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  1. You have been invited to join the League of Extraordinary People! In this league we protect the world from great evil, few know of this league and fewer are even considered to join. You, however are a rare gem, invited personally by the Queen of England herself to join in this highly prestegious and top secret organization.

    Based on the movie League of Extraordinary Gentleman, a group of six not so normal people come together to face great evil in the world. However, unlike the movie your character does not need to be based off of an existing fictional character.

    The only thing I have worked out so far is that the roleplay will start in modern day London. I welcome all plot ideas, candies, bunnies, etc, etc.


    Current League Registration status: 1 spot Open

    Accepted Characters:

    Plot ideas (open)

    You are welcome to state here or pm any plot ideas you may have.

    No plot ideas at the moment

    Registration Form:
    Appearance: (I would prefer you use an anime picture, but a photograph or description is fine)
    Alias: (if any)
    Race: (No Aliens please, also keep limited to fantasy based creatures, however people with robotic limbs are still acceptable)
    Role: (Your Chara's role in the rp, are they a LOP member? A villain? or someone else?)
    Personality: (Required)
    Abilities/Powers: (A general overview)
    Weaknesses: (At least 3)
    Bio: (At least a couple sentences with how they were approached or contacted to join, otherwise optional)
    Other: (Anything else you need to include)
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  2. This sounds great i'll work on a cs now.
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  3. Appearance: Evil-Anime-Guy.jpg

    Name: Thomas Downing

    Alias: The un-killable man

    Age: 67 (although never seems to age, still looks like he's in his early 20's)


    Race: human

    Role: the teams Enforcer (tank)

    Personality: Thomas is a die hard flirt, he has been around for a while and has hit on every female member of extraordinary gentlemen. He is a very straight forward guy who says whatever is on his mind. He is reckless mostly due to the fact that he cannot die.

    Abilities/Powers: product of secret goverment experiments. Thomas has the ability to continue to live no matter what happens to his body. he is also able to surpass the limits of the human body being able to use 100% of his strength and speed.

    Weaknesses: (At least 3) 1. Thomas' body tears and rips when he pushes his limits. 2. Thomas often exports to much strength causing him to lose limbs in the heat of battle. 3. Thomas needs to charge his body once every 32 hours, if not he will cease to function.

    Bio: At the age of 23 Thomas was recruited from the British armed forces to undergo some experimental surgery. He was literally taken apart and put back together after the scientists fitted his brain, organs, limbs, even his skeleton with seperate mechanisms to keep them functioning/repairing even when torn apart from their core. Due to the thousands of mechanisms in his body Thomas needs to charge them every 32 hours. The scientists also altered his brain so that he would be able to access 100% of his body's strength and speed which he can handle since his body is constantly healing.

    Other: Thomas doesn't use weapons he feels they slow him down.
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  4. I don't think i've ever hit the "love" button so quickly~ * q* You're in! @Kurogane86
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  5. Eve

    Name: Evangeline Taylor

    Alias: The Succupire, Eve, The Crimson Knight, The Scarlet Death

    Age: Over 400, but still looks early 20s

    Gender: Female

    Race: Halfbreed Succubus and Vampire

    Role: The Leader of LOP

    Personality: Though she's sarcastic and cocky like anyone that looks her age would be she can also be very sweet and cares for her comarades.

    Abilities/Powers: Click here to find out

    Weaknesses: Needs to feed (on either blood or energy) at least once every week. The heat, she absolutely hates the heat. She's also deathly afraid of spiders.

    Bio: She was born in the 1600s and traveled over to the colonies as a child. Being powerful enough she fought in the American Revolution, however once the war was over she went back to being treated like a monster. She traveled back to Europe and across the Indian sub continent into Asia where she learned several dozens of different martial art styles over the decades to form her own style of fighting.

    Other: You can pretty much bribe her to do anything with sweets.

    @Kurogane86 I forgot to add role, so if you could add it in on your CS under race, that'd be awesome.
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  6. ElianAppearance: (Male Form)
    (Female Form)
    Name: Elian Fisher

    Nickname: Eli, Ellie

    Age: 22

    Gender: Unclear

    Race: Human Mutant (Slime)

    Role: LOP Espionage Specialist

    Personality: Generally very inquisitive, although this can occasionally lead to impersonating others to try and get more information off the job as well as on. Has used their powers for practical jokes as well.

