Laughing at Your Own Jokes

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Do you laugh at your own jokes?

  1. Yes, all the time.

  2. Yes, sometimes.

  3. Only if it's really funny.

  4. No, never.

  5. Never, and I hate people who do this.

  6. Fuck you Astaroth, your avatar is dumb. I don't even get it.

  7. I always laugh at my own jokes. You could say I... always get the last laugh. HURR HURR HURR.

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  1. Do you do this? Be honest.

    Is it okay to laugh at your own jokes? Do you find it off-putting when someone does this? If you laugh at your own jokes, do you only do it silently because you don't want to look like a tool?

    I have no shame, so I fully admit that I do this. For example, I can't look at my new avatar without at least smirking. If someone is enjoying themselves and it's not hurting anyone, who gives a shit? Obviously if someone is telling a joke it's because they also think it's funny.

    That said, there's a line somewhere where it becomes obnoxious. Which, to be fair, can be said for most things.
  2. Who else will?

  3. My boss do this all the time rofl.
  4. I think I'm funny. >:[
  5. I'm a national treasure. Of course I do.
  6. I'm fucking hilarious so of course I do.
  7. Sometimes I'm funny. So I occasionally giggle at them.
  8. I am fucking hilarious ! Of course I laugh at my own jokes.
  9. I laugh obnoxiously at my own jokes when I feel it serves, otherwise I keep a straight face. Rarely, I'll genuinely laugh because I just think what I'm saying is that funny.

    Also, I have, like, seven obnoxious laughs.
  10. I know I'm funny! So of course I do. :3

    Though I think there's also something important for people to remember.
    Humor is subjective, so what one persons find funny =/= what you find funny.

    So before someone start's going "I hate when people laugh at X cause it's so dull! >.<" just remember, no one's right or wrong, it's just that your styles don't match up.
  11. Its not that the joke is funny or not. Its that laughing at your own jokes is considered by some as annoying and obnoxius.
  12. All I can really say to that is "Hey, I like jokes. My joke was funny, I laugh at funny jokes".
  13. Gwazi stole my words >8(

    I'm an expressive person. If something's funny I laugh, and I wouldn't tell the joke if I didn't think it was funny.
  14. *Shakes fist angrily at the happy people*
  15. I don't need to. My kids find all of my jokes absolutely hilarious. >_> Or they're kissing ass.
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  16. If someone's laughing at my joke I laugh with them.

    What better bond is there than to share laughter?
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  17. If I don't laugh at my jokes no one will.
  18. look I am literally the funniest person I know. to remain silent would be a crime
  19. So in short, everyone's an egotistical piece of shit. Got it.
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