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  1. Awesome! My post should be up by tomorrow! ^_^ I'm assuming everyone is on the same island at this point but we just haven't met each other yet?

  2. [​IMG]

    • General:
      Sikaris, Iolana






      Date of Birth:
      November 24



      Home Island:
      Cloud Island - Named for the mysterious clouds of light that can be seen from the island at night, Cloud Island has a warm, dry, and windy climate and is a popular vacation spot for its calm, scenic areas and vibrant coastline. The Cloud Nine Summer Resort is the crown jewel of the Cloud Island tourism industry, and MAGNA agents and other people of wealth usually stay there. As it's rather out of the way and shrouded in mist, there isn't much travel flowing in or out otherwise. Mountains dot the island, and the majority of villages are located either in the valleys or on the coast.

      Cloud Island is also a place of spiritual retreat for several different religious sects. There are several small settlements that serve as sanctuaries and places to worship the Cardinals, initially founded and maintained by monks of a splinter sect of Suntsumei called Meihano. The mythological beliefs in Meihano describe the Cardinals as beings of shadow who taught Suntsumei techniques to humans in order to encapsulate the Cardinals' own essence of light-formed darkness and ensure that humans would be able to defend themselves from the evils that the Cardinals had banished. This sect believes in the dual nature of the soul, the innate goodness of life, and the innate evil of the human mind, and that the meaning of life is an endless struggle to remember how to live in harmony with nature instead of destroying it―a sort of early fusion of the Cardinal Mythos and the Omnal Church.

    • [​IMG]

    • Appearance
      Physical Appearance:
      Iolana is fairly slim, with obvious muscle tone, and warm olive skin. Her hair is long, dark brown, and wavy, usually pulled into a messy ponytail.
    • She has almond-shaped, brown eyes that are large enough to make her seem childish when she pouts. She has a tendency to squint or glare at things requiring her attention, and you'll often catch her with her eyes closed, either in meditation or irritation.

      She has a fan-shaped birthmark on the inside of her right wrist, and a long sword scar across her chest.

      The amount of focus Iolana puts into a situation determines her movements. The more focused she is, the more elegant and languid her motions seem, if a little too poised. When she's alone though, she loses a lot of her grace, and she looks like she's drowsy and constantly on the verge of collapsing (I mean the "tripping over herself" and "rolls onto the floor with a thud" kind of relaxed). And in her more erratic (wolfish) moods, she
      never seems to walk, always running or sliding around, usually with a grin on her face. She's a lot more clumsy, too, and curled up in some way when at rest.


      Iolana tends to dress rather plainly, usually in black or brown culottes, beige tank tops, a black messenger bag, and simple sandals. Muted, neutral colors. Of course, there are a few things of note: she wears a chain of simple iron links around her neck (tucked into her shirt so people can't see it), a cheap gold bracelet with a bird charm on her right hand, and Meihano bindings on her chest (sarashi). She might add an old and faded red shawl that's too small for her in particularly brisk weather, or switch out the bracelet for a pair of brown cotton fingerless gloves. Now, if she had merits to spend on clothes, on the other hand... she'd definitely wear bohemian/hippie style clothes and loose, flowing pastels.

    • [​IMG]

    • Personality
      Iolana is dispassionately critical of everyone she meets at first, often appearing cynical and arrogant. She'll go out of her way to actively challenge someone else's plans and ideas, even if she personally agrees with the person she's speaking to, and while she won't insult them directly, she won't hold back. She treats authority figures with a particular malice and is especially unforgiving of their mistakes.

      Beyond the first meeting, Iolana's demeanor largely depends on her mood. Most days she'll keep well enough to herself and be more polite and courteous, if not a little impassive. Most people would be still hard-pressed to get an emotional response out of her, though in a good mood she'll talk about her own interests at length and even seem more playful and inclined to small talk. The conversation will carefully avoid emotional issues, of course, and even a lively Iolana won't give away much about herself.

      Beneath her jaded mask, however, is a stew of powerful emotions, including a profound loneliness and desire to trust and share herself with others despite the struggles she's been left to face alone. Iolana is an idealist at heart and wants desperately to believe in the best of people. She also longs for a sense of completeness and belonging, as she's always felt out of place by herself. Her trust and respect are extremely difficult to gain because of the secrets she keeps close to her heart. The greatest of these secrets is that Iolana believes she is not entirely human. Ilani is the name of the "wolf half" of her soul, and she considers him a version of herself completely free of her insecurities, desires, and inhibitions. Both Iolana and Ilani are always present to some degree, but Ilani represses much of his personality and presence so Iolana can maintain her peace of mind. For his part, Ilani considers himself more separate from Iolana than she does, and as a friend of hers rather than a persona.

      When he isn't pretending to be Iolana, Ilani is much more expressive, energetic, and headstrong. He's the real adventurer of the two and much more accommodating of others. Unlike Iolana, Ilani won't hesitate to make his feelings known, and as he's rather bad at keeping secrets, he'll often voice Iolana's thoughts and feelings as well. He has a strong sense of integrity and is extremely loyal to anyone who recognizes him after a first meeting (it's difficult if you don't know what to look for). He's also short-tempered and incapable of ignoring things and will rush to defend anyone in need, which often lands Iolana in trouble. And Iolana is actually the more dirty-minded of the two, whereas Ilani is just morbidly weird.

      ● Iolana: Books and the acquisition of knowledge. She reads a lot. Usually she can be seen with one of two books: Alarissia's Compendium of Herbs and Plants and Their Various Properties, or The Calm World Beyond the Storm: A History of the Modern World. She also has a book of Meihano mythology, the kind that's read as bedtime stories. Ilani kept stealing them from the monastery library for her, and she would've kept putting them back if she hadn't kept falling asleep reading them.
      ● Iolana: Scents. Aside from making herbal mixtures for medicinal purposes, she likes making perfumes and skincare salves, though she's only just starting. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure for her, but she uses good hygiene as a justification.
      ● Ilani: Music. He likes lip-syncing to guys singing especially, because it's as close as he can get to pretending he actually has a guy's voice instead of Iolana's.
      ● Ilani: Carving figurines, at least when he has time on his hands. He also likes decorating Iolana's room differently to suit his mood, and reorganizing it when he gets bored. He's got much stronger aesthetic preferences in general, and has a keen eye for fashion.
      ● Ilani: Games. Board games, card games, memory games. The guy's competitive. He's no gambler, but he loves a good challenge.
      ● Both: Food. They both eat like there's no tomorrow the moment something lands in front of them that they can trust. Seventeen years of small portions of the same few dishes will do that to you.
      ● Both: Nature in general, though they feel most at peace in different environments. For Iolana, this comes from a soul-deep sense of serenity, so she is most at ease in forests and at night. Ilani loves new sights, so anything different for him is exciting. They both also love animals, with the exception of horses.

