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  • 1. Read the Lore.
    2. I don't have CS code so you can make it as pretty or as basic as you want.
    3. You can make Heavy, Glamour or a normal person.
    4. If your character is heavily tied into a major establishment or group (as in big enough to affect the grand scale), don't just create one, talk to me first.
    5. Deadline for CS is the 28th of October.

    You need to have all of these information. It's even better if you add more to them.

    Appearance - small description and (optionally) a character image. Please use realistic artwork or at least time-period-appropriate picture. If I see an anime character or a modern model I'm going to tear my hair out.
    Role - Heavy, Glamour or Normal
    Occupation - Remember that whatever their job is, even full-time working within the Scire world, most people have another face or a day job to present to the normal world. Many Glamours are singers and actors, and Heavies can be anything from a dock worker to a cop.
    Origin - which part of New York is your character from, or where else if not New York
    Residence - where they live in New York. A small description of the neighborhood would also help.
    3 trivia facts about your character - their quirks, small details in their life, or anything at all.

Art by Eddie Mendoza
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Appearance: A well-muscled, strong man of 6’3”, although he was known to be more hulking before he contracted the Iron Fever. Handsome enough, with fair complexion, and chiselled features, although his dark-brown hair has thinned and turned to an almost wispy white-blonde ever since his contraction of the Fever.

Name/Nickname: Mikey Giunta / “The Doo-Wop”
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Role: Heavy

Occupation: Ostensibly, a construction worker (in reality, a ‘no-show job’ bequeathed by the Italian Mafia) / Member of the Ironguard

Origin: Manhattan.
Residence: Midtown Manhattan, in a largely reasonably well-off, and predominantly, Italian neighborhood. A nice enough neighborhood, although there’s something almost perfunctory about its mafia presence, both obvious and subtle all at once. Home of fine bakeries, and eateries, and within walking distance of The Padua, a club for the high rollers.

Personality: Mikey Giunta is a man of music, which is to say that he is high-strung and excitable, and effervescent. He is, some would say, a people person, as affable shattering a man’s kneecap as he is wishing them well on their wedding day. Decidedly a social being, Mikey likes -- needs -- to live in the moment, and is all too eager to get caught up in the whims and wishes and battles of his comrades and superiors.


Mikey Giunta spent much of his youth captivated by the effervescent playing of Ragdoll and jazz musicians who inhabited The Padua -- the high rollers’ club curated and maintained by Johnny Giunta, father and bonafide made-man. Kept firmly behind the curtains, prying eyes steered away from the scantily-dressed dancers and belligerent drunkards, he came to be rather dignified and well-mannered, as far as gangster-scions went.

Not that it kept him out of the family business, exactly.

Towards the late 40s, the Afro-Cuban sounds took over Manhattan, mambo and doo-wop harmonies taking over the scene. Mikey Giunta was very intimately familiar with the shifting sounds of New York, having served the Family as a ‘plugger’, an enforcer of sorts who maintained their interests in music and the business of show. Scout out impoverished talented (impressionable and prone to lifelong indebtedness) individuals, introduce them (sometimes aggressively) to A&R executives, and carve out chunks of their future profits for the Family. And if a boss or underboss wanted to get their tone-deaf daughter a music deal? Well, a rod of metal to the patellar tendon tended to cure executives of their ‘artistic sensibilities’.

And all was swell. He lived in the company of made-men, celebrities and the ambiance of fine music. He thought it almost a dream.

The Iron Fever took him, and showed him otherwise. Sickly, prone to fits, and mentally unwell, Mikey Giunta was kept away from his engagements, and barred from even the Padua -- which had been made his responsibility after the passing of his father. Although the Iron Fever’s potency had lessened by the time he had contracted it, he was particularly ill-suited to the condition, and was left bedridden for many months. Bedridden, alone, and without the sound of music to keep him his spirits.

When at least he was well, he was welcomed to the fold, but found that the jobs and duties belonged to others. The Family would always take care of him, but were wary, cordial and not familial. And so he was of sound health, but, perhaps, alone nonetheless.

When the Ironguard came calling, the choice was simple.


