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  1. Hello there! I'm looking for late night role players, people who are on around this time, usually.

    I live in Washington, and currently, it's 10:03pm for me. I'm usually sleeping until two or so in the afternoon, so I need people on around 3pm-3am, so that our replies can match up better.

    If anyone is close to my timezone, or is on around these times, that would be super cool!


    1- Literacy. I need a partner who is the same level as me. Which to me, means that you can use proper grammar, and punctuation, as well as spacing, and you know how to spell correctly, as well as use the correct versions of words.

    (Example; your and you're)

    2- Activity. I would prefer a partner who is quite active. I would love if someone could reply more than once a day, but I understand that isn't always possible, so I'll accept someone who can reply at least once every other day.

    (Example; You reply Monday, but not Tuesday, and then you reply again Wednesday)

    3- I appreciate a partner who loves to plot with me, as well as make oc bios. I have been getting a lot of unenthusiastic people when it comes to these things, and it just takes away from the whole spirit of the role play.

    4- Please let me know if you're bored of the role play, or if you simply want to quit. I would also appreciate it if you could let me know these things during planning as well- I hate having to send a message asking what happened. Please don't leave me hanging. In return, I won't leave you hanging.

    5- Although I would prefer someone 18+ in age, I'll accept people who are 16+. If you're younger than that, I just can't do a romance with you, I'm sorry.

    If you've read all this, please tell me your favorite color.

    Please note that I prefer to play female.
    (And I prefer to do M/F.)

    If asked, I may double, as long as you do, as well.

    I like to play my oc's, but when it comes to fandoms, I will always double as a canon if asked, if you will.

    I only do canon/oc for fandoms.

    ~Original Pairings~

    (A * next to a pairing means I'm more interested in this idea)


    Tall guy/Short girl*

    Rich girl/Poor boy



    Childhood friends

    All girls school

    All boys school

    MtF transgender/Boy*

    Artist Boarding school



    Arranged Marriage




    Punk/Prude or preppy type*

    Unplanned pregnancy



    (All of these will be canon/oc!)

    Harry Potter

    Percy Jackson


    Dragon Age

    Persona 3 & 4

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer (maybe)


    The Hobbit



    Fruits Basket

    Ouran High School Host Club

    Attack on Titan

    FMA: Brotherhood

    Walking Dead

    Beauty and the Beast

    Phantom of the Opera

    Alice in Wonderland

    Hunger Games

    I'm also open for celebrity role plays, and band romances, as well as dystopian type role plays, and horror.
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  2. I'll be up for a FxF Percy Jackson w/ canons o:
  3. I will be up for a Fruits Basket role play. Doubling, if you don't mind?

    I like pink.
  4. Sorry, I don't have any female crushes for PJ. :/

    Sure, doubling is fine!
  5. No I meant OCs with canons as side characters o:
  6. I only do canon/oc for fandoms. :x I'm so sorry!
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