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  1. Lately I've been trying to get back in the "happening" here on Iwaku. Haven't really been role-playing like I use to and currently looking for a partner.

    Fallout 3/New Vegas <3 |||Always wanted to try this !!! |||
    Skyrim. <33 - A must.
    Open for other ideas as well. Don't be afraid to mention them.
    Pirates. Something with Pirates.
    Aliens. Of course. Got to have Aliens. :D
    Pokemon. :D

    If your interested please hit me up in PMs or on this thread so we can discuss a role play.

    These are thing I would like. Doesn't mean it has to be down to the point. Exception of number one though. x_x

    1. Be Literate(Good grammar and writing skills)
    2. Please SHARE YOUR IDEAS
    3. If you're straight forward with me and let me know if you're getting bored of the role-play. I won't bite. Probably. D:<
    4. I would like if my post are matched. Normally |||Don't trust that normally.||| I post 5 paragraphs. When I'm feeling really good its around 10-15. |||Not really sure.|||

    /n_n/*\n_n\ Come on in and don't be shy. Please~?
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  2. Hello, and welcome back. Sorry to jump in like this, but we don't allow libertine requests in the general forum, because both age groups can view the request. If you want, I'd be glad to move your whole interest check into the Libertine interest checks, or you can edit out the libertine requests and just leave the non-libertine ones in this thread. Let me know which you would prefer.

    Also, I would strongly recommend changing your avatar, as Iwaku does not allow libertine/full nudity pictures for avatars, and yours is definitely pushing the edge.
  3. You can move it and I gotcha
  4. There you go! :D Happy hunting!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.