Lazy Dinner Meals

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  1. Today I decided that I wanted to eat pancakes. However, I woke up at around noon, and was too lazy to immediately go and start making food; so I decided to wait until dinner time. Currently, I'm eating my glorious stack of pancakes with accompanying bacon. Mmmm

    On a more lazy note, there have been times when I've toasted some bread, put cheese on it, and microwaved it for dinner. Insta-grilled cheese because I was too lazy to make anything else and was too lazy to actually grill it.

    I've also eaten cake for dinner before- and then again for dessert. My household family used to have this thing where whenever it was someones birthday they'd end up with three cakes; a vanilla for whoever was a sore thumb, and usually the two the birthday person couldn't pick between. So we'd have LOTS of cake leftover to eat...

    What are some crazy things you've eaten for dinner? Maybe not necessarily lazy, but some weird things you've decided was dinner worthy.
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  2. Chips and guac? O_O

    I don't know, I pretty much always eat cooked meals for dinner. Except for the occasional chips and guac party.
  3. Chips and cheese

    Apples. Lots of apples

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  4. Bread and hummus.
    When lazy, I just dip it in.

    Other times I just make toast and put a slice of cheese in between.
  5. Baked beans straight from the can, not even heated up or anything. Literally just cold baked beans straight from the can.

    Craziest dinner... Probably anything my father used to cook when we were little. I'm telling you, that man couldn't find his way around a kitchen even if he had a map and goddamn Gordon Ramsay.

    Though, the quorn chicken we used to get at school. Either that concoction, or the boiled fish. I couldn't even tell what kind of fish it was, it just splashed around in this watery sort of broth. I don't even know.

    On a brighter note, fishfingers and custard, along with vanilla ice cream and chips, that's hella nice.
  6. Laziest dinner meal? Probably when I just said fuck it and ate cereal from the bag.

  7. Scrambled eggs and toast. Waffles with the waffle maker. Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Once I didn't feel like really cooking so I threw some chicken and frozen broccoli in a frying pan with some garlic and butter and called it dinner. Surprisingly, my kids loved it. @_@
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  8. -Put chips in a bowl.

    -Sprinkle copious amounts of cheese on top.

    -Microwave for 1 min

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  9. Top Ramen... Probably not the best for a healthy "dinner" so to speak.
  10. i throw up some pasta in a pot and eat it right quick. takes like 5 minuntes.
  11. I misread this and thought it said bread and humans.
  12. Oh gosh no.
    I'm no cannibal.
  13. Peanut butter, jelly, bologna and cheese sand-which. Downing this beauty with some sour cream and cheddar chips and a drink of various substances.
  14. 8 Can Taco Soup
    • 1 can chicken breast
    • 1 can black beans
    • 1 can pinto beans
    • 1 can green enchilada sauce
    • 1 can rotel
    • 1 can cream of chicken
    • 1 can chicken broth
    • 1 can sweet corn

    Dump all ingredients into a pot and heat up.
    Top with tortilla strips, shredded cheese, sour cream.

    or worse COLD CORN IN A CAN
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  16. Holy shit, I'm not the only one who eats cold corn straight from the can?

    Topping that is probably frozen hotdogs, or an entire family-sized bag of frozen peas.
  17. I've occasionally just made a giant bowl of popcorn and some tea. It really does make a surprisingly good dinner.

    You actually ate fishfingers and custanrd?? O.O That's either true devotion to Doctor Who, or you have the obscure tastes of a Timelord.
  18. Frozen foods. You just put them in the oven and wait. Pizza rolls cook quickly in the microwave if you just don't care.
  19. I'm actually really picky with tastes I don't like. It's pretty good actually, if you fry the fishfingers so they're all crunchy and hot. XD
  20. Being a vegetarian, I think I'll pass on that one, thanks :p
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