    Abilities/Powers: Elian is able to change shape, form, and consistency at will, from a semi-liquid to being mostly solid by most appearances. Elian can also mimic fingerprints, clothes, hair, voices, and even retina, provided with a source material (usually the person) to imitate. This same power can also be used to shrink, or grow in size, however growing requires Elian to ingest enough water to match the size of the growth. This semi-solid state can allow Elian to absorb very high-recoil quite easily, but firearms are not their speciality.

    Weaknesses: Extreme heat or cold can cause Elian to quite literally dry up or freeze to the point of being unable to function. While Elian can absorb some amounts of water using a limb or finger to 'drink' it or drinking it normally, being dropped into a pool of it can dissapate Elian to a state where their body is uncontrollable, and entirely harmless, requiring another to filter them out of the water. Blades and bullets can be effective on Elian, as even though individual pieces may be rejoined together, the decrease in controllable size (focused around the head) can render Elian harmless.

    Bio: Surprisingly, Elian was born this way. They came into the world already as a slimy substance, and actually displayed the ability to mimic others quite quickly, seeing a doctor and taking on a very rudimentary shape of his face. Despite the attempt to raise Elian regularly for the most part, having a classmate that would show up as a boy, a girl, and sometimes as another classmate exactly drew too much attention, and Elian was relocated to a military academy. There, Elian was a little bit less strange to most, the interesting situation explained to his teachers and classmates. After having impersonated a few teachers, Elian was chosen to start undertaking some training in the fields of espionage, and the requisite skills for such work. Seeing as they weren't exactly human, they were recruited to serve the LOP instead of a normal agency.
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  7. Ok updated my profile, added role.
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  8. [​IMG]
    'Shrine Maiden'



    "I'm mature enough even though I'm still 18."


    "I do wish sometimes I can taste how does it feel to be male."


    "I'm glad that my ears aren't pointy."


    "I might not good at offensive or defensive, but trust me, I'm an excellent supporter."

    Hasane will never seem panic no matter how critical the situation is. However, she is hard up to soothe people so they can calm down as well.
    "Don't worry, everything is okay, just stop yelling right on my ears."

    Hasane is quiet innocent since she never contact with the world on her own, she spends most of her time inside the shrine. She also always tells the truth and straight-forward. Everything that she does will always come right from her heart. She won't act like she likes someone when in matter of fact, she hates him/her.
    "Grandpa, why are those girls using only underwear for photo shoot? Aren't they cold?"

    Hasane is not only traditional in style, but also manner. She holds to traditional values and cautious about change. She prefers to use kimono instead of those modern outfits. She will bow and gives greetings every time she meets other people. Things like that. Sometimes this personality makes her a little bit stiff.
    "Hey! No, no, no, you can't just hold her hand like that, you are not married to her."

    A combo to her conservative personality, Hasane is formal and dignified. She is rarely smile, mostly put her serious face all the time.
    "That's not even funny."


    Hasane can heal most wounds, the light one up to serious one, individual and group. However, the more serious the wound and the more people she heals, the more stamina and time will be used. She can also heal ailments. When she wants to heal, Hasane needs to focus since she is gathering mana from her body to be converted as healing power.

    Hasane can boast human physical (strength, endurance, stamina, and speed) for several minutes, around 30 minutes at most.

    Spear Skill
    Quiet harmless, it's more as her defense for she can't always rely on other to protect her.


    Weak Body
    Hasane born with weak body. She is tired easily and she get sick often if she pushes herself too much. She can even faint if she is too tired. Hasane totally needs someone to protect her most of the time or she will die in no time in battlefield.

    Power Usage
    Her healing and buffs skill need time to recharge because it uses her mana and she needs to replenish it from time to time.

    Socially Awkward
    Since Hasane never socialize with other people, except her grandfather and those people who also live in the shrine, Hasane can't interract properly. She feels awkward around a lot of people, especially men. She will be blushing in secon when man talks to her or she will give wrong reaction to them.