      ● Iolana: Crowds, too much noise or loud noises, and following from that, people who talk too much. She's not very used to any of these things and gets overwhelmed easily, at which point she'll just block everything out completely, or even let Ilani handle it instead. On a lesser note, people who fidget too much also bother her. This includes Ilani.
      ● Iolana: Politically charged conversations. She gets uncomfortable whenever people discuss social issues in general because of her personal experiences and strong opinions on the matter, especially because she won't voice them out of a twisted sense of respect left over from living in the monastery.
      ● Ilani: People insulting Iolana. He can forgive people who think he's just a persona or a mask, but if someone really hurts her feelings they've got another thing coming. And Ilani's revenge is legendary.
      ● Ilani: Small spaces. Yep, he's claustrophobic.
      ● Iolana: People who don't clean up after themselves.
      ● Ilani: When people interrupt him while he's talking.
      ● Both: authority, corruption, and arrogance, as hypocritical as that may seem. Ilani gets very vocal and/or violent when he perceives injustice, though they're both a bit biased.

    • [​IMG]

    • History
      Iolana remembers nothing of her parents, only of the cluster of monasteries in which she was raised. The lowest of them is a beautiful little place near a cliff overlooking a small strip of sand. Her earliest memories are consumed by the distant crash of waves, the longing to feel the sand between her toes and the water at her ankles. But it's dangerous, nearly impossible to get down to the water's edge, and worse to get back up. So Iolana contents herself with watching and dreaming, spending her days collecting berries and flowers in the garden. Her peers bore her and she shuns them in favor of reading as much as she can about the rest of the world. She's still young enough to believe that the stars above the clouds of light must be more islands, floating in the sky

      At the age of six she dreams vividly of racing a white wolf through a dark forest, lightning crackling above, static alive on her skin, the taste of copper. This is what gets her into trouble with her caretakers for the first time—she runs, trying to remember the feeling of her feet never touching the ground, and the monastery she affectionately calls the cliff house disappears behind her. She gets lost in the forests higher up the mountain and cries. And then remembers how to get back, somehow, in a daze. The smell of marigolds leads her, and the first seeds of an imaginary friend, speaking to her, stemming her tears. Small comforts. She reads about how marigolds are a symbol of death and wonders whether she crossed the threshold of the afterlife and came back. The living world falls silent to her as she spends hours holed up in the library, reading about the lives of the dead and about the Kaleidos abilities. The people in her books are so much more interesting than the other children at the monastery, playing with their dolls and sticks. She starts asking her caretakers about them, the most they've ever heard her talk. When they don't give her the answers she wants, she makes them up.

      Then she starts dreaming of a wolf-headed boy who leads her along paths she's barely traveled. Flying in the sky, floating on the waves, immersed in the clouds of light. She wakes up with half a name on her lips and it haunts her, day after night after day, until she follows the stream up the mountain to the tower.

      "Ilani," she murmurs, ankle-deep in the water.

      "Ilani," he agrees. Thus he is named; thus there is a name for her restlessness, her wildness.

      He's teasing yet understanding, with an intuitive nature that at first unsettles her and then emboldens her. It's him who gravitates towards Suntsumei as a martial art. If she learns to fight, she might learn this Kaleidos thing, he says, so Iolana teaches herself what she can. She finds her footing and her fury and it scares and surprises her caretakers when one of their other wards comes crying because he refuses to admit a girl punched him in the face. She's quickly brought higher up the mountain, to the next level of the cluster, to be tamed and taught by the monks. She starts to wonder if her wildness is why she will never know her parents. Or maybe it's her inability to please the monks, who watch her with faces like the stones that line the courtyard. She can fight, they can fight, but she isn't ready. They send her back down the mountain.

      He remembers looking in the mirror and seeing her staring back at him, her eyes shining with tears, shame in the way her shoulders sag. "Don't cry," he whispers as he lifts a hand to wipe a tear away. In the mirror, Iolana's hand shakes. They both want to be free but Iolana is curious by nature, has the potential to learn and thrive in the monastery because she is more than her wildness. He curbs them both and trains harder and Kirupili comes down from the mountain, brings them up.

      He doesn't remember much of her training under Kirupili. Flashes, sometimes, of pain and of frustration. She spends months crying for simpler times, then at her own weakness, her inability to learn Kaleidos. Then the tears stop. Slowly, Iolana develops a sixth sense that opens his eyes and sets his instincts alight, and he start to slip into her bones as she trains, eager to experience the world as she does. She tells him his presence is like a weight, like someone else within her, wearing her skin. He tells her that her skin is too small for him to wear anyway, but he stays. They train together, and Iolana grows taller and stronger, and he doesn't feel swallowed up in pressure anymore, and she starts to get used to his weight as he shifts and tells her to look there, dodge this, duck that, counter, jab, strike, calm down.

      When they're fourteen they see the coast for the first time, the real coast, not just the strip of sand they can barely see when they look out of the window of the monastery (it's not a star, not an island in the sky, just another cliff house) that they spent so much time training to reach. Kirupili sees the curiosity in her eyes and he shows them the gambling dens, the brothels, the prisons. Iolana knows enough to be disgusted and afraid of the workings of the world, of humanity's need to enslave itself. She throws herself into her training with a fervor that aches with the desire to please, to achieve something, to be found worthy of any dream she's worth.

      And then... and then she comes. The Rogue. Black tattoos slide down her back and lift off of her skin into wings that look like prison bars. Iolana finds her unconscious at the stream and stares, transfixed, at the wings, silver shining in the sun. One wing is bent and beautiful and her breath catches. The Rogue is turned away from the monastery, so she brings her back to the tower to nurse her back to health. She teaches herself how to heal, reads through more shelves of books in the monastery library. Most of the other monks see her curiosity as her downfall. Kirupili just smiles wistfully in response.

      She, despite her body, is actually a he. His name is Jozue, and he tells her stories of the world obscured by the clouds of light. Of the feeling of flying, of MAGNA and its agents' misdeeds, of Captain Mezienne and the Rogues he calls his family. And of his powers, granted to him by his Moirae Card. Bladeblooded. He can turn parts of his body into metal, and the tattoos that previously marked him as a slave-prisoner now set him free. "Of course I managed to find the one Gondyr card that doesn't let me shape my body into what it should really be like," he says bitterly as Iolana wraps bindings around his chest, a Meihano custom. Iolana, in return, tells him about Meihano, about life at the monastery, about the restlessness and discontent and otherness in her soul. And Ilani speaks, too. Jozue doesn't completely understand, but he doesn't have to. It's enough for Ilani to know that someone else knows what it's like to be a stranger in the only body they've known. It's enough for Iolana to speak freely about how she feels without being told to forget, without being told not to be preoccupied with emotions. Iolana's training steadies now that she has a better place to vent, a place where she can be her true self.

      One day he stands up and stretches his arms. The tattoos on his back stiffen into bladed wings, and he extends a hand. "You're both unhappy here," he murmurs, and invites them to come with him. Ilani accepts without hesitation, runs before Iolana has time to doubt.

      Iolana struggles to fit in with the rest of the crew on the Golden Kite, of course. It takes some convincing on the captain's part to even allow her on board. They see her as strange, old-fashioned, a little lost child. And of course. She is only seventeen when she first joins them, and still foolish enough to be a little bit in love with the starry-eyed lookout in the crow's nest who dresses in boys' clothes. Even when Jozue slips into the mantle of "The Reaper's Scythe" and does unspeakable things, Iolana looks the light that creates his darkness. Ilani becomes bitter and disillusioned about the price of his relative freedom. They fight.

