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  1. A eerie silence hung over the Valley of Tor. A sentence thought to be worse than death had been carried out. A Banishment, to the next world over-- the judgement falling upon the head of the traitor who killed the Kirin. The world was in an uproar. When one Kirin was kill, it was only natural for the other to die along with it-- and it had. It brought already high tensions higher, brinking on war.

    The world was simple in shape, and in political handlings. To the West was the large island nation of Queoyias, though most called it O'yas for short. Here, elves, ruled the other beings. Magic was not common for them, as they preferred to study and advance their research and technology. Rumor had it they were even working on a carriage that would hurry itself along a rail, powered by fire.

    To the East was the nation of Torbeshu, though many knew it as the Nation of Tor. It was ruled, for the past millennia, by humans. magic flourished in the country, and those seeking refuge from O'yas smoke filled air would often arrive on the shore in the dead of night, fleeing their home.

    As such, it was odd to see such a horrifying punishment fall in Tor. Here, people sought freedom and peace. And yet a heavy hand had just fallen... granted-- it was not undesired. Kirins are 'pure souls', you see. Even the smell of blood will repulse them to the point of fainting. They are masters of magic and ambassadors for the Gods. They are born of the tree of life, which grows in the ocean between the nations-- the roots of which are said to hold our world together. Only two are alive at a time, and when they are born, they choose a side. One left, one right.

    This, of course, is highly important. Because Kirins choose a new leader for their respective sides. A kirin can only bow to a God or Chosen soul-- who the god's have deemed worthy of ruling. Just because a monarch had a child does not secure that child a throne.

    But by the will of man and not the gods, the time had come for a new reign. Teenagers from around the world were now called to congregate at the capitals, awaiting the arrival of the new Kirins, and mourning the loss of the old.

    Such an amassed assembly sat, watching the King and his wife grieve for a friend lost. Kirin were not just animals. They could take on a human form as well. It was said no king had ever taken the throne before forming a bond so deep they would willingly die for the one who chose them...

    "Now," the man lecturing the gathering of teenagers went on with his lesson. "You do have the option to turn down the throne. Should the Kirin bow to you you need only thank them, apologize, and walk away. It will choose another. If the Kirin is male, his name will end in 'ki'. If she is female, it will end in 'rin.'. Be aware, which ever choose us, the other choose O'yas......"

    The lecture seemed to go on and on.

    Finally, one girl leaned over to the one beside her and sighed. "Do you really think we should even be here?" she asked quietly. "We aren't nobility or anything. Look at those boys over there... They look like they would make good kings, don't you think?"

    [[OOC: SORRY FOR THE LONG BLOCK OF TEXT. I figure it will give us context to build off of. We are in Tor, the human nation. Magic is common here and the sign that someone know's magic or can learn it is that they can speak any language they hear. I will be playing the kirin. Does this sound okay?]]
  2. (Haha it's totally fine, hopefully my post will be okay. You are so awesome at writing, I don't think I could ever be that good haha XD! And that sounds perfect to me :D I mainly play girl chara's too so hopefully that won't be too much of a problem ^.^)

    The girl that she leaned on looked at her and gave a kind smile. "They very well might be good kings, but what is a king with out a queen you know?" she asked her gently as she stood there. "They wouldn't be anything in all honesty, but I understand your point. My parents aren't rich in the slightest, we just get enough to make it by. It would hate to be one of the chosen ones, I wouldn't know what to do with myself in all honesty. I would just mess everything up." she said with a small laugh.

    The girls name was Octavia, she was a rather kind and caring girl. She tried to keep as happy as she could, but there were times when an angry side of her would show, and it was never pretty. She had long blonde hair that reached down to her lower back that was kept in a neat braid that day. A few flowers linger in the braids. She was also known to do magic, though it wasn't very much yet. The last person in her family to do magic was her grandmother, and she had passed away long ago. It was a struggle with herself, but she was slowly learning.

    "What if you were picked though." she asked with a grin as she lightly nugged the other girl. "What do you think then. I bet you would do really good, even if you weren't from nobility. Though I think if one was it would make it easier for everyone. I know the poorer ones here always stress about it, and that is understandable. You don't want to be made fun of or anything like that. But it's also a great opportunity." she told her cheerfully.

    She then looked back to the boys once again. "And you know, looks can be really deceiving, maybe they would make good kings. Yet what if deep inside they weren't good people at all. It's rather risky, but I am sure things will work out just fine in the end. I mean they always have in the past, right?" she asked ever so softly.
  3. [lol the other girl shes talking to isn't my main character, the Kirin is going to be my main charie. It'll be a guy]

    The brunette girl beside her frowned. "If I'm chosen to be Queen, I'll be having out troops spread out to find that traitors entire family-- then ship them over to the other continent so they can serve their own justice and avoid a war." she said simply. It was... a rather brutal idea, in all honesty.