    Hasane was raised by an old monk, who she called 'Grandpa', since she was only a baby. Her parents died in car crashed, left little Hasane alone. Seeing how pure and innocent she was, the old monk decided to raise her into a shrine maiden. Living her whole life to serve the Goddess had changed her whole life at one night. She was blessed by The Goddess herself the power of healing, to help those in needs. Since that day, she had been helping people with her power and the shrine once again became alive.

    News about her power spreaded like a flood, many people knew her power and came to the shrine to be healed. Soon, the news reached Queen of England's ears. She came to the shrine, asking Hasane to join the secret organization. Hasane was hesitating at first and The Queen gave her a chance to think about it. After The Queen left, holding a ticket to London, Hasane talked to the old monk. Then, she realized that this was her fate, this was one of the ways to help people all over the world. Packing her things, Hasane departed to London.


    Hasane never had a boyfriend or any close male friend before. Even though she was told to maintain her purity until she was 25, the legal age for her to get married, she sometimes dreamed about how relationship was if she ever had one.
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  9. Is it okay to put another girl in this RP? Since it is based on League of Extraordinary Gentleman >.< @Akira
  10. Are we going to be ok having mine and Comedy's character pretty similar?
  11. I think you two will have to sort that out between eachother...
  12. Before I create a character are guns allowed?
  13. yep! and with a current count, that should be all the league members @Silverdawn included

  14. alright, can't wait to start
  15. Well, in the meantime does anybody have any plot ideas?
  16. Well, I imagine running a facility or branch for these agents would be a little bit costly, maybe something in order to justify the cost? Either a meeting, founder's ball or something to get started?
  17. Appearance:

    Name: Mathew Hunter
    Alias: Tracer
    Age: 27
    Gender: male
    Race: Human
    Role: LOP's scout/ speed fighter
    Personality: Matthew is a normal guy powers aside, he enjoys peoples company, he does have a mild dyslexia that lowers his skills at reading and writing but he is good at assessing situations quickly. Matthew leans towards the good alignment.
    Abilities/Powers: Matthew is in control of his own time, he can't stop himself aging or time itself, what he can do is revert to an earlier place he was in a time, he can move quickly to a point ahead of himself as well and his aim is still accurate as the world is a bit slower for him while he speeds forward as from his point of view he is at walking speed but not from everyone else's point of view. Matthew retains all memories and anything that has changes e.g. used up ammo/ got shot stays that way.
    Weaknesses: Limited charge of time he is able to skip or reverse up to 10 minutes if he pushes himself but can cause brain damage if he goes over that time, dyslexia holds him back on anything reading so he isn't so much book smart and a tendency to show off his powers as he believe with them he is indestructible.
    Bio: No one is quite sure how Matthew's powers manifested, he was just a normal kid from the Atlantic edge of Europe. He grew up in the city full of people but what ever caused it picked him, he was just stupidly balancing on a railing near the large stream that surrounded the city. He slipped of course but as he fell a strange sensation kicked in and he flashed blue and returned to the railing confused. Getting down he looked at where he had fallen or at least he though he had, thinking it could have been his imagination. He tried to remember what had happened and he ran a few meters and concentrated on the feeling before and was returned to where he stood before. He was surprised by it and tried again and again getting it perfect to the point of not even having to think about it. Of course like every 16 year old he showed off to all his friends and became right the ruckus as he messed around with his powers. Unfortunately when people heard of his powers many people tried to detain him but he escaped most of the time using his little trick. Matthew was almost about to go into hiding when LOP knocked on his door a few years later, they offered to train him to use his powers and help the world with his powers. Matthew accepted the offer at once never looking back on that day as he still feels happy with his choice.
    Other: He carries 2 rapid fire glocks and 10 mags of 15 rounds in each.

    (Yes I know this is tracer from OverWatch but I like her powers so I'm gonna use them but with my own idea of how they would work with a bit less of a limit)
  18. how about getting the team to keep an outbreak of some kind under control. either something that will kill the populace of major cities or something that will turn the populace into monsters giving whoever our villain is a giant army.
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