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  1. I love mint choco chip. And peppermint ice cream.

    What's your favorite? And are there any flavors that you have tried, but hated or didn't like?
  2. All Canadian Moose!!

    It's a flavour they make at a local hard ice cream stand. It's got butterscotch, fudge, reese's mini peanut butter cups, so much goodness.
  3. Cherry swirl vanilla ice cream! Or mango flavour ice cream. I've had caramel and pistachios which was surprisingly good. I've tried lemonade ice cream it was glorious sjdfbdsf. But lately I'm in love with Golden Gaytimes. No, it's not what you think it is. It's an Australian thing.

    I don't dislike chocolate, but I just find the flavour overwhelming.
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  4. Pretty much anything that Ben and Jerry's comes out with is good in my book. I can no longer permit myself to buy any as I'll empty a carton in one sitting. Accursed deliciousness!
  5. Does sherbert count? Cuz I really love me some sherbert.
  6. My favorite icecream flavors has to Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Bun ice cream. I love cinnamon flavored snacks so much. Other than that, I really like caramel ice cream.

    Though, no one ever sells them anymore. =(
  7. Phish Food by Ben and Jerry's is amazing! Cotton candy and birthday cake ice cream is also really good <3
  8. Green Tea Ice Cream.

    Though runner ups are Cherry, Caramel and Chocolate Mint.
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  9. I am a boring vanilla and chocolate sauce person >~>
  10. Vanilla bean. I can't stand chocolate ice cream it doesn't taste like chocolate to me it just tastes...ew.
  11. strawberry is best berry
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