    "Now," the man spoke up-- his voice drowning out the chatter of the teenagers, rather abruptly. "The Kirin will arrive on our shore at any time. We will have the Kirin in one area-- and you will all have a chance to, one at a time, meet the Kirin until our new leader is chosen. From there, formal proceedings will continue. For now, You will be assigned a number. When your number is called, it will be your time to meet with the Kirin."

    As the old priest spoke, women hurried around with red baskets, filled with numbers scrawled down on little stones. "Please, take one. One only, please. Thank you. Good luck. Just take one." they would mutter as they went, making sure all of them had a number.

    The woman who passed by Octavia smiled. "Here you are." she handed '313' to the blond, and '314' tot he brunette beside her. "Good luck, ladies." she bowed, shifting the heavy pebble filled basket on her hip as she moved along the rows of people.

    "It's like drawing lots." The brunette scowled. "What a bunch of hogwash."
  4. (Oh okay, sorry about that haha XD)

    Octavia looked at the girl half horrified at the idea of doing such a thing. "Why punish the whole family though?" she asked as she stood there. "You know it could of just been one person, shipping off the whole family who could be innocent would just be wrong." she told her softly. "I mean yes punish those that need to be punished, but don't punish the innocent." she told her gently.

    She had listened to the man and watched as the stones were being pushed out. She took a deep breath when the woman carrying the stones handed her one. "Thank you so much." she told her kindly as she looked at it. "313...unlucky 13." she half laughed as she stood there, "I am sure I won't be chosen now." she said with a grin shaking her head.

    Looking to the brunette she smile kindly. "Don't be so negative all the time. It's going to give you winkles." she told her with a wink as she was just relaxing now. "Hopefully we will be able to go home soon. I need to help my mother tend the garden and my father with the small amount of animals that we do have." she said as she played with the stone in her hands.
  5. "Yeah... Well, better to punish a few innocents and make sure it never happens again, right?" The girl examined her stone before frowning. "I want to head home too-- but my father told me not to unless I come home with a crown." She rolled her eyes. "One way or the other, this is it for me-- I'm moved out." She said simply.

    The teenagers were free to walk around and chatter for the next few hours. Along the way Octavia met one boy who claimed to be the son of a knight and would be happy to simply be a knight himself-- kinged or not. Another girl hopes she might be made queen so she could bring some much needed help to her home town. Yet another boy with long green hair was a half elf, stating that he had no desire for the throne, but if he was called to take the seat he would.

    It was a vast crowd, and everyone seemed to have different views of what a Queen or King should have-- though most seemed to agree it was a shame that the current king and Queen would no longer be leading them. The country had prospered under their reign. Sure-- there was some issues between the rich and poor-- but all in all a peace was shared among the people.

    After what seemed like forever, trumpets sounded. From where they were the teenagers couldn't see the shore-- just on the other side of the cliff face-- though the sound meant that the Kirin had been sighted. It wouldn't be long now-- they would start to file into the throne room and meet the Kirin. If nothing else, it was an honor just to be considered, if not chosen.
  6. She looked at her and shook her head a bit. "I don't know about that. It's just a different way everyone looks at things I guess." she told her gently. I am sorry to hear that your father is like that. My mother and father are more understanding about things." she said laughing a bit.

    Octavia was taking everything in about all the teenagers there. She even met up with some of her own friends and hung out with them. There were so many kids and they each had their own ideas about what should be done, and what they would if they were king or queen. Just the idea made her stomach start to twist in knots. It was always a nervous thing when the Kirin was involved, well at least for her anyways.

    When the trumpets sounded the noise died down, before starting back up. It was safe to say the others were just as nervous and excited now. Octavia was lining up with the lot, still playing with the rock in her hand. "This will be interesting...what happens happens." she muttered to herself. "If it's meant to be it will, if not it is just as good."
  7. It only took an hour or so for rumor to begin spreading like wild fire.

    The Kirin was sickly.

    The Kirin was evil.

    It was a mistake-- that the Kirin was the wrong one.

    Rumors flew like waves, becoming more and more vicious as time passed.

    The Kirin had fangs.

    He was rude.

    He wouldn't even look at the girls.

    And so they went on.

    Finally 312 was called in. Thee hundred and eleven teenagers had already met with the Kirin and been turned down and sent home, nothing but their small bag of coins as consolation for their time.

