Late Night RolePlayers?

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  1. Anyone else here find themselves with a lot of free time late at night/early in the morning? I'm looking for some people to start a roleplay with that fit my overnight schedual. I haven't seen a lot of activity going on during this timeframe but I figured I'd give a shout out and see if I could find anyone who I could RP with during my odd overnight shifts. :3

    EDIT: Specifically I'm online Mon-Fri from Midnight to 8AM. Central Time. Feel free to message me whenever your on during that time!
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  2. Since most people have different time zones, late night for them could be early morning for you. So if you want to find people that fits your schedule maybe you should write your timezone and around which times you are online in your timezone so that it will be easier for others to see if their times, either they are online in the morning, afternoon or evening, fits to your schedule. Or else someone can tell you they are online late at night, but because they are in the wrong time zone, they will still not be online at the same time as you. :)
  3. Thanks Red, I'll edit my post accordingly.
  4. If you're looking for someone to post at approximately the same times as you in a one on one, you could note similar information when you post a request. You can also get a feel for who is normally around when you are if you check the "who's online" list when you're around a few times.
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