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  1. Hello there! I'm in the market for more roleplays, and I've got some specific plot ideas in mind! Usually I just give a huge list of pairings, but I've got some more specific desires this time. If one of these plots interest you, please PM me so we can discuss further details. I would prefer to do these plots via PM, but you can convince me to do forum if it means a lot to you.

    Firstly, some rules/expectations:
    - I like OOC chatter, so if you show interest in a plot here, be prepared to talk with me outside the rp. I like to plan ahead and otherwise talk about the rp, among other things.
    - Don't just drop the rp if you lose interest. I know I've been guilty of this very thing before--usually if I forget that someone's waiting for a post--but I would appreciate it if any potential partners extend me the courtesy of letting me know if interest is waning. I will extend the same courtesy to you. Also, if you're going to be busy for some days and unable to post, please let me know. (I will do the same for you if I'm going to be busy.)
    - I try not to be a grammar Nazi, but I do like it when correct spelling and grammar are used. Please use a spell checker. Also, I will usually post 1-3 paragraphs per post. I expect the same from you. Please, please don't do one-liners. Ever.

    That should do for the rules... Now, the plot ideas!

    ~ Beauty and the Beast ~ MxF

    [YC] is a young woman who could never consider her life to be anything other than ordinary. She has ordinary friends, an ordinary family, and ordinary responsibilities. But her life gets turned on its head when she is kidnapped on her way home from work by a pair of strange individuals who bring her to an island surrounded by misty seas. It is there that she encounters [MC], a demon who has had her brought to his domain to be his toy. [YC] is offered a plan to escape by one of the other slaves, but the method is risky. To escape from [MC] forever, she must first win his trust as no other has. Will she succeed, or will she learn to accept her fate as the concubine of a demon?

    ~ The Order of Moonlight ~ MxM

    [YC] is a thief who has been relying on an unnatural talent to survive the streets of a city. Not born to any important family and lacking the education or means to make a living any other way, his future seems bleak. That is, until he is approached by cloaked figures that offer him a precious opportunity to join with a legendary guild of assassins. He agrees, tempted by the pay offered to him, and he is taken to the mountain fortress that houses the Order of Moonlight.

    [MC] is the highest-ranked assassin in the guild. Despite his young age, he has risen through the ranks and is peerless in his skills with knives. He may be the best, but he isolates himself from the rest of the guild. [YC] takes an interest in this mysterious boy, against the advise of the other assassins. He is determined to find out what drives the boy to be so secretive. That becomes a lot easier when [MC] is assigned to be his teacher. Will [YC] thrive and manage to get through [MC]'s impassive exterior, or will he find his end in the tangle of guild politics?

    ~ Supernatural Crimes Unit ~ MxM

    [YC] is a vampire who is the newest member of the SC (Supernatural Crimes) unit of the city's police force. Though not a rookie cop, he is new to being on such a specialized unit. His partner is [MC], a fellow vampire from a pureblood family. Like many purebloods, [MC] believes vampires of lesser purity to be beneath him. He is irate to have an inferior partner, but the police chief won't hear of his prejudices. The two must learn to get along, or their rocky start will likely end with one of them getting killed on the job.

    ~ A Thief in the Night ~ MxF

    [YC] is a princess who is bored of her pampered lifestyle. On the night of a masquerade ball that was thrown in honor of her birthday, she meets with a mysterious young man--[MC]--who charms her on the dance floor. He vanishes before the end of the evening, but when she retires to her bed, she happens to cross paths with him again. Only this time, she sees that he's been stuffing his pockets with whatever small valuables he can find. She sets the guards after him, but with no success. The thief escapes. What will she do, however, when the thief happens to turn up in her bedroom a few nights later, intent on taking her jewelry?

    ~ Ravens and Sea Dogs ~ MxM

    [YC] is a feared pirate captain that has undeniable control over the waters his ship routinely travels. His crew is fierce and loyal, and he is always one step ahead of the navy. Life seems to be going swell for him. That is, until he notices something strange: his precious cargo has been disappearing. No one on the ship seems to know what has happened to it, but it keeps happening over the course of a few months. He sets up traps to try and find the culprit, and is surprised when he snags a black-clad stowaway--[MC]--in his hold. It comes as a further shock that the thief is a wereraven, a mythical being. Whatever will he do with this rare and valuable find?

