Lazarus Girl?

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Heeeey. I'm just peering about, having checked in on AFTA a few weeks ago. I used to belong to MoonWings and was a super moderator and then an admin there for a while maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany moons ago. I'm just pokin' to see if any old faces are still around and to see if there are any roleplayers I want to steal or games I'd like to join. I hope I do see some veterans to share hilarious memories with.

It is Drac! I heard you'd return to the Nets! Welcome to the new lands we are conquering.... *koff* I mean, finding a connection with and pillaging... er... anyways, welcome to Iwaku!
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you have nay questions just ask and we can help you

*walks off into the shadow*
Welcome to Iwaku ;)
Let me know if you need any help ;D
It's a frog...I'm going to poke it. *Poke*
Herrow! ^_^
Welcome back to Iwaku! =P
*uses a flamethrower to torch the shadows*

dammit Ike! i just cleaned up the last shadows!
*Goes around hunting for the mandatory 5 posts before being able to enter the darn CBOX.*

Oh, yeah. Hi Drac. I trailed in right behind you. =D


*coughs* We now return you to your irregular programming...
I don't think I'll need more help now that Dia kindly activated my account. Thank you kindly. :3