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  1. There are other things I roleplay (OK limited other things). And I hardly RP here because 99.9% of the time I play a specific character and that doesn't seem to work too well with forums, especially when the fandom isn't in demand. However, I have a muse growing that's getting difficult to suppress and I'm interested in giving him a shot. See I have now a slight obsession with Jeff the killer, and would love to see if I'm capable of playing him. Someone who's willing to play with him and me (the n00b) is all I'm looking for. I know I have not specified any actual type of RP or plot of course. I don't really have any plot or specifics, some thoughts I can work off of, but nothing solid. My appeal just dropped by 50% didn;t it? XD
    Now a few painful things I ought get out of the way:
    What you can expect from me: Now I know I called myself a n00b. I am not though, I don't RP on forums much (anymore), but I have been RPing for years and I'm not a kid and have a generally good grasp on writing. I am capable of doing all kinds of RPs (detailed/quick and simple) I am most comfortable somewhere in the middle. There aren't many things I won't play. I lack proper smut skill though, this is a fact, I'm not against, but not very good at smut. As far as I can tell I'm sufficient in everything else. I'm really most comfortable with interacting through PMs to be honest, though I won't complain if you desire otherwise.
    What I expect from you: It's been...quite a while since I've gone partner searching in the dark, so first and foremost I just want someone patient and easy to work with. I do so love plotting and discussing ideas together, anyone willing to chat about opinions and thoughts on the RP is a huge plus. I'm not horribly concerned with what kinds of things you like to RP. You agree to play with a crazy killer, so I'm going to assume you're not looking for fluffy romance with Disney endings and shit.
    Happy roleplaying~
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  2. I am a huge creepypasta fan and I am a slenderman fanatic along with Jeff the killer. If you would like, we could possibly do one with multiple pastas or we could do a Jeff-the-killer and slender/slender proxy roleplay
  3. Oh yes this is lovely. If you have a thing for Slendy I'm not opposed. We shall have much to discuss plotwise. Or not, I just wonder, how does one interact with slenderman? This question plagues me.
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