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  1. In boredum.. haha got ya. But ya im bored And would like to get a good rp going. I know im making this post simple and short but.. oh well. I like to get to the point when searching

    Some ideas
    Im an unwilling slave of a master who owns a bar and rents his girls out

    Im hiking in he woods and find a lake.i take a dip and while im stripped down swimming a rapist finds me and steals my clothes veb hunts me over and over again

    And insert your idea below. Thats all I have for now. Worn out other rps.
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  2. Ello poppet
  3. The unwilling slave to a master who rents her out, looks good.
    I'll definitely rp that with you.
  4. Ya... I messaged back the other thread or we can start a new one
  5. I'd rather start new one. XD
  6. Kk np.. thread or pm.. ill start it pretty similar to the one I did but a few changes
  7. Didnt want to make a new one so I moved this one up
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