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  1. I'm posting this thread for @Muna who recently had some pretty serious crayon stains in some clothes. I want to hear your best stain removing tactics.

    Aaaaand go!
  2. Dawn dish detergent! Seriously, that stuff is amazing for any type of oil/grease. Rub some Dawn, let it sit for a few hours, then throw it in the wash.

    There's also this cleaner called Awesome clean that you can find in most Dollar Stores. For $1 that shit is amazing. It has gotten rid of more stains in my carpets and clothes than I can count. Spray some on the stain, rub it a bit then throw it in the washer, and it almost always comes out.
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  3. Lol I should have guessed hot mama, Nydanna would post first XD

    Those are excellent suggestions! There's a remover that my grandma uses from the dollar store that seems to work well. It's called Soilove I think. I never thought of using Dawn though..
  4. I LOVE Awesome cleaner. I also tried pretty much everything under the sun for those crayon stains and they're doomed.
  5. With four kids, laundry is a career for me. =/

    I can also tell you that vinegar works for getting out a urine smell. Do a cycle with a cup full of vinegar then a regular wash, and you won't be able to smell anything afterwards. I learned that when we were crate training our dog. Also throwing in a few shakes of baking soda helps for extra smelly clothes, especially socks.

    Have you tried adding a bit of Borax in with your load too? Alone it doesn't do very much, but it you throw it in with your detergent it's great.
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  6. I accidentally spilt maple syrup one of my nicer shirts a while ago, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to get it out. I couldn't figure a way to get the stain out for the longest time, until eventually I accidentally tossed it in the burn pile.


    Fire works well.
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  7. Bloodstains!

    Fresh bloodstains (and most bodily fluids honestly, I use this trick during Shark Week sometimes) can be rinsed and then plunked in a bucket of cold water until laundry day; if there's not too much this will get it out most times! If there's more or it's kinda set, try putting hydrogen peroxide on it and letting it sit for a couple minutes before rinsing (again, cold water!!) and washing immediately. Peroxide can bleach colours though, so you want to watch what you use it on.

    Peroxide works on grass stains, too.

    Ink stains can be loosened or removed by treating them with hairspray or anything containing alcohol (ie: hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover) before laundering.

    Chalk, baking soda, basically any really dry powder will help a fresh grease stain. Apply and pat it down, then brush the crumbs off and launder. You can use this for wet stains on things like stuffed animals, mattresses, pillows, anything that you can't really get at the inside. Apply your dry solution of choice and press; use a vacuum too if it's a big item. Then launder. Stuffed animals and pillows should be dried on the 'fluff' or 'air dry' cycle. Favour cool temperatures especially for stuffies; they often have plastic or synthetic parts that can get melty under heat.

    Oh and there's so much shit for sweat, too. Peroxide works here (bodily fluid + you want something bleached back to a light colour = perfect) as well as white vinegar and a ton of other stuff. I even heard lemon juice which makes sense because it's a mild solvent like vinegar, but I haven't tried it.
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  8. I poured a bunch of perfume on my mom's white leather couch to take out pen ink. It worked quite well and everything smelled nice after.
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  9. Peroxide trick is something every period-having person should know. Though if it's super fresh, like "I just woke up in my own blood" fresh, hand-washing it in regular detergent works pretty well. Just make sure it's in cold water and you scrub gently but firmly. That's what I did just a week ago and it took the stains right out.
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  10. Not really a stain-removing hack but protecting your light coloured and favourite undies with a panty liner or cloth pad during shark week is a good way to save yourself some grief, too! Cloth liners and pads are super comfy and work just as well as disposables, and you don't have to buy new ones every month!
  11. Don't wear something to dinner you can't afford to spill anything on.

    That's what my family always said. But we've always been function over any kind of fashion.

    As a custodian I end up with plenty of bodily fluids on my garments. Rarely my own. Especially on my shorts and shoes, mostly because it's either stepped in or I wiped my hand on my leg. Like has been said before peroxide works incredibly well.
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    • Be at College.
    • Living in the dorms.
    • Do laundry downstairs, studying next to my machine cause I got nothing better to do.
    • Two girls come down, put clothes in machines, talking and laughing loudly.
    • Start fucking around with the coin-slot, pushing quarters in, and complaining loudly that it's not working.
    • Those two mess around with the machine for 20 minutes.
    • Turn to me and ask if I can help, that they think the machine is busted/not accepting money.
    • I say "OK", and and step towards the machine, ask them for their quarter.
    • Look at it, look at them, hand the quarter back to them and go back to my table.
    • "It's a Canadian quarter."
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