    ~ And For My Final Trick ~ MxM

    [YC] is a college student who is usually a bit of a shut-in, but his heart is in the right place. He has his small group of friends, and he does very well in his classes. His future prospects seem bright enough, but all of that changes when he is talked into going to a magic show with his friends one night. [MC], the final magician performing that evening, chooses [YC] from the audience to be his assistant for a trick. It seems to be a normal vanishing trick at first, and indeed it looks that way to the audience.

    Tough luck that [YC] has ended up transported to another world, and the magician is the one to blame for it. Will [YC] find a way home, or will he end up losing his life in this world where magic is very real and very dangerous? Can he trust the magician that got him into this mess?

    ~ Blood in the Night ~ MxM

    [YC] is a detective working on a peculiar case. There seems to have been an awful lot of gang violence in the city as of late, but whatever bodies are left behind after the violence either "disappear" before the cops arrive or later turn to ash before an autopsy can be performed. In the later cases, the rapid deterioration of the bodies is quickly swept under the rug. No one asks about it, and many questions are eating at [YC]'s mind.

    While on patrol one night, [YC] happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. One of those gang fights is in progress nearby, and he goes to investigate at the tail end of the battle. The survivors start to close in on him...until a black-clad figure--[MC]--arrives at the scene and saves his life. But what will be done with [YC] now that he has so many questions no human should find answers to?

    ~ A Wolf in the Woods ~ MxM

    [YC] lives in a village that has thoroughly isolated itself from modern society and technology. The villagers all follow the rules set down for them by the elders. It is a fairly simple set of rules: never leave the village, honor your parents, tell the elders about any intruders from the outside, treat the elders' words as law, etc. Perhaps the most important rule is not to go into the forest. The forest that surrounds the outskirts of the village is a dangerous place, they say, where the dead walk and consume the flesh of anyone foolish enough to leave. The elders insist the village is protected from the undead by "magic," and the villagers believe it without question. None of those monsters has been seen inside the village itself, after all.

    One morning, [YC]'s little sister is digging holes for fun up on a hill by the forest. When she comes back home, it is with a "secret prize" that she found: a human skull. [YC] insists on putting the skull back and never speaking of it again, and he goes to the hill himself to bury it where his sister found it. He sees more human remains in the hole she had dug, and before he can finish returning the skull there, he sees a black-furred wolf--[MC]--sniffing around the other holes. Having never seen a wolf before, he runs away...into the forest. The wolf follows after him, but not to cause him harm. In fact, as the undead begin to appear and attempt to kill [YC], the wolf saves him. Just what is the deal with this wolf, and...why can it turn into a human?!

    ~ What's in a Soul? ~ MxM

    [YC] lives in a small, simple farming village. Life there is peaceful, and though the work isn't easy, [YC] feels as though his life is fulfilling. He is even engaged to be married to his childhood sweetheart. What could be better than that?

    One night, tragedy strikes. A villager has turned up dead, lying in lifeless in the street without any visible cause of death. A week later, another villager shares the same fate. No one knows what happened to them, or who will be next. Life goes on with everyone watching over their shoulders for danger. It doesn't help, and the third person to die is [YC]'s bride-to-be. Something was different that time, though. [YC] witnessed her demise, and immediately began the hunt for the shadowy male--[MC]--whose kiss literally stole her breath away. But will his murderous intent change once he learns of the curse that forces [MC] to kill in order to remain alive?

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  2. Hi there! Still looking for a partner?
  3. "Beauty and the Beast" and "Supernatural Crimes Unit" have been spoken for, but the others are still available.
  4. "Beauty and the Beast" and "Supernatural Crimes Unit" have been spoken for, but the others are still available.
  5. Out of the leftovers which is your favorite?
  6. I would love to do a Thief in the night with you ^-^
  7. @ lostnfound - That would undoubtedly have to be "The Order of Moonlight."

    @ Nassione - Awesome! Shoot me a PM and we can discuss the plot further.
  8. I would love to give that a try with you. It sounds like a lot of fun.
  9. Cool. Shoot me a PM so we can discuss more details about the plot. :)
  10. I wouldn't mind rping with you =3
  11. @ Submissive Brat - Got anything in mind?
  12. Hello there! I am very interested in roleplaying Blood in the Night with you if it's still.available.
  13. It is indeed! PM me and we can discuss the plot further.
  14. I'm not entirely sure of the undead part... but your Wolf in the Woods idea greatly reminds me of a couple of movies I've seen before. If you might still need a partner that is.
  15. I do still need a partner for that one, yes. PM me so we can discuss details, please.