Leafblade High: The Chapters Untold

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What kind of magic would YOU choose?

  1. White

  2. Grey

  3. Black

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  1. In today's society, there are magic users among us. Some are experts, others minors, and then there are the few that don't even notice that they have it. That's where Leafblade High comes in. Not only does it teach them the rules of magic, but also helps them evolve in whatever part of Magic there pursuing. However, there are 3 things that all students know.

    1. The School was built to hold students of all types. So the building's height is 25ft. for the lowest rooms and the main lobby, being a staggering 1000ft., holding all levels of the school.
    2. The school holds any kind of magic, even black. But ALL are kept in seperate floors. The only times they mingle are Lunch and in Dorms.
    3. There is a curse involving a maleviolent spirit of the original prinible. His curse was that every year, unless a top notch amount of students challenge him, causes unwanted transformations on each student.

    1. There are 3 kinds of magic. White, Gray, and Black. If you know what Black Magic is, you might figure out the other two. You must choose 1.
    2. The classes I haven't fully went through, so ideas are open.
    3. Character Classes can be from any D&D game.
    4. No killing other characters unless you ask the person AND me or anybody I note as a Supervisor.
    5. Vore, and other stuff like that is allowed. Just ask.
    6. All people start as Grade 9 unless a teacher
    7. I'm trying to keep the ratio of teachers to students 1:2
    8. You can play up to 3 characters at a time
    9. Yes, your character can die. But not permanently. If you die near a Black Magic User/Teacher/Staff or you die in the "Heal Room", you can be revived.
    10. Have Some Fun With This. If you read the rules to this. Put "MAGIK" At the top of your CS.

    CS (With Example)
    Name: Jack
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    S/O: Straight
    Creature: Human
    Kind of Magic: Gray
    Goal in life To Make A Living
    Why learning magic Just To Control His Powers
    personality Smart-A$$, can be forgiving at times
    looks: (Pic can be used) blond[​IMG]
    view on life: doesn't have an opinion
    view on death: when you die, you go to heaven or hell.
    favorite subjects: Writing
    least favorite subjects: Math, Science, Language Arts, P.E.
    theme song*: Dungeons And Drangons by Space Laces.

    If you read this, also, put your character's name in blue if a boy. Pink if a Girl. And Green if a herm.

    *= Please use this link for your themesong. https://soundcloud.com/search/sound...or_tag=complextro&filter.created_at=last_year
  2. MAGIK ;)

    Name: Jeanvieve
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    S/O: Straight
    Creature: Half human, half fairy
    Kind of Magic: White
    Goal in life: to have wings and fall in love
    Why learning magic: to have fun, bring joy to others
    Personality: Soft spoken, yet assertive when necessary. She is kind and understanding, but can hold a grudge.
    view on life: It is a gift and should be enjoyed and treasured at all costs.
    view on death: when you die, you go to heaven or hell.
    favorite subjects: art
    least favorite subjects: math
    looks: she is cherubic is the face, rosy cheeks and full pink lips.
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  3. @Jeanvieve You forgot that the song has to come from the link and needs to be from on of the EDM.com promoters. It should be up there.
  4. MAGIK
    Name: Akane
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    S/O: Straight
    Creature: Neko
    Kind of Magic: White
    Goal in life: Find another Neko
    Why learning magic: To meet people, and help get over her anxiety.
    personality: Bashful, Compassionate. Tries best to make others happy. is very Energetic and says things with out think near friends. Loyal to freinds and family. Tries to be happy, even when sad. Easily gets sad from people making fun of her.
    looks: Wheres at green skirt, with a white long sleeve shirt with a green scarf matching her green eyes
    view on life: A time to be as happy you can be
    view on death: A part of the way of life
    favorite subjects: Art
    least favorite subjects: P.E, Math
    theme song: https://soundcloud.com/electro/icehunt-stories-edmcom-exclusive
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  5. ((I'll just start my CS while I wait for an answer..))



    Human as far as she knows.
    (50% Demon ,25% Human ,25% Shinigami)

    Kind Of Magic:
    Black Magic
    Goal In Life:
    To finally open up and show who she really is. To have someone she can trust and tell everything to.
    Why Learning Magic:
    She wants to control the powers she already has and hide them, and learn as much dark magic as she can out of curiosity.
    She is extrmly shy and quiet, but can be prone to rude outbursts and anger if provoked. She tries her best to keep her feelings locked inside, since whenever she shows a great amount of any emotion her powers show and act out without her control. She tends to stick to herself and is often found in corners since she feels secure and safe in them. She is easily startled, but it's best not to since her powers act out when she is. Though she can easily sit through a horror movie without batting an eye.
    She is always found in dark clothes, since she thinks they hide her well. She usually tries to hide her scars on her arms with sleeves and gloves.

    View On Life:
    Doesn't like to express her opinion, since it can be depressing and upsetting to others.
    View On Death:
    Inevitable. That's it.
    Favorite Subject:
    Art, Music, Writing, P.E, Theater.
    Least Favorite Subject:
    Math, History, Science
    Theme Song:
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