squad, an essential member. They are equip with their own, mobile terraformers that allow manipulation of planetary attributes. A Battle-phomer's role in a hunt is to lighten or enhance the load of gravity in the hunting ground. This can slow fast pray, or make large prey more approachable by allowing the Nova-lancers and Jupiter-Echos a lighter gravitational pull. If a Battle-phomer falls in battle with a Celestial-Behemoth, it's likely the entire squad will fall.

    2. Nova-lancer

    Nova-lancers are considered the main element of any squad. They take comet phasers and other, quick and efficient weapons into battle. As far as hurting a game goes, Novas lay out most of the waying down damage. With that said, they are not capable of killing any larger game on their own. They also are responsible for protecting the Battle-phormers, as the BPs are what allow them to battle at optimum power.

    3. Shooting-Saturn

    While Novas are considered the main elements of any squads, like pormers, any hunt is almost impossible without a Shooting-Saturn. Shooting-Saturns utilize an off-earth element called Xyorithor that is, basically, the desires of medical nano-machines. Their XY rifles use Xyorithor to undo damage from slight damage from pray. "Slight" damage is the proper term, due to direct hits usually being fatal to any squad member besides the Jupiters. Another benefit of the Saturns are that while healing their teammates, the XY elements slightly recharge weaponry.

    4. Jupiter-Echo

    When it comes to big game, a Jupiter-Echo is absolutely essential. They are the only squad members that carry the equipment needed to actually kill most Celestial-sized game. They're primary weapon is the Photon Solar Volt - a large weapon that, while unable to harm uninjured beings or humans, if it makes contact with an external injury or orifice it tends to deconstruct organics at a molecular level, as well as deactivate most electronics. Their sidearms are the opposite of their main weapon, the Lunar-Blade. This is used whenever a Saturn is in danger, as the two tend to stay close because Jupiters are unable to move anywhere fast and are more likely to take damage.


    "This is e1-Valor, Phormer of the Kelto Squad. We're approaching a quarry on the micro-planet of Ulysses. Possible Behemoth - likely Tyrant."


    The Galactic-Hunter ran across the course, dry and unforgiving planet-scape of this alien world. This was due to the Battle-phormers weapon, the mobile terraformer. Normally, the gravity on any planet like this would have made this a slow, long walk at best but, thanks to the Phormer, they could sprint at speeds that exceeded that of most human limits. At full speed, they could cover the planets surface and reach the other side in just over thirty minutes. As long as they remained close to the phormers.

    "Stay on your toes, guys. The Terraphormers giving some resistance from below. Somethings gonna surface and it seems to be big. Like I told dispatch, probably tyrant. Possible Celestial."

    Before the any of the other hunters could respond, the world began to shatter around them. The terrain was arid and dry. The ground was covered in something similar to sand, but the grains were much more thick and rough. It improved traction, but it made falling from high elevations a bit more dangerous due to unstable and uneven ground.
    It only spoke to the Tyrant's size as the small mountains and hill around them were pushed back by the aliens sheer size. The beast was humanoid it composition; standing on two legs and wielding two giant arms.

    "Mecha- class C- artificial and not an organic life form. Possible remnant of former planetary life." This was clear to the others, but Valor spoke for the sake of record keeping. "Lightening our load- standby."

    The armored hunter took the long-shafted, rifle-esque weapon in their hands and pressed the tip to the ground before an electric humming filled the area, though the hum was nearly muted by the movement of the giant, most likely ancient, possible guardian.

    "He's a tall on. Going to terraform five miles around and up to the atmosphere. Don't be afraid to go wild, and let make this quick!"

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  2. Tyrant? A Celestial rated mark on this little rock? Really?

    The Jupiter-Echo thumped along with the hunter pack, across the tough grained surface of the planetoid. The heavy armour, heavy artillery hunter could not help but internally doubt the readout on the HUD sent out by Valor. This 'Tyrant' was probably just a bunch of ancient sentient mining automates finally going crazy after all this time and tunneling madly to the surface. The hunter had seen it before. But there was no hesitation in swapping out gear to prep for the encounter all the same. Valor was rarely wrong afterall.

    And as if perfectly timed, the moment the grating and groaning earth stopped shaking, L4D1-Deva was locked and loaded for the "Obamm'r." The word was Fringer Star-speak for the letters OBM. As in: One Big-Ass Motherfu--

    A fist the size of a Wandley-Yanitu Personnel Craft came slamming down sending shockwaves rippling away for at least one kilometre. Thankfully, the terraforming of Valor allowed Deva to defy gravity and leap out of harms way.