      And then Jozue decides to do something utterly moronic. He calls it "fueling the revolution." The captain calls it a good old prison break.

      "We're coming too," Iolana says immediately when Jozue tells them.

      Jozue smiles wistfully and reaches out to tuck a piece of stray hair behind her ear. "It's just Mezienne 'n' I that are going," he murmurs in reply.

      The Moirae users. Of course. It's too dangerous, then. And it's already been decided. She knows she can't change his mind; the prison break missions mean so much to him.

      She can hardly fall asleep, consumed with worry and Ilani's jaded words. She caves and finishes a sleeping draught after prayers to the Cardinals don't soothe her troubled soul.

      She wakes up in an unfamiliar inn bed with a note on the table that says in their code, "Be safe. Check for the boat in three days. Money in the bag."

      She checks. There's money in the bag. The boat isn't there. She waits for a month, takes work by the docks to watch. It's strange and awkward for her. It doesn't come back. Then, news of the bounty on their heads, claimed. Not just Jozue's, but Mezienne's, and Kelban's, and Mephata's. The whole crew of the Golden Kite.

      But she can't turn back now.

    • [​IMG]

    • Abilities
      Skills & Talents:
      - First and foremost, Iolana is a passionate herbalist and dedicated gardener. She's largely self-taught, and while she doesn't have a lot of experience, she's well-versed in a specific group of plants and their various uses, from medicinal poultices to more cosmetic effects. She spends a lot of her time experimenting with herbal concoctions and their combinations and has a small notebook filled with notes on her findings. A grimoire of sorts, if you will. She can identify plants by sight or scent and always has a few handkerchiefs on hand to wrap plant cuttings or herbal bundles in. (She also talks to her plants a lot, but she'll deny if it anyone catches her.)

    • - Ilani is one hell of an actor. Most of his practice comes from pretending to be Iolana whenever he's out, but he also has an impressive poker face when he sets his mind to it. He's the type to take full advantage of Iolana's appearance, playing the part of the naive child, the woman scorned, or the seductress to get what he wants. For this reason he's also great at bargaining and bluffing his way into and out of unpleasant situations when he can't punch his way out.

      Combat Abilities:

      Base Style:
      Suntsumei - Lumina

      Overview/Combat Personality/Equipment:
      Iolana is an efficient and defensive fighter, preferring to hang back and let her opponent wear themself out. She tends to use her Lumina ability rather passively in order to read her opponent's style and finish them with a single counter strike. She's rather fond of trip attacks and dual wields double-ended knives, and will often forgo taking advantage of a small mistake if she believes she can pressure her opponent into a bigger one. If possible, she'll aim to blind, disorient, and incapacitate rather than kill. Iolana is also capable of using various other weapons, such as a staff and a bow and arrow, but she doesn't like to.

      Ilani is much more straightforward and offensive, but also less efficient with his strikes. He's a scrappier, dirtier brawler and is more willing to take hits and take risks to strike hard. Unfortunately, this makes him rather easy to read―the challenge is then to counter his attacks. He prefers using tiger claw gloves and straight punches and is rather like a boxer in that regard. He'd be a wrestler if he knew enough moves, and if Iolana's body didn't limit him so much.

      Both Iolana and Ilani are aware of their surroundings and will often use this to their advantage. As Iolana relies on her speed, maneuverability, and stamina, which means she's more likely to backflip off of walls, swing off of rafters, slide on tables. Ilani is more likely to kick tables, pick up items and either throw them or use them as impromptu weapons, and use the environment around him as a shield.

      Both of them also relish in the chaos of a fight. When they're synced up, their arrogance is apparent in their flippancy and scathing remarks as they taunt their opponents with relish. It's practically impossible to faze them in a fight, and they have an extremely high pain tolerance, though their endurance and stamina is more suited to survival than fighting.

    That took, so long. Wow. I could definitely use feedback on this, ask me all the questions you need for clarification, etc. Playing a character with an alter ego this well-defined is a pretty ambitious idea and the first time I've tried to pull this off in a roleplay setting, so if it already looks like it's not going to work out, let me know and I can rehaul for a sorta-similar, sorta-different character.
  3. @alaska @Jakers am I too late or should I scrap and do a similar-but-less-complicated character?
  4. @the.complex-of-constellations - Alaska and I went through your sheet, and whilst we sympathize with the fact you lost your original CS, this current CS needs some work before we think we can accept Iolana/Ilani into the RP. We like the base concept, and there are some interesting pieces of writing within the CS, but right now we think she needs some revisions before we can understand her character and accept her into the cast.

    >Firstly, the CS has some formatting issues, which not only makes it a little hard to read, but it'll make it somewhat awkward for you to edit.

    >We feel like the history, whilst interesting, is a little too mysterious, with many things (such as her origin, or why she had enough natural talent at such an early age for monks to consider taking her on) being mostly unexplained. Also, with characters such as Jozue, there are parts where the he/she pronouns are mixed up which makes her/his/their character somewhat confusing to understand. Also, the explanation of Kirupili's character (as I assume he is a key part on how she managed to learn Suntsumei) is somewhat vague.

    >Having a Lumina Suntsumei is fine, but your wording of Iolana's Suntsumei makes it seem like Lumina is just an 'ability', rather than a whole fighting style. A Suntsumei is a whole style of fighting which, when the fighting style is properly achieved and mastered, the user will be able to access otherwordly powers (in the case of Lumina, the ability to read one's opponent). At the moment, the wording makes it seem like she's just able to use the 'read your opponent' part in combination with her own fighting style, which isn't really how Suntsumei works.

    >Also, to build on the Suntsumei bit, it's a little vague on how Iolana was suddenly able to master Suntsumei. How did she suddenly gain the enlightenment to learn such a complex thing after her failures to learn it? Her just 'suddenly awakening her abilities' feels a little out of nowhere, and needs to be explained a bit better.

    >The name of the MC Jozue has in the history, 'Bladeblooded', isn't a possible name for a Moriae Card. MC's should be named after existing songs/albums/artists (for example, how Stands in the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series work). Re-evaluate the R9 of the rules to see how MC naming works.

    >Having a dual personality is fine, but at the moment, we feel Iolani/Ilani personas were written in a somewhat confusing manner. When does Ilani's personality instead of Iolani's surface? Do they switch personalities at regular or random intervals? Does Iolani's entire body language and tone of voice undergo some sort of transformation when Ilani appears, or from the point of view of other characters, will it just look like it's Iolani acting different? We're fine with the concept, but at the moment it seems a little too vague to understand.

    If you're able to make the requested changes to the sheet, and are able to help us understand the things we're confused about her (as there might be some things we may have misunderstood), then we'd be happy to have her as part of the cast.
  5. Firstly, thanks for all the feedback. ^~^ That was a lot to type up and I'm really grateful for that. Of the things I hope to clarify/address directly:

    The formatting is weird and I'm not super sure why, so I might just post another version of the sheet and delete the previous one instead of editing it, if that's okay.

    Jozue is a trans guy and Iolana initially misgendered him, that's why there's that pronoun shift. The Moirae Card naming is my mistake and I'll definitely get to that.

