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  1. Irwin Mars sipped his red wine, the ice cubes clinking against the cylinder like glass as he placed it beside him on the table. His personal library was lit up with nothing but the fire place. He adjusted himself on the side of the couch and picked up the brown folder off the round wooden coffee table. He adjusted his glasses and groaned.
    "Veronica Trayborn, aged twenty four, working as a stripper at 'Dawson's Water Hole'." Irwin read to himself. "She took a man identified by several people as Clay Billings into the back room, and never returned. When the owner, Bill Dawson, came in to get her, he found her with her stomach cut wide open, dead on the couch. There was no sign of Billings." Irwin placed the file down in front of him and sighed. "It's such a shame there is nobody named Clay Billings who is still alive, and matches the picture".

    This is a mystery and a legal fiction styled roleplay. There will be mature themes as the story progresses. I'm looking for the killer, witnesses, and people who wouldn't mind going through horror, light to moderate smut, and death scenes.
  2. Chapter one
    A Meeting Most Foul
    Every lawyer, detective, cop, FBI agent or any law enforcer would know that the killed wouldn't return to the same bar he used to kill his first victim. Everybody was told to go to every major and minor club, bar and restaurant registered in the computers. They were all to be under cover, but needed a badge and a gun with them.
    Irwin Mars was sent to one of the worst clubs around. It was called "The Slime Ball". It was a biker bar, but still had some attractive women. Back at Dawson's he took pictures from the security camera of what the killer was said to look like. Not many of the others were smart enough to do this. Maybe about four or five others. Irwin walked over to the bar, sitting beside a large biker about six foot seven with a pretty hot girl grinding on his lap.
    'You are here to catch a killer, Irwin.' Irwin thought to himself and glared at the bartender who was glaring right back at him.
    (Anyone can take it from here, you can play anyone, it can be a biker, the bartender, a stripper, the killer, its alright if there is multiple killers, good for the story, you can even play as police officers or detectives.)
  3. Clay Billings...well, that used to be his name. He wouldn't need that one for awhile. For now he was Ronald Jennings, a down and out boxer. He smiled as he recalled the events of last night...the beautiful girl, the knife in his hand, the feel of her blood as it washed over his face and clothes. It really was quite a thrill.
    Still, much as he liked the water hole, he couldn't go back there..least not yet. He'd have to find someplace to lie low for awhile. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted the slime ball.

    He shrugged as he made his way towards the front door. Not his usual type of scene, but since the other was out of the question at this point, he figured he'd switch it up a little. Opening the door, he entered and made his way to the bar.
  4. Charles rushed to the door, getting behind the bar. "Dad! I'm working to night!" the young boy screamed from the bar. He was in his school uniform, shorts that stopped on the knee and the classic loafers. Charles looked over to the front door. "How can I help you?"
  5. Jennings glanced at the boy. He seemed quite young to be working in such an establishment, but who was he to argue? He strode over to the bar and waved the boy over.
    "Tell me kid, you know how to mix a Irish Trashcan?"
    If the kid did, he'd be impressed. Those were somewhat hard to make..not really asked for all that often.
  6. I watched the man at the bar. I had nothing else to do. The Slime Ball was dead at this time in the afternoon. I preferred to work at these hours. I wouldn't make so much money from tips, but I got enough money to get by and I didn't have to do much work. I was on edge the last few days. My aunt had been murdered on the back room of the Water Hole, and the killer had not yet been found. If he came to the Slime Ball at this hour, I would be the only girl working at this time. He could be the man standing at the bar right now. I took a drink of my poorly made cocktail and waited for more people to arrive. As scared as I was, I needs the money.
  7. As he waited for the boy to fix his drink he glanced around the bar. Not many people..this was good and bad for him at the same time. There were not many people who would associate him with clay billings...but then again, not many prospects for victims either. His eye caught the lovely young thing serving drinks.
    She looked so similar to the woman he murdered before and his appetite whetted. He wanted her for himself, to hear her screams of agony, to watch the life slowly leave her eyes.
    He turned away from her and kept his eyes on the bar. Needed to keep his impulses in check. That's how he stayed ahead of the cops. If he kept that up..he'd never get caught.

