Le Dernier

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  1. The world has changed. A deadly virus has wiped out the vast majority of Earth's population. Only ten million are left standing, and even they have become something other than human. They are strong enough to crush steel with little effort, they can move so fast that they are nearly invisible, they can see and hear for miles, and they need only a mouthful of human blood each day to survive. The problem they face is that only two humans have proved immune to the disease. They are the only two survivors and the vampires only source of sustenance. The humans have been captured and are kept under close watch day and night. There are six vampire leaders, three men and three women. Only these six are permitted to drink from the humans. The rest are forced to survive off the blood of animals which leaves them acting feral and looking sickly. The vampire leaders are strong, healthy, and beautiful however.

    Angelette (Angel) Huette
    Age: 15
    Height/weight: 4' 9"/98lbs
    Hair/eyes: Long auburn hair/hazel eyes
    Nationality: French

    Angel woke up in unfamiliar bed. Before she opened her eyes she thought that perhaps she had crawled into her mother's bed some time throughout the night. She smiled a little and pulled the warm silky sheet up to her chin. Then the last few weeks came crashing back to her memory and her eyes sprang open. She sat up and looked around a room she did not recognize. It was a large and beautifully adorned room. The walls were a light shade of purple, and several beautiful paintings were hung. There was a large window letting in only a little light, most of it was kept out by a curtain that was a deeper purple than the walls and made of a fine heavy material and accented with white lace behind it. There was a small black couch, and a table with fine china set out already as though she would be having tea with someone soon.

    Angel stood up and tiptoed to the door, her bare feet made not a sound on the plush carpet. She tried the door and found it locked. Next she went to the window but as she reached for the curtain someone behind her spoke. "I would prefer that you left the curtain where it is for now."

    Angel whipped her head around so fast that her braided hair smacked her in the chin. She barely noticed however because standing not two feet away was the most odd looking woman she had ever seen. The woman was tall, at least six feet, and her skin was so pale it was nearly translucent. Her hair was pale white and her eyes were blood red, and not just the pupils, in fact she had no pupils, just solid blood red eyes. Angel had nowhere to run so she just stood there frozen like a deer in headlights. The woman smiled politely and introduced herself as Gabriela Winchester.

    "I only dropped by to quickly fill you in on your current situation. Actually we may as well call it your new station in life, as you can expect to be here for many years. Happy years for the most part, for you as well as us. That is assuming you are cooperative and do not try anything foolish, like escape. You are ours now, some of us may call you a guest, food, or perhaps even a pet; regardless you can be sure of one thing..." She leaned in close to Angel who still stood wide eyed and frozen. "You are here to stay." Then she turned and promptly exited the room without another word.
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  2. Breck Varney
    Age: 16
    Birthday: July 22nd
    Physical: 5'10" and 137 lbs, slim build, dark brown eyes, short red hair often spiked up, freckles

    Breck startled awake, flinched really, and before he could even process that his body had somehow positioned itself teetering off the edge his head collided with the carpet in a big plonck! A groan escaped his raspy dry throat and the hoarse croak only managed to fill in the time of space while his head spun in circles. The carpet was cold, soft and inviting as he rested his throbbing head, yet a foreboding feeling permeated his body, a feeling that made him rediscover his hands and begin to lift himself off the floor and prop his body up to a sitting position.

    Maybe it was just because of his bad experience waking up, but Breck didn't like his room. It was just so...fake. Shiny walls painted a robin eggshell color, a spacious desk with probably empty drawers, and a cabinet with figurines encased behind a sturdy glass wall. They looked more like they were trying to appear of value rather than being on display for their worth. The whole place was ridiculous, as if the people who sent him here could charm him with their "happy colors" and "important relics". It all just looked like a ploy for his obedience, make him feel special here, two things that Breck of all people wouldn't stand for.

    They'll wish they were dead. The thought pacified him for the time and he decided he might as well stand up. His right hand gripping on the nightstand by the bed, his left on the floor he propelled himself to standing, ignoring the dizziness in his head and paused before taking a step forward, not exactly sure where he thought he was going. By the time his disorientation had become tolerable enough to think, Breck was staring at an ordinary door. Instinct made him turn the knob carefully, feeling it move with him and giving him access to a rather large bathroom, complete with a bathtub and pretty wide walkway. His eyes locked on the sink and he remembered how raw his throat felt, as if he'd spent a year screaming.
  3. Angel had never been tough, in fact she considered herself rather weak. In school she was often teased due to how easy it was to make her cry. Her parents would lecture her and tell her that the world was a hard place and that she would need to be hard to survive in it; but try as she may she could not seem to do much more than mask her sensitivity with a shy smile and a quiet demeanor. Now finding herself in a strange room apparently held captive by a very strange woman, Angel lost control. She sat down on the floor under the window and cried in loud sobs. She barely remembered the events that had led her here; but she knew that her family was dead and that everyone in France seemed to have either become sick and died in a matter of hours, or changed into a horrible monster. It may have affected the whole world for all she knew.