    I definitely misunderstood Suntsumei. I initially thought Lumina and Kaleidos were separate fighting styles, rather than powers accessible through a single fighting style (is that right?). So I suppose for that section I can just go straight from base style to combat personality/equipment then?

    Ah, the personality switches between Iolana and Ilani are semi-voluntary in that they don't have to agree to switch. They can't rapidly switch back and forth (the cooldown time would be, oh, 3 or so hours?), and switching too many times (more Ilani would likely surface in any situation where Iolana wants to do something, but is wary or afraid of doing so. (Running away, starting a fight, bringing up certain topics in conversation, stuff like that.) He's kind of the antithesis of Iolana's impulse control, if that makes sense. And the switch would be obvious due to the pretty much all the reasons you listed, unless Ilani is impersonating Iolana for whatever reason.
  6. To clear up the Suntsumei thing (once again, I think I'll have to rework that in the future to make easier to understand):

    Suntsumei is the umbrella term for all three abilities. Suntsumei itself, you could say, is the ability to just be in sync with the world, and from that complete and utter balance, the three sub-categories are enable. Suntsumei itself is not a fighting style, in that sense, as it is possible for someone to master only Lumina (like your character), which is not an offensive tool, but of course a handy thing to have in a fight nonetheless.

    Basically, if your characters know Lumina, then they'll be able to dodge better, of course, but it's not a stand-alone fighting style. For your character, for example, her fighting style would revolve around the knives and how she utilizes them, while having the option to utilize Lumina for an advantage.
  7. I am in love with this. Give me a moment and I'll create a sheet asap (if youre still accepting).
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  8. Oh gosh, I'm so sorry for making you wait so long. I'll be accepting submissions eventually again, but the starting arc is currently filled to a level I'm happy with. If you're still interested once the initial arc is over, you're more than welcome!
  9. reserving if still accepting that is
  10. Yes, I'm completely fine with starting in the next arc! I'll be tweaking my character sheet until then. I'm almost finished with it, but I will post my character a little later. If it's no trouble, would I be able to communicate how to integrate him into the story when the second arc draws near?
  11. So can we be notified when the next arc might be, i got a hurricane headed to me tomorrow so i got some extra things to worry about.
  12. WIP (open)

    • Name







      22, MALE

      Date of Birth

      MARCH 24


      6'3 FT , 215 LB

      Home Island
      TARRANE (tah-rahn) ISLAND

      A large man made island curtained by a heavy smog and home to a dense population. Tarrane is the heart of MAGNA's arms industry of the Eastern Calm. Known for it's gray skies and callous industrial workers, the locals live a systematic life. As an island so heavily tied to MAGNA, the stakes of a raid are too high to attempt.
      Life on Tarrane is filled with hardship, sweat and poverty. Although there are many jobs available in the industry, the pay is incomparable to the work. Due to the large population, workers are easily replaced. Medical fees are costly, and doctors are scarce. Injuries are common and often lead to the inability to work. Death is overlooked as a common accident.
      Tarrane was once a small and uninhabited island, with copious amounts of vegetation. Centuries have passed since the government developed the island, and brought in workers from overpopulated lands looking for work. In present time, the land is too polluted to farm, and produce is brought in from trade.

    • Physical Appearance
      Zane stands with an air of confidence, his posture straight when relaxed. He's rugged and unkempt, with fading scars that map his body. His expression is often darkened by his bandanna, his glowering eyes adding to his intimidating appearance. The intensity of his draws attention, and many take his presence as a threat or challenge.

      In contrast to his dark features, his pale blue eyes are striking. On the occasion that Zane takes the time to shave and clean, he becomes easier to approach. His features are prominent and pleasing; possessing a strong jaw, nose, and thick brows and lips. Without the bandanna, his gaze is clear and bright.

      Zane appreciates simple attire, and is most often wearing a white t-shirt and black trousers tucked into his dark combat boots. He has either a bandanna or head band, and keeps a silver pendant tied to his neck. In colder climate he wears a long sleeve, and throws on a jacket and/or scarf. Although he doesn't have an interest in fashion, he takes a particular liking to aloha shirts as they add colour to his usual black and white attire.

    • Personality
      Zane is accustomed to taking care of himself, and will likely take independent action before others. Although he can be cold and callous, he's no stiff. He's rough, arrogant, but will not push away those that approach him. Rather, he's simple to become acquainted. Despite his irrational and quick temper, he is usually quite mellow and seeking peace. His state of mind is clear and concise, rarely clouded with grief or hesitation. Zane can be unexpectedly self aware, and admits to his faults. However he holds his own morals and interests in high regard, and will not go against himself to conform or please others.
      Since young, he had the urge to expand in all aspects- to see the world, to gain knowledge, to feel pain and grow. He puts his interests before others; yet he is compassionate and will risk himself for another's righteous beliefs. His adamant sense of loyalty is absolute, and will follow the one that can rein him. Zane appreciates wits and a sense of humor, sometimes unexpectedly playing along with antics.


      > A challenge. Zane is a natural thrill seeker, and loves to be engaged, especially when it benefits his growth or knowledge. He loves a good fight, gathering information and collecting books (especially those tied to medical practices).
      > Adventures to satisfy his wanderlust. He appreciates nature, particularity bodies of water. Swimming had always soothed him.
      > Fast learners and hard workers. He's naturally drawn to passionate souls, and smiles upon dreamers and the alike. As a craftsman himself, he is able to tell if one had put effort into their work.
      > Zane has a soft spot for kids, and is more likely to open up to youth for their innocence. However this doesn't restrict him from inflicting retribution among the bad eggs.


      > For various reasons- slackers and lags. He really doesn't have the patience for that type of shit. Zane also can't stand the wishy washy types that can't make up their god damn minds.
      > A systematic life that stays unchanging- he needs constant interaction with the world. He also thinks to hell with hierarchy.
      > Cruelty towards the defenseless.

    • Zane J. Esryn, The Beast.. or what they now call him- The Beast Killer.
      His first spark of fame was five years ago. It was when he exhausted his funds from his travels. It just wasn't enough to sell his crafts. He wasn't meant to be a simple merchant, but he needed the quick cash. So he took himself to The Grand Colosseum. As he demonstrated his brute way of battle, he became the crowd's most beloved and most hated. That was the first time his name was voiced by the mass.

      Zane doesn't do well with too much attention. Unfortunately he has an incredible pull about him that attracts very much of it. Especially from unpleasant crowds. Thus came the many challenges and threats. But god, once it started, he was all in. A bloody brute, they called him. A fucking beast. The moment he had enough to support himself, he left the Colosseum, but his new names had stuck.

      In present time, he still manages to find himself smack in the middle of troubling situations. He really tries to mind his own business, but there's always some wanted man on the loose ruining everyone's day. Then, well shit, he runs into quick tempered Zane and pisses him off too. It's no wonder they started calling him The Beast Killer, he's always attracting wanted men and handing their asses back to them. It can get bloody annoying, but Zane can't deny his urge to fight.

      It's not just bandits and pirates though, MAGNA had begun to draw their attention on Zane. He's never liked the idea of authority, but had never went out of bounds. I mean, its a good idea to keep his name clean. But sadly he's earned a nasty reputation as a villainous bounty hunter. At least he didn't have a bounty, but recently he's had some trouble with MAGNA...