    Still, he felt his gaze lifting. Where's my damn drink? He waved the barmaid over. "Excuse me miss, but do you know where my drink is? I ordered it a little while ago and the serving boy hasn't made it yet."
  8. "here," Charles snarled, still with a happy voice. He gave him a suspicious look.
    "Planning on bringing her home?" he asked whilst making another drink.
  9. He could hear the subtle anger in the boys voice. He smirked as he took his drink. "Not sure yet..and sorry for the comment earlier. I should have been more patient with you."
    He took a sip and set the glass down. "Still, she is quite pretty. If she wants to go somewhere else, then i might. Otherwise, she'll find someone else to be with."
    He laughed as he took another drink.
  10. "...i wouldn't bother, almost everybody has a secret here." he said, glancing at him with his hazel eyes. Charles took off his embroidered school jacket to make work more easier. "What brings you here anyway?"
  11. He looked at the boy as he discarded his jacket. "That much is true my boy. Each one of us have some kind of secret. Just part of life i imagine. As for why i'm here..looking for possible work as well as relaxing and getting a drink."
    He smirked as he took a gulp of the drink, bringing the beverage down to less than half.
    "Figure I need to relax for awhile and came in here. By the way, what brings you here? I usually don't see kids your age working bars."
  12. "My dad owns this place. I get paid." he said mixing another drink. "nobody really minds that I'm young, if I'm honest." he said.
    Charles worked hard for the rest of the night, mixing drinks, chatting people up. " shift is over, if you want to find work you can work here if you want." he winked at him as he left the bar, and going up the stairs to his apartment. Charles looked back at the man. "What's your name?"
  13. Charles and the man seemed to hit it off. I think he's a sweet kid, others think he's annoying. The man gave me a strange look, excitement with a hint of madness. I admit, I tried to avoid him during the night. I was glad that Charles stepped in when I was called over. Still, in my curious nature, I wanted to find out more about the strange man.
  14. He shrugged. Figured his old man was the owner. No other reason why he would work in a place like this. He sat there for a while, listening to the conversation of the various patrons.
    Every now and then, he found his gaze shifting back to the woman. She was quite a sight.
    When the kid asked for his name, he shrugged nonchalantly. "Names Ronald Jennings..previous boxer."

    He finished his drink and glanced at the woman before standing and walking over to her. She piqued his curiosity and he wanted to know more. Was she a possibility...or a liability?
    Only one way to find out....
  15. I gripped the tray I was carrying as the man walked over to me. There was no way I would go back to being like my aunt, not until the case was solved. A barmaid job didn't earn me so much money, but it was safe. As the man walked over, I casually smoothed out my dress, not wanting to look poor and desperate, even though I basically was.
  16. He sat at the bar next to her.
    " to share a drink?" He liked this girl, but he had to determine what side of the scale she fit into.
    Was she a possibility.. a woman he could please, use and then kill..unless other situations arose? Or was she a liability...a hindrance in his overall plans and just better to murder here?

    He blinked as he waited for her answer. Depending on how she answered would determine his next move. It would decide what kind of hunt he would be going on.
  17. Sure. I mean, if he's paying. I can't afford drinks at my income. He looked like he had money, a stable lifestyle.
  18. "We're closing in about...a minute." Charles snarled looking at the clock. "I don't make drinks at this time." he said.
    Charles gave a glare at the man, but not in anger, more of excitement and curiosity.
    "my names Charles.Im in ninth grade, if you are wondering."
  19. "Thanks anyway" I said. Shame, I really felt like a drink. The strange man on top of my financial trouble and the sheath of my aunt was beginning to takes it toll.
  20. Charles bit his lip at the sight of this man. "I wonder if he's interested in ninth graders." Charles whispered to her.
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