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  1. So, it's 4AM, and I have nothing to do. What do I do? This. A greeting to all of you roleplayers out on this site. Now, I am a sixteen year old gamer girl who has been roleplaying since I was maybe twelve. If you look at my profile picture, you'll see that I'm a big fan of Pokemon. More specifically, Pokemon gijinkas. Human Pokemon are a big thing of mine, and I absolutely love roleplaying them as well as finding really good pictures of them. Now, off of that, I also play plenty of other games, including MMOs. My favorite games would be Pokemon(of course), Skyrim, Rift, League of Legends, and Minecraft. I'm an on-the-spot thinker. I gain most, if not all, of my roleplay and character ideas from pictures I find around the internet and/or save on my computer. Recently, I've been wanting to use this picture as my base for a roleplay.
    So, I think that's my greeting. You wanna greet me back, feel free to reply to me here. As for the roleplay idea, if you wanna hear about it, you should PM me. I know how to navigate from past forum experience, so don't worry about me not being able to find your message. Hello Iwaku!
  2. If I'm correct, that is a gijinka of Darkrai? Welcome, Dharc the sixteen-year-old gamer girl, to Iwaku, a land of methodical madness and dysfunctional organization! There are a few gijinka threads floating around, I believe. If you need anything, I always have freshly baked snack pastries and good advice!
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  3. Welcome to IWAKU Dharc.
  4. Thank you both for your welcome. And yes, this is a Darkrai gijinka. Darkrai is my favorite legendary, and Merlusa is an amazing gijinka artist.
  5. Welcome to Iwaku : )

    Now that you're a member here you'll ALWAYS have something to do at 4am...aside from sleep!