      Who would have thought that The Harrald Ozarah would take a brat under his wing.
      So, what really is his story? Where did he come from and why is he such a fucking prick. Well... that'll come.

      Despite the brute stereotype, Zane is a smart individual. His photographic memory allows him to recall information, and learn at a extraordinary pace. It's an understatement to say he's a fast learner. Show him how to do something once, and he'll never forget.

      He's a doctor. A brilliant one at that, with immense medical knowledge. It's unexpected and shocking to most, but for most his life he learned from who he hatefully considers the best.

      As the son of a blacksmith, Zane is a talented artisan when it comes to artistic trades.

      With his physical prowess, Zane is exceptionally skilled when it comes to movement. He's ambidextrous and can easily outdo any circus act. But don't say that to him, he won't take it nice.

      more to come ....
  13. Hello everyone, both those that visit this thread for the first time as well as those who expressed interest before:

    I'm soon going to accept new submissions. I will start going over any submitted sheet on October 1st, but in any case, I'll be accepting up to four new people. If more people apply, I'll have to deny some, unfortunately, but I will definitely accept every sheet that meets my expectations if there are four or less submissions! You are completely free to do what you like in terms of characters, but I will say that you were captured by MAGNA recently, and that will be the key point to consider. How you got there is entirely up to you. You don't even really need to back that up to be honest, it can just be an accidental incarceration if you'd prefer.

    Happy writing, and I'll get back to any questions as soon as I can, starting tomorrow. :)
  14. Alrighty, 1st of October is here, so submissions get reviewed regularly now. Currently, four (4) spots are open for further characters to jump in. I'll be discussing the individual joining with every accepted character, so don't worry about how exactly you'll be entering!

    @Vinn Now would be an ideal time finish your sheet if you're still interested, and Jakers and I will get back to you as soon as possible once it's finished.
  15. I'll drop a sheet, although it'll take some time - gotta read some of the new stuff for this incarnation.
  16. Character Image! (open)

    • General:
      Ferendica, Poemi (born: Gabron, Aubameya)


      0[​IMG] (Merits)

      Quartermaster (and also self-styled tactician, to almost inevitably someone’s detriment).



      Date of Birth:
      Tenth of November



      Home Island:
      >> Born: Jaruud
      >> Raised: Grandhaven

      A temperate island, located somewhere in the median of Jaruud and Seagull Body, although perhaps closer to Jaruud, and closer to MAGNA scrutiny. Governed by bankocracy, Grandhaven is known for its riches, and its haughty noble class, who made their wealth exploiting the various rare types of sea-life (most of them being particularly fit for culinary delicacy) that only Grandhaven seemed to offer.

      A posh enough looking place, dotted with ivory tower and castle, it nonetheless has itself a little seedy underbelly. The class rift between Grandhaven nobles and the working class has lead to the formation of a Thieves Guild, a group of rapscallions who work ostensibly to shift the balance in favor of those who toil with sweat and blood.

    • [​IMG]

      Physical Appearance:
      Of average height and lithe proportion, Poemi is toned and responsive, carrying herself with a certain economy of emotion and catlike agility. Her skin is smooth and dark, and almost eerily unblemished. Blonde hair tinged almost silver is kempt in a shorter bob, with a spiked fringe offering a sort of incisive flair - remnants of her longer hair remain in the form of two braided longtails on either side. Her wide eyes are a bright orange, and she seems to be constantly beaming, although her gaze has a tendency to become unfocused. Has a tendency to smirk as opposed to smile, a closed-mouth symbol of vibrant mischief.

      Her expressions range from comfortably nonchalant to giddily joyous, and even her fits of anger tend to carry traces of good humor. Her gait is all too easy, with the flexibility of a house-animal jumping from shelf to shelf. One might say she never merely walks; she glides and dances.

      The key operative words to describe Poemi’s wardrobe are: long, flowing, and colorful. Much of what Poemi chooses to wear are meant to encapsulate freedom and enable comfortable movement. To that end, her pants are almost ridiculously baggy. She also tends to favor a long, open jacket - almost cape-like - to emulate the feeling of wings upon her back, and she prefers the freedom of an open and exposed midriff. Patterns are a particular fascination of Poemi’s. Pattern-wise, she favors designs of a floral nature, or representing some sort of animal - flowers to dinosaurs.

    • [​IMG]

      A live-wire through and through, Poemi cannot abide a life in stasis. Eclectic, esoteric, and above all, addicted to life in motion. Poemi has made many friends throughout her travels, and has forgotten about the same amount; she is frenetic, and therefore not particularly one for sentiment. She lives fast, and she lives with an infectious happiness and friendliness, yet it is only in very rare cases that she can ‘slow down’ enough to develop a true connection.

      At least, that may very well be a cursory introduction the Poemi Ferendica. Closer to some core truth about her, perhaps, is that she’s a nihilistic fuck who combats the idea of meaningless life with with her own brand of exorbitant whimsy painted unto the world.

      Strangely, she is remarkably silent for someone of the energetic firebrand archetype, preferring to win the day with actions - after all, nothing is so worthless as the sound of one’s own voice. Her vocal contributions typically are of the one-line varieties - an awful pun that springs to mind, or example - or some sort of ridiculous plan that’s tickled her fancy - these come after long periods of languid silence, upon which many often question as to why she exists in the first place. Her place in any social circle is somewhat feline-like, lingering, waiting from her perch, before suddenly erupting into something or another.

      Prone to a gripping imagination and an addiction to doing things in as round-about and complex a way as possible, Poemi wants to do things differently, even as the expense of effectiveness and efficiency (although it should be noted that the endangerment of innocents is always avoided). Combined with her live-wire personality, ‘freedom’ - even if it ultimately means little - plays some role of import in her life. Interestingly enough, this has not caused her to actively dislike MAGNA (although she certainly finds their cause hilariously wasteful), who are perhaps the direct diametric opposition. Indeed, Poemi’s theory is that, if this is some sort of story, they’re a fine recurring antagonist.

      ● When a good (read: terribly composed) plan (somehow) comes together.
      ● Awfully sad people.
      ● A good ol’ song and dance.
      ● Sweets.
      ● The antics of children.

      ● Order.
      ● Confinement and small spaces.
      ● Married couples frighten her.
      ● Self-important people.
      ● Not-sweet foods.

    • [​IMG]

      History: Moah Gabron had never intended to be a father - it was just one of those things the fates had decided. His sister had become deathly ill upon the birth of Aubemeya, and her husband - always of sad disposition to begin with - had embarked on a spice-ship and never returned. It had occurred to Moah Gabron, who was poor in a rich-less land, that he had little to offer, and no peace to give to his sister other than the promise. The promise that, yes, he would take care of little Aubemeya. That had given her peace to her last breath. Still, he was not such a great man that he could keep so difficult a promise.

      And so, Aubemeya Gabron, born of Jaruud, found herself stranded on a spice-ship, ostensibly never to return.

      Aubemeya Gabron, more accurately described as ‘nameless’, was eventually found and left somewhere in the marketplace of Grandhaven. Many noticed her, although none claimed her, until Pierre Ferendica, then Master-Hand of the Thieves Guild saw fit to take her in, dubbing her as Poemi Ferendica, his only daughter. A thief and a crook, yet with the drapings of some imagined honor and higher cause, it had been easy enough to raise Poemi as an reverent daughter, who aspired to become just like her father. Indeed, Poemi could snatch a beggar’s last coin from out under his nose by the time she was five.