- Has an almost infallible memory of song and the myriad performers that he's seen come, go, thrive or fade. Hums "Pistol Packin' Mama" before he really needs to get down and dirty.

- Although a respected member of the Italian Mafia, he was never made like his father had been, as the 'books were closed'.

- A virgin.
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Name: Isaiah Franklin

Age: 47

Gender: Sausage

Role: Glamour

Appearance: Isaiah is already a large presence purely through stature alone, looming over most at 6'5". Combining that with his dress sense, and he's a hard man to miss. A pioneer of the New Negro movement, Isaiah enjoys thumbing his nose to society's image of the downtrodden black man by dressing in tailored three-piece suits made from the loudest fabrics he can get ahold of. Wild and lurid patterns and eye-catching colours are the name of the game for his choice in suit, and he insists the only day he'll be caught wearing black is at his own funeral.

Occupation: Nightclub Owner and Promoter, NAACP Firebrand

Origin: Isaiah is a child of Harlem, born and raised in and amongst the black community there. Though he has at times left to travel and live elsewhere, Harlem remains his home.

Residence: Harlem was and remains Isaiah's residence within New York, a neighbourhood with a potent legacy of both privilege and squalor. Once a prestigious section of the city home to many wealthy white families, the dawn of the 20th Century brought about a shift in its demographic as black families fleeing the racism and violence of the Jim Crow south began to take up residence within its borders. A haven of culture, music and pride for its people, Harlem has been the birthplace of great musical and literary movements as well as social action and strikes against barrel-scraping landlords. It may not be wealthy, but it is alive in a way other parts of the city cannot hope to match.

Personality: Proud, would be the word. Some might write it off as him being stand-offish (or even "uppity", depending on their attitudes to desegregation), but those who know Isaiah would most likely call him proud. A true son of Harlem, New York, he is deeply passionate about his home's history and culture, believing it to rival anything else the world might hold. Though a shrewd businessman who has been able to ride the storms of a major economic recession and a global conflict, he nonetheless aims to use his club and business connections to promote the work of black musicians coming out of Harlem: many of the major musical movements of the last decade first found a home within the walls of the Tom-Tom Club. His advocacy and outspoken nature has found him both enemies (amongst many white music moguls and musicians) and allies (amongst the New York chapter of the NAACP) in equal measure. He's happy with both.

Within the Scire world, Isaiah's reputation is more mixed. Though known as a leading Glamour within Harlem, some question his commitment to the changeling cause and believe he prioritises his human ties over his more supernatural ones. Though both Glamours and Heavies are welcome within the walls of his club, he has little patience for the Ironbound and even less for the Children of Light.

Biography: Isaiah Franklin was born with the sound of music ringing in his ears, and it has never left him since.

Damned twice-over by his status as a changeling and a black boy in segregated America, Isaiah's passions were flared by his mother's tales of her experience living in the south before she fled to New York. From a young age he was a rabble-rouser and activist, outspoken in his belief in the cause of equal rights for black citizens of the USA. His changeling powers only added to an already impassioned and fiery young man, and it wasn't long before he was attracting the attentions of other activists within New York as well as the police. Short stints in jail inevitably followed, as did his joining the NAACP as one of their organisers.

With his skin colour and criminal record blocking his path to many forms of employment, Isaiah took matters into his own hands. He spent the 1920s living the bohemian lifestyle of a musician, his skills with the piano and his supernaturally-augmented charm taking him all across the country. Yet New York always drew him back, Harlem remaining his true home even as he experienced what else America had to offer. By the end of the decade he had sweet-talked enough investors and won over enough allies to be able to establish his own foothold in the Harlem music scene, opening the Tom-Tom Club as a space for musicians of any colour and creed to ply their trade equally.

His club weathered the economic disasters of the 1930s and the war that followed on from it, one of the few venues to survive as the money dried up and young men were sent off to fight and die for freedoms they themselves didn't have. As the middle of the 20th Century dawns Isaiah remains an outspoken figure within both the Harlem and Scire communities: committed to the liberation of the former and keeping the peace within the latter.
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