    "Three hundred and thirteen." a woman called. It was none other than the priestess who had handed her her rock. She smiled at the blond girl. "Good luck. Don't be afraid." she encouraged.
  8. As the rumors started to fill the air, Octavia was starting to feel sicker and sicker, her stomach twisting more in knots. By the time her number was called, she had a terrified look on her face. All these teenagers, all of them and none have been picked. Maybe this was just a mistake of some sort, maybe he was as awful and as rude as people were making him out to be. Finally she looked to the priestess and nodded her head ever so slightly. "Thank you so much, but I don't think I can't be scared." she half whispered as she stood there.

    Slowly she started to walk forward, going to meet her fate. Maybe it will be good, or maybe she will be like everyone else and sent home with a small amount of coins for all the trouble they went through and all the hours they had been there when they could of been working. She was making her way through the thorn room and glanced around ever so slightly. "Good day to your Mr. Kirin." she started softly.

    "I hope your travel was well." she said, her voice shaking ever so slightly, though she was trying to pull herself together. "My name is Octavia by the way.
  9. The King and Queen sat on either side of a young man with black hair that draped down around him like a waterfall. He sat with his legs crossed and eyes closed, looking to be a mix of tired and bored. His skin was a dark tan color, seeming only darker by the white robes he was dressed in. "My travel with long... I only wish to rest." he said, his voice much softer than she had expected.

    The Kirin made no move to stand or open his eyes. The Queen smiled at Octavia reassuringly, beckoning her closer. "It's fine." the woman assured her.

    As she got closer the dark haired man finally opened his eyes. They were a clouded over blue color. It was something she had seen in an old woman in her village. Blindness.

    "Do you believe what they say about me, as well?" he asked. "That I'm evil? A Dark Kirin?" he asked.

    Granted-- all Kirins in the past had been golden blond, nearly white in color. Statues and paintings of them were in temples around the world. Never black. And certainly-- never blind.
  10. When she got closer to them, she took the man in, in awe. Never did she think he would look something like this, not with the way people were talking about him. She thought he would be very mean and rough looking, but he looked nothing like that. "Ah I understand sir, well you can rest soon I believe. I am pretty close to the last one." she laughed nervously rubbing the back of her head. "There is another girl after me. She is pretty nice too, though she seems a little rough around the edges." she said softly.

    She was standing a bit of distances away from them, until the queen told her to come closer. Looking to her she gave a small smile before nodding her head ever so slowly and came closer to them. When the boy opened his eyes she looked at him in shock. "You are blind." she said bluntly without even thinking about it. "That is really neat, well not neat as that is a good thing. I mean it sucks, but it sounds like it would be kind of neat. I heard that all other sense are heighten to a normal person because that one is gone." she rambled on. "I will shut up now." she said hanging her head in embarrassment as she caught on to what she was doing.

    "Ah do I think you are evil?" she asked softly. "Well, I can't really say yes. When I heard the rumors I thought you were evil, more like the 'mwhahaha I will be mean to you' kind of way. Not that 'I will doom everyone around me and destroy all that come across my path.' she explained to him before a confused look fell onto her face. "If that makes sense at all. But you can't really judge a person for what they look right. I have met very nice looking people who are rather mean, and some scruffy mean looking people, who have a heart of gold." she told him.

    "You aren't like the other Kirin's that I have seen pictures of, not at all. But that doesn't mean you are bad." she told him gently. "And you haven't given me a reason to think of you as evil. My impression is just that you are easily bored and you like to sleep." she said with a grin. Her nervous seeming to melt away as her voice became more stable and she even let on to a little bit of her playfulness.
  11. The Kirin tilted his head ever so slightly as she spoke. She could see the tip of a shortly pointed ear part his long mane of hair. He listened to her ramble before a small smile crept upon his lips. "How about you swim across the ocean, then be forced to sit and try to kneel to a lot of pubescent teenagers who think you're evil. Then you can tell me if you are bored and tired." he challenged mildly. "The rumors you heard scared you. I heard you tell the priestess before entering... Do I scare you?" he asked. "After all-- I'm blind." he sounded amused.

    "Riuki, you've neglected to introduce yourself again." the Queen reminded the Kirin gently.

    The dark haired man blinked, looking to his left-- though not at the Queen. "Did I?"

    "Yes. You introduced yourself to the last girl." She responded kindly. The queen offered the blond teenager a reassuring smile. "I think you've spoken to too many people today to keep track."
  12. "You swam across the ocean?" she asked looking at him shocked. "In all honesty I thought you would of been on a boat or something." she laughed as she stood there. "See we weren't able to see you at all. We only heard the trumpets go off and that was our sign to line up. I can see how that could make a person tired, and I know us teen's aren't easy to get along with." she said as she stood there. "The rumors did scare me yes, but...now that I am actually able to see you and speak to you. No you don't scare me." Octavia told him.