      The Thieves Guild revered her in turn, for the Ferendica family was a great name to them. They had been one of the Historical founding families of Grandhaven, until an idealistic clash and betrayal lead to their loss of stature. Eventually, they became one of three founding families of the Thieves Guild. Still, the family dwindled over time, eventually desperately so, for Pierre had never bothered to start himself a family until he chanced upon lone Poemi. What Poemi came to learn, eventually, was that she was heir to a great position: Master-Hand of the Thieves Guild.

      What she realized even later, however, was that Pierre had intended for her to inherit a great role: assassin of Master-Coin Rocha, highest of the Grandhaven Nobles. Poemi, however, had known only of theft, not of killing, and could not reconcile the difference in her mind. When the time came for the Master-Coin to pass on into the next world, Poemi found that she was ill-suited to carry out the assassination. And so, in the assassination’s planning, she conjured up the most convoluted schemes she could possibly think of - involving, some recall, the procurement of fireworks and rubber ducks and the hiring of a legion of clowns, or something along those lines.

      It did not take long for Pierre to realize that Poemi’s intention was to sabotage the assassination at every turn. This did not agree with him for, like Moah Gabron, fatherhood had never been his intention. He had required a daughter, yes, to further the Ferendica name, to carve out the legacy but… he had no time to care for or nurture the soft heart of a child. He quickly discarded Poemi, and searched out another heir to fulfill the Ferendica family’s destiny.

      Poemi would leave Grandhaven, disenchanted with the ways of the world, yet with every intention to gleam some form of enjoyment from it. As it happened, something about hiring a legion of clowns for a faux-assassination had seemed mighty fun to her. And so she travelled, from island to island, subsisting off of what ridiculous joys she could derive from the world.

    • [​IMG]

      Skills & Talents:
      >>Thievery: While she self-styles herself as ‘Quartermaster’ and ‘Tactician’, her most effective function is almost certainly procurement. She is an exceptional thief and pickpocket for a myriad reasons; agility of both body and mind, a disarming personality, and a knack for misdirection.

      >>Planning: Would be an excellent strategist if she wasn’t so obsessed with needless complexity. Understands the core tenets of the greatest plans: knowing the big picture, playing to the strengths of each piece of the gang, an ability to adapt, and a high focus on communication.

      >>Song and Dance: They like the way she works it, no diggity. Although, to be fair, not particularly technically gifted, just has some natural ability.

      >>Flexible: Is flexible, almost to the point of contortionism, and has a knack for fitting into small places. Of course, as she has a loathing and fear for small places, this particular talent is only ever begrudgingly taken advantage of.

      Combat Abilities:
      Base Style:
      A lithe and incredibly quick specimen, Poemi’s combat style is evasive and centered on maneuverability as well as opportunism. All out power and potency is not a strength of Poemi’s, who therefore relies on an ability to position herself almost anywhere - thanks to her agility and acrobatic skill. Her movements are meant to be both defensive and offensive; to evade, while also placing herself in a position to seize victory.

      As said before, not a heavy-hitter. The source of Poemi’s danger is her Moirae Card, Hybrid Theory, which can be used to produce adaptable and versatile tools for combat. Poemi is also adept in the use of a large net. While the net can be effective in momentary subjugation, its primary purpose is to be used to supplement Hybrid Theory

      Hybrid Theory

      Hybrid Theory is an Urodicia class Moirae Card, black with some unfathomable design - the bottom half is recognizable enough as a half-circle, but the top half is composed of an intricate and fascinatingly large amount of tendrils haphazardly inscribed into a small area. Upon activation, the user’s left and right hand are blemished with images of dark tendrils that seem to move upon the skin. Its primary usage is why Poemi is titled as Quartermaster, although of a remarkably esoteric sort.

      Hybrid Theory’s main power is the ability to fuse two objects, the ones touched by left and right hand respectively at any given moment. The fusion of objects is able to create new ones entirely, capable of possessing all the capabilities of both constituent parts, or only those deemed desirable - in some cases new capabilities are created, gated by abstract interpretation and imagination. The manner in which the objects fuse is dictated by the user.

      Hybrid Theory is capable of using a living entity as one of the components, although it must be limited in sentience. A human being is essentially always unusable, although a bird or a dog, for example, can be. When this occurs, the product is irrevocably bound to and controlled by the user’s will. However, two living entities cannot be combined - when this is attempted, the result is some uncontrollable abomination that eventually disintegrates into nothingness.

      Example usages and further ‘rules’
      A rat is fused with some sort of explosive, creating a bomb that scurries discretely in rat form. (Rule: Products adhere to the smallest form. Rule(b): In many cases, this can reduce potency of certain constituent traits. For example, the explosive would likely be diminished due to the rat’s diminutive size.)

      An animal is fused with a building wall, creating a camera of sorts. Rule: In one of the few exceptions to the smaller form rule, Poemi is able to merge a living entity into a larger static, unmoving object.

      A dog is merged with a gun, creating a dog that can project bullets from its mouth, or perhaps move faster through gunpowder-power - the latter is an example of a new capability being created from abstract interpretation of gunpowder being equated to some fast, explosive power. Rule: It has been noted that the process seems to integrate the man-made into the biological system. In the above case, the gun-dog’s body can self-generate bullets, leading to infinite ammo.

      Rule: Poemi is able to maintain about six fusions at any given time. When a fusion expires, the product is enveloped in a dark cloud before separating into its constituent parts (blissfully, each component seems to end up unharmed).
      Rule: Poemi is able to pass off control of her fusions to someone else. The six fusion limit previously mentioned remains for Poemi.

      Combat Personality:
      For the most part, Poemi is languid, evasive, taking almost no initiative at all. When a stroke of inspiration hits, however, is when Poemi strikes, typically with some ungodly creation in hand.

      Poemi is capable of combat with a net. Primarily, however, the net is used to snag impromptu objects to fuse with Hybrid Theory.


      Anyways, her acquisition of the Moirae Card didn’t end up finding its way to her history section. The head-canon is basically the Thieves Guild found it, and funneled it into their little Ferendica heir.

  17. Posting my sheet here~ If you've got any comments or questions about Mina, please let me know! I've intentionally left important parts of her history out. If you need to be informed of what is missing Alaska or Jakers, just let me know~
  18. [​IMG]


    • General:




      (The crimes she thinks she is being blamed for are listed below)

      Due to:

      Destruction of Public Property

      Active Terrorism

      Grand Larceny

      First Degree Manslaughter (60 Counts)

      Illegal Possession of a Firearm

      Illegal Use of a Firearm







      Date of Birth:

      May 4th




      115 lbs.

      Home Island:


      Description of Ezart

      Ezart could be described as an entertainment island, which has a focus on entertainment that amusement parks provide. This island houses all of the performers, technicians, and some of the customers who are willing to spend a pretty penny on the extravagant hotel there. It is a more central island, and is slightly on the smaller side.

      Ezart has three main sections within it: the hotel, the circus, and the amusement park.