    Deva stood there as the fallout of aggregate rained down on them like jagged hail. The larger chunks bounced off the hunter's power armour harmlessly as targeting systems worked overtime seeking out an obvious opening or flaw. Nothing.

    As if to express its disappointment, Lil' Jupe, L4D1-Deva's heavily modded and lovingly crafted 'Volt cannon whined in an increasing pitch before levelling off and ceasing said annoying, yet deadly whine. Any hunter, or veteran prey, knew the reason it was a deadly sound; it meant the cannon was fully charged. The chuffing sound emitted from its coolant systems intentionally sounded like the noises those gargantuan wild Fionian Jungle Cat made secondes before striking.

    “No signs of structural integrity flaws,” but of course that was the resulting feedback from the Jupiter-Echo scan; their targeting systems were tuned for the superficial. Other hunters were better equipped to delve deeper with more scrutinized, detailed oriented scanning. And Deva knew that. mais, ouai! I am good to go...!”

    The hunter raised the cannon at the Tyrant and tracked its fists; the only weapons it had shown... so far.

    “You heard Valor, hunters! Let us make this quick! We don't have much time before the imminent solar flare burst! Vite-vite! So if you gots it, you tell Deva, okay? Okay! I shoot right there! Allons-y, mes cheries!

  3. Wings spread out like a dark angel of steel, majestic and aching to take flight. A heartbeat later, rockets burst into life sending her hurtling into the air with much ease; Valor's special skills had taken care of the gravity for her.

    With the hulking mass of alloys and metal distracted long enough by Deva, M1Z-Ether's sensor array found a structural weakness to be exploited. But it required a bit of finesse to reveal... and some bait. The Nova-Lancer had just volunteered herself as bait. She would have it no other way.

    “Okay, kiddies...” Ether's voice over com was laced with both tease and tension as she did an obligatory fly by of the bad guy, “I gots something. Big Boy here is hiding something in his guts, just beneath the chest armour... but if I tell you, someone whose power armour callsign rhymes with “Deva” has to kiss me first...! Hahahah--”

    “Quit your games, Ether,” buzzed the irritated Jupiter-Echo's voice over the com, “just let us know deja, s'il te plait! If you even--”

    “So does that mean I gets a kiss, Deevie?”

    “I said to you already! Do not call me that, you! But... oui. You may have one kiss--”

    “Holy wows! Like really?

    Oui, really, chere... you kiss Lil' Jupes lips...” bright violet particles fired off in Ether's direction but did not hit the other hunter. It did hit its mark however; the giant swinging fist of the Tyrant. “Okay? Okay! Now show us, you little pest!”

    “Fine already! Fiiii-iiine!” small cannons from the shoulders of the Nova-Lancer's dark power armour ejected out from their housings, rose upward and began blasting away at the rear of their mark, “It has 3 turrets in its chest! One of them is defunct. A good shot there should help short it out... but--”

    As if on cue, the monstrosity spun around at the waist and from just under its chest plate, a whirring sound emitted as plated armour slid open revealing its turrets. Angry red beams lit up the battlefield as they shot at the flitting and flying Ether. She gracefully rolled away from the shots and returned fire; but she only seemed to anger the thing.

    “Got it,” Deva's targeting sensors locked on the third opening and the hunter's 'Volt cannon whined once more, allowing the Jupiter-Echo to show just why the hunter was given the name: Deva.

    It was short for Devastation.

    An enormous blast of Violet particles exploded from the lips of the 'Volt cannon, Lil' Jupe, and hit the vital spot. The chest plate and surrounding armour plates blew outward with the force of the internal explosion, rocketing smoke and debris from the cavity.

    “Target immobilized. Awaiting confirmation of--”

    “Deva! Why did you shoot?! Why?! buzzed the incredulous voice of M1Z-Ether over the com. The Nova-Lancer facepalmed as she hovered in mid-air momentarily then rocket-winged away to the rest of the pack.

    “You said your sensors detected that area as a good place to shoot to short it--”

    “Augh! Ya didn't let me finish, Deevs! I said a good shot should help short it out... BUT! Secondary systems would come alive without some doctoring from a Shooting-Saturn!”

    “Awww... Tres, tres bien, eh?! C'est formidable, n'est ce-pas?! So what does Second-sys do then?”

    “Well... sensors say; 'initiate self-destruct sequence...?'

    “Well... Deva say; 'get Saturn in there then, Eth!' Solar Flare, remember?! Hey, Valor, any words of wisdom right about now?”

    “Or maybe suggestions for a new line of work, Vals...?” Ether giggled. She actually giggled in this moment.

    Deva growled, wishing Lil' Jupe was fully charged right about now and kissing the back of their Nova-Lancer's ditzy skull...
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