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  1. I don't really have it all planned out, but I loved the movie LEG and I was really surprised no one made an RP of it! (And even more heartbroken when there was no sequel...>_>)

    But I was thinking of doing a series of RP's where there will be several world crisis events happening one after another. And there will be several different extraordinary people on those adventures, so one group from the last adventure may not be the same group for the next adventure.

    So a group of 7 people will apply with their original OC. It may be a spinoff of the original seven (Darien Gray, Nina, Alan Quartermain, Tom Sawyer, Dr. Jekyll, Invisible Man, and Captain Nemo.) or something completely different. As long as each character has something unique and beneficial about them to help the group as a whole.

    As the GM I'll be the one thinking of the plot on how to utilize each of their abilities, so no one would have to worry too much on how their abilities would be useful.

    I was also wondering if I should have characters apply with someone literary reference. Like maybe one of the tiny men on Gulliver's Island. But I don't want to make the requirements too stiff....Because I will already be providing a summary of the movie for those who are interested and did not watch the movie.

    nferjw GAH I'm swimming with ideas. SO here's a list that will be updated with anything else I think of and any suggestions or comments you wonderful folk may have.

    1. I'll be the GM and not a participating character of the group of 7. And it will ONLY be 7 extraordinary people applying for each adventure to save the world.

    2. The characters cannot be any of the original 7, but it's allowed to have a spin-off or even a relative. Characters must have SOMETHING unique about them. Even if it's a basic skill such as being able to shoot a gun really well. (Such as TSawyer) Or something unique (Like being a vampire, Nina.)

    3. Debating whether I should make their characters have some literally reference. But it might not be fair or easily accessible to others. (But I'd love to see the creature from Frankenstein ;_;) Maybe I should just encourage it?

  2. *Raises hand* ME!! I love that movie and seen it plenty of times xD
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  3. Yayyyy! What do you think of using a literary character/spinoff/ or just a plain old oc?
  4. If you don't mind I'll probably use an OC. A vampire with a something special about him, if you will let me use him. Since you are the GM, it's up to you. Would you like me to explain about him?
  5. No I don't mind, I was just wondering about your opinion on that. Because the movie uses literary characters, I wanted to do that too.

    But a vampire is already unique in itself. It's like regular people but something is unique about them. Dr. Jekyll and The Invisible Man were regular, but something made them different. So a vampire would have to be enough.
  6. ok. Well I have tons of vampire characters. So that will still work out alright.
  7. Is this still available 'cause I totally want in. I was so pissed when they didn't make a sequel! This is my favorite movie of all time.
  8. I didn't make it yet, I just figured out other things on what I want to do and I'm waiting for a few more people to say they are interested.

    How do you feel about the list I made?
  9. I like it. I totally want to do a spinoff of Dorian, since he was my dreamy favorite. xD
  10. Sounds great! Two people interested so far ~
  11. If there isn't more interest soon we could always start out with the chars meeting. I know you want the 7 but at the beginning of the movie they are all separate and add on as they go. Just a thought :)
  12. No, they won't meet up at the same time but it will be necessary to have all 7.

    I'll be GMing the RP with missions and such, and I need to know all of the 7 to set up challenges and a few more things. The RP will technically be catered to the league~
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