      The hotel is the second largest section on the island. The hotel contains a number of amenities that you would probably see in a five-star hotel, which includes a casino, an indoor spa, and a dining area which has interactive entertainment. The upper floors of the hotel house most residents on the island and people who pay extreme amounts of money to have an oversize suite. The residents normally all stay 5 to one oversized suite, fitting a number of them into what might be considered a small space. Customers are normally required to stay in the hotel for at least a night if they are planning to travel from another island to Ezart and then back.

      The circus is the smallest of the sections on the island, but that doesn’t mean it can’t pull a crowd as well as the others can. The circus is the main event every night on the island, which contains only the most talented circus performers. And for those that don’t quite make the cut, they get to be your entertaining concession salespeople!

      The amusement park is the largest section on the island and offers a large number of scary rides at affordable prices! This is what most people come to the island for.

    • [​IMG]


      Physical Appearance:

      Mina is a woman who has a smaller stature with a wiry frame. She is not someone who looks as though she could wield a heavy weapon, but her frame is deceiving. Her muscle is hidden, but with that said, she is not the strongest among people.

      It can be said that Mina’s face is slender and contains no flaws. Her face is one of her greatest benefactors when it comes to physical beauty, although she may disagree with that fact. Mina values her hair above all of her physical traits and this is definitely shown. Her hair is luscious and flowing, which allows it to sparkle when under the bright sun. At night, her hair practically radiates despite the darkness provided by a lack of sunlight.

      Her body contains no scars or impurities, except the occasional hidden mole.

      Do not bring up the mole on her thigh.


      Mina has a very unique style of dress, which is particularly characterized by her lack of protective clothing, bright colors, and her giant hats.

      Her lack of protective clothing is not because she believes she won’t be hit, but because of her background of being a circus performer.

      The bright colors that she wears are mostly to accentuate the bright color of her hair and give her hair a background to stand out in. Mira also just enjoys bright colors, since they seem to improve her mood and increase her visibility in crowds.

      Her giant hats are just because she likes giant hats. You have to have something unique about your fashion sense, don’t you?

    • [​IMG]



      Mina can be described as eccentric, creative, and sarcastic.

      Mina is eccentric because… Well… She’s always been that way. She doesn’t really abide by societal normalities, which is probably why she ended up being wanted by MAGNA. She is known for her ability to charm most anyone with her strange behavior though, as it is more comical than anything. She is able to make most people laugh with her strange antics and way of speaking.

      Mina is creative. She designs her own clothing and she has infinite amounts of inspiration to draw from her surroundings. Her allies may notice that she stares off into the distance for a while, which is quite normal for her. She’s probably drawing up a parfait that would match the theme of that wall with the bloody patterns on it. Mina also has a skewed view of combat, which makes her analyze small steps in a battle, rather than the larger picture of winning or losing.

      Sarcasm could be Mina’s middle name because she is as sarcastic as they come. This is what plays into portions of the humor that was described earlier. She can make most people laugh who are not the target of her terrible sarcasm.



      Making People Laugh

      Being Underestimated

      Scaring or “Entertaining” People



      People That Bore Her

      Flat Conversations


      Conventional Cooking

      Being Dirty

    • [​IMG]



      Mina Menagerie was born into a family of circus performers. From a very young age, she watched her parents swing on the trapeze as a team. They made the most excellent combination there and they loved it more than anything, possibly even more than each other.

      As she grew, Mina was taught how to do many circus tricks and how to engage an audience. She was taught how to draw attention and she was taught that there was nothing that could stop her from doing what she wanted to do. She was also taught a general education, while she was in training to become part of the circus show.

      When Mina was in her teenage years, she worked as a waitress in the hotel. She served people dinner while they watched the interactive show and she worked her hardest to become part of the show, as that was her first step to going into the circus show.

      Mina slowly worked her way up the chain until she was finally able to be in the circus show with her parents! She did not do the trapeze, as she was more skilled with floor routines and body contortions, but she was still very glad to be in the show with them. All was well for a long period of time, until her parents were no longer able to be in the show because their bodies simply were not functioning the same as they used to. This incident happened when Mina was about 22. Although her parents were still young, they had used their bodies so much that they were paying the ultimate price in their elderly years. Mina wanted so desperately for them to stay, but the money would come to be too much for them. Her parents had made plenty of money working in the circus, but staying on the island would be much too expensive for them. Mina’s parents were offered positions as trainers, but they declined as they wanted their daughter to have some time away from her parents. Mina’s parents decided to travel parts of the world as she continued to perform in the circus.

      Over the next year, Mina noticed that something was missing. It wasn’t the fact that her parents weren’t there, but without her parents to consistently engage her in the circus, she realized that there was no thrill to being in the circus anymore. Mina then enrolled herself in a combat class held by the janitor to expand the strength and capability of her body. This class was very small and held in the basement of the janitor's quarters. Although it was not a very difficult class, Mina seemed to be doing well. Then, after a few months, the teacher, whose name was Jonomi, stopped having students. Mina thought this was incredibly odd as Jonomi was an amiable person and taught with a lot of skill, pushing his students to do their best and be the best kind of opponent they could be. Jonomi approached her this specific day and offered to teach her privately, as he believed that Mina needed to learn more complicated techniques quicker than most. He was incredibly interested in teaching her from what she could tell, so she decided to take on his offer.

      For the next year, Mina underwent a number of intense lessons which detailed different takedown methods without the use of any kind of weapon. However, she was also taught how to handle a firearm. To Mina, this was a little scary considering she was only learning to do these kinds of things for her strength. She was doing this to make herself stronger and find more ways to create a circus act.

      After another year, her teacher extended her the offer to leave the circus and work with him. Mina immediately declined, as she loved working for the circus. Working as a janitor was not something she was interested in, but the more she thought about it... What if he wasn't asking her to be a janitor? What would she be doing? Out of curiosity, Mina went back to Jonomi once more and asked him what he specifically wanted her to do. Jonomi invited her to come along with him to see what kind of work she’d be doing.

      That night, Mina met Jonomi outside of his quarters. Jonomi was holding a white envelope, which contained a single piece of paper. It was an invitation into the security sector of the island. Mina was unsure that she was going to fit in there. Jonomi could sense this and introduced her to an older man in one of the private poker rooms on the casino floor of the hotel.

      The elderly man introduced himself as the true owner of the entire resort island. He told her that she had come recommended from an 'old friend of his' for the security program at the hotel. Was there such a thing? She had never heard of a security program. Frankly, she barely ever saw security. The elderly man explained to her that the security on the island was unique in the way that he liked to keep security interactions with the public to a minimum. In order for that to happen, the owner employed a system of people who were specifically trained to quickly handle any incidents that would happen on the island quickly and discreetly, without the public noticing. The process for recruitment was determined by Jonomi. It seemed Jonomi had a much more important role than just a janitor after all.

      Mina was then inducted into the security program, specifically working in the circus section of the island since she was most familiar with that area. She practiced takedown techniques, practiced body contortions, and worked on security cases every day for the next two years. However, one such case became so big that it jeopardized the entire island’s prosperity.