    She couldn't help but laugh a bit when the queen told him he forgot to introduce himself and in return she gave the queen her own smile. "It's alright, I can understand one's mind gets foggy when they have to do a lot of hard work." she said gently. "But it's really nice to meet you Riuki." she said cheerfully. "Just remember to introduce yourself to the girl after me. It's only good manners." she joked with him.
  13. "I'm much less interested in the next girl outside and more interested in you." Ruiki said simply, turning his attention back to Octavia. "Would yo mind if I try and bow to you?" he asked. "You''ll only be the second person today I'll have attempted it for-- and if you say there's very few people let outside it only stands to reason you might be the one the Gods have chosen."

    The Queen clarified for him. "A Kirin may only bow to their chosen soul. The new King or Queen for instance-- and to the other Kirin. Physically, there's a force that stops them from bowing to anyone else."
  14. She looked at him a little shocked, and slowly nodded her head a bit as she listened to him. "Uh...no I don't mind." she said gently as she stood there. "I don't know if I would be the chosen one, I mean I have never been chosen for anything. More less I have unlucky number thirteen." she laughed a bit as she watched him.

    She then looked to the queen as she explained more in depth about it. Slowly she nodded her head. "Okay, that makes more sense." she said gently as she stood there. "Well I hope it's not too much of a disappointment or anything." she said ever so gently.
  15. The dark haired man Simply folded his hands before placing them on the floor in front of him. He leaned forward, his black cloud of hair sprawling around him as he brought his forehead to the wooden planks of the throne room floor, "I hope it's not too much of a disappointment, or anything." Ruiki said, sounding amused.

    "Send the others away." The King whispered to one of the servants. "Tell the priestess that the Kirin's found the new Queen."

    "Yes, my lord." the man nodded and hurried off.
  16. She stood there looking at them shocked, unsure of what to say or do at that point. "Really...you are sure?" she asked as she looked to Ruiki and then the queen and the king. She watched as the servant hurried off, and stood there playing with her fingers. "You are sure you want me to be a queen at all, I mean I am really clumsy and I come from a poor family, so I don't know how to behave and all of that stuff." she said sounding like she was getting nervous again.

    "I mean I guess I can't really turn it down since it will help my mother and father out a lot, but I am just letting you know what you are getting yourself into. I am just a big mess." she said laughing slightly.
  17. "Octavia, do you know who you're current King used to be?" Ruiki asked simply, sitting back up, placing his hands in his lap. "He used to be a slave before Tourin found him. He's served his people honorably and by circumstances is forced to strip down from his throne so soon after the loss of his best friend." He explained calmly.

    The King nodded, confirming his words.

    "It often takes someone weak to appreciate strength, and someone sick to marvel at healing. The same way, someone from modest begins can understand the gravity of a position of influence, such as queen."
  18. She listened to Ruiki and nodded her head ever so slowly as she stood there. "I didn't know that much about the king. I am sorry sir, I need to pay more attention to stuff like that." she said laughing and rubbing the back of her head. "What you said did make a lot of sense. I just don't want to embarrass anybody or make them thing you made a mistake with your choosing or something." she told him.

    "Then again I don't think anyone will really question you." she said offering a small smile even though she knew he couldn't see it. "Is there anything I really need to know at the moment?" she asked as she sat there. "Should I inform my parents now or anything?" she asked softly.
  19. "With your permission," The Queen spoke up. "I would like to stay here as your tutor. I can teach you how to be a proper lady and avoid embarrassment, the same way the late queen showed me." She offered. "As for contacting your family, a message can be sent at any time you wish."

    "The Palace is yours." The King pointed out. "My wife and I will remain here as advisers in retirement."

    Ruiki offered a weary smile towards Octavia. "It's an odd situation. Typically, a kirin only dies when the old royalty is deemed no longer suited to rule. The late Kirin was murdered though-- so the King and Queen will still make good advisers for you, should you accept their offer."
  20. She looked at the king and queen a little shocked before nodding her head, "Yes of course you can stay here!" she told them. "I had no plans of making you move from here, and your help would most delightful to have." she said softly. "This will always be your home too, I mean you are the King and Queen after all." she started.

    "Well I mean I am the queen now, but..." she trailed off an confused look on her face as she shook her head. "Just ignore my rambling." she laughed a bit, before looking at Ruiki once again. Listening to him she nodded her head ever so slightly, the smile fading into a frown.

    "So...does anyone know how the Kirin was killed, or who might of done it?" she asked. "I mean that is a really big deal, surely someone must have some kind of information or something." she said as she looked between the three of them.
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