    When she finally managed to calm herself a little, she turned and peeked out the window. She could not see much, the windows were barred and there was a tree in the way; but what she could see was a sign of some sort. She could not read the words though as they were written in a language she could not read. If she had to guess she would say English, which she could understand easily and speak well enough, but not read or write. Beyond the mysterious billboard there were a few small structures, sheds and small houses, and a small gravel driveway leading up to the house she was currently being held in.

    Behind her the door opened and someone stepped inside and closed the door. Angel continued looking out the window as more tears rolled down her cheeks. She was too afraid to turn and look at whoever had come to see her.

    Dina Dominica
    Age: 27
    Height/weight: 5' 3" 115 lbs
    Hair/eyes: Bright red/ bright green

    The girl did not turn when she entered the room. She was looking out the window and Dina could hear her crying. Unlike her five colleagues who seemed to be quickly losing their humanity (although they seemed to still value manners) she found herself feeling a great swell of pity for this girl. Her thirst was greater by far, she would still drink from her but she decided to make it as easy as she could for the human.

    "Would you look at me dear?" She asked softly, trying to reassure her with her voice. "Let us get to know each other. I promise I am not here to harm you." The girl finally turned slowly, her eyes were red and puffy and her cheeks wet with tears, but she was quite pleasant to look at. Dina smiled kindly at her and sat down in a nearby chair. "There now, I am not so scary am I?" The girl stared for a moment, then slowly shook her head. "My name is Dina. May I know your name?"

    "Angelette." She said softly and with a thick French accent.

    "A lovely name for a lovely girl." Dina patted the seat of the chair next to her and smiled. "Would you please come sit and talk with me for a while dear?"
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  4. Paisley (unknown last name)
    Age 23
    Physical: 5'7", 111lbs, shiny black hair past her shoulders, pale skin, pale blue eyes

    Lincoln Sidles
    Age 25
    Physical 6'2", 184lbs, muscular, brown hair and eyes

    Breck practically dove his head under the faucet, primal behaviors kicking in. Thirst had taken over, and there was no time for daintyness, especially when there wasn't anyone around to yell at him. He gulped down the water greedily, barely tasting the cold liquid, and let the excess stream down his chin ultimately spraying water on his shirt and across the sink. He paid no attention to the tiny growing puddles and continued to engulf the water until he was out of breath and lost the desire for more.

    "Did someone forget his manners?" A thin pale woman asked with an obviously disgusted tone, as if she expected him to get down on his knees and apologize for the mess. Boy would she be disappointed.

    "Says the person who kidnapped me and locked me in here." Breck retorted bitterly, glaring deep into her pale eyes. It was a shame she was so pretty, because the more he looked at her the harder it was to be mad. And the harder it became the more infuriated with himself he was until he stormed out of the bathroom and over to the stupid glass cabinet that he hated so much. He stared at those stupid figurines instead of her. A ballerina on her toes in a position that looked like it would defy gravity smiled back at him, as if she knew of his pain and hatred and was purposefully mocking him.

    The woman interrupted his angry thoughts. "You're looking at it all wrong little Breck, this is a vacation for you! You can have anything you ever wanted here and better. We'll be like the family you never had." The reflection in the glass showed her smiling, a wicked smile that made him hate her. Hate all of them and their pale beauty and sickly disturbed heads. She enjoyed his pain, his overwhelming pain of being stuck here with strangers he knows he hates but can't fight against.

    The cabinet toppled to the floor in an explosive thud! pieces of glass encompassing all directions on the floor and some Breck knew bounced in his direction, but he didn't seem to notice because of the rage. His body seemed glued to the floor, had he pushed the cabinet over? Had he really done that? The thoughts seemed to stop time until another voice entered the room.

    "Paisley! What did you---do?" The last word came out in a whisper as Lincoln smelled the fresh blood of the boy.