      Mina and a few other members of security were asked to investigate the dealings of a gun-running gang working inside some of the private poker rooms in the casino. This mission was to confirm the identity of the gang and then inform MAGNA once enough reconnaissance was done. Mina worked as the card dealer, as she had the most dexterous hands among any of the security officers. Mina drew herself attention by showing off her naturally beautiful hair and using her shining personality. She got the gang talking and received thorough information. When the gang seemed to be taking a small break, Mina excused herself from the table to contact her fellow officers that she had received enough information to incriminate them. When Mina went to contact the officer who was supposed to be outside the poker room, something was off. She opened the door slightly and noticed no one was there. Something was wrong. She needed to stay in the room for now. At least, that's what she thought before she heard three pairs of rushed footsteps heading toward the door.

      The three pairs of footsteps were MAGNA agents. As they entered the room, the gangsters pulled out guns, but they were quickly dispatched by a man who was sitting at the table. He did so without using a gun and make sure to keep everything quiet. Mina stood by the door for a moment before the man looked her square in the eye. He was ready for a confrontation.

      Mina quickly ran out the door. The three agents pursued her. Mina only knew this because she looked back. As she looked back, Mina could see Jonomi waving her goodbye with an ugly, evil smile on his face. He walked into the room with the planted MAGNA agent and used the numerous windows outside the hotel to make an efficient escape from the agents. Mina had a feeling if she left the hotel that there was going to be trouble.

      Mina tried to recall where the parachutes were kept. She hoped she could get into her room to grab her makeup and a wig. That would be all she needed. Everything else she needed could come from people off of the street.

      Eventually, she made it to her room and fooled the guards of her identity with a singular hat. One of her friends looked like her a little bit, but with shorter hair and was almost always seen wearing a hat. Mina mimicked her voice and got into the room with a little convincing. She quickly grabbed a short-haired brown wig and her makeup kit. She heard the sound of someone walk behind her and she quickly turned to find one of her roommates. They were holding a parachute for her.

      Needless to say, Mina escaped from the island using her makeup, clothing, body language, and voice to convince others that she was a different person. She escaped out the last ship leaving the island for the night. She was only able to get on the ship by becoming a stowaway, but it was a good enough getaway for her. As they sailed away, Mina was aware that she could probably never come back to the island again. Jonomi was most likely a traitor, as that evil grin was probably not a good sign. Even after he recruited her too? That was harsh.

      For the next year, Mina made it her mission to avoid going out into public. She couldn’t perform for the circus any longer. In order to keep herself busy because of her paranoia that she was being chased by MAGNA officers, she worked at a seafood restaurant that specialized in shrimp cuisine. In order to hide her appearance, she wore a larger hat, bought a number of brown wigs of varying lengths, and disguised herself using makeup techniques she had learned while she was in the circus. Over time, she even made herself look fatter using a fat suit she made for herself. She continued to make clothing that would suit her, but she would never wear it. She took on a whole new identity for a year, and on her 25th birthday, she decided she was going to travel around the world like her parents. Maybe she’d even find a place where she could be herself, rather than being paranoid.

    • [​IMG]


      Skills & Talents:



      Can Change Her Appearance Using Clothing and Makeup

      Acrobatic and Aerial Movement

      Making Clothing

      Dodging Questions She Doesn’t Want To Answer

      Combat Abilities:

      Base Style:

      Mina’s fighting style is very focused on her ability to grab someone’s attention. It’s a lot of taunting and luring. However, when she lures you in, that’s when she strikes. She does not run and she does not falter in her conviction to take you down. She strikes quickly, using her body as a conduit for her conviction. She specializes in fisticuffs combat and silent takedowns. She knows how to use a pistol, but she hates using it unless she absolutely has to. Mina mostly uses the two shortswords under her skirt for utility or if anything gets in her way.

      Combat Personality:

      Mina is as cocky as they come. She seems to be more of a circus act than an actual combatant when she is fighting. She quickly moves to dodge combatants and taunts them into coming after her. She flips around and makes the entire battle feel like a game. She enjoys reading her opponents as they get angrier, which normally makes them sloppier, making them easier to take out. Mina may not be a serious person, but combat is crucial to her. If she cannot overcome an opponent, then her shenanigans may end forever!


      Two shortswords (Hidden under the back of her skirt)

      A pistol (Hidden under the front of her skirt)

      Flash Bangs (x2) and Regular Grenades (x2) (Hidden underneath her hat)

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  19. @Shizuochan - So, me and alaska went over your sheet, and we both really like Poemi! However, we both agreed on a couple of things we want clarified first before we can officially accept her:

    >Within her history, why was Poemi - a new member - the one to be bestowed the Moriae Card within the Thieves Guild? Bear in mind Moriae Cards are very rare, and very hard to get a hold of, and Hybrid Theory seems like a particularly potent card that many would desire. Was it because she'd become a favorite in the guild/was more skilled than most, or something like that?

    >Despite Poemi's backstory of thievery high jinks, has she never been spotted doing stuff by MAGNA before, explaining her 0 bounty? If your plan was for her to be that good, you don't have to change this or anything. Just asking for clarification.

    >We like Hybrid Theory as a card, as it has the potential to be used for many creative applications and is versatile in a good way. However, can the 'incompatible disintegration' thing work on human targets, or does Hybrid Theory just not work at all on humans? If the former, we think that the ability to basically insta-gib two humans when she tries to fuse them is far too strong, even if it would be out of her character to ruthlessly kill like that.

    >Other than that, because this card is super versatile, we're going to trust that - whilst it can do a variety of crazy things - you won't do anything mega powerful with Hybrid Theory, as having something like 6 infinite ammo gun dogs (whilst the conditions to do so would be pretty obscure) at once would make her a force to be reckoned with.

    But yeah, we can definitely see Poemi getting accepted; we just wanted to check these things over with you.

    @★Under The Stars★ - Me and alaska are still looking over your sheet (in our timezones at present, we'll both be heading to bed after I post this) but expect a proper review to come tomorrow at some point!
  20. Thanks for the prompt reply!

    (on the potency note, I think I falsely assumed that one wouldn't be able to pre-decipher what a card did).

    She was favoured due to nepotism, being the adoptive daughter of the Guild's lead member, and the heir-apparent. She was skilled for her age, and certainly competent, although more promising than gifted, and probably wouldn't have gotten the card without that particular twist of fate.

    Actually, I didn't really think too hard on the bounty, and the 0 is really the rough equivalent of "I have no idea what I wanted here".

    If I had to justify a 0 it'd probably be that she was very discrete early on in her career (and also probably collaborated with more prominent thieves), and later on - following her departure from Grandhaven - probably engaged more so in ridiculously elaborate flight-of-fancy pranks over heists. I could also certainly go for a bounty, as I don't think her mental profile really allows for her to be hyper-effective savant-thief. (Although I'd probably want help with an apropos figure).

    Yeah, no humans at all. I don't know the inner workings of the cards enough, but in my head I bullshitted something to do with the soul LOL.

    A possible edit is, instead of disintegration, to just have them split into their separate pieces upon expiry/passage of time.

    Yeppers, powergaming doesn't really pique my interest. My inspiration here was (if you've ever watched it) B'Wana beast from Justice League Unlimited, who does cool things that could probably be more efficiently accomplished otherwise.

    Can make any alterations necessary for reassurance!