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  1. This is my late hello. I'm BloodMoon you can call me Blood if you like, doesn't really matter to much to me for the most part. So here are somethings to know about me.

    I'm an artist who loves to read, write, and roleplay. I feel like I'm constantly doing one of those things. I'm quite crazy though it doesn't always show. I also like animals cats in particular, and I own a cat. I hate school, peppers, and being cold.
  2. Hi there Bloodmoon! :D We're happy to have you with us!
  3. Diana you beat me!!!
    Anyway hello Bloodmoon!
  4. Thank you for the hellos!
  5. Welcome to Iwaku ^^
    Hope you enjoy your stay and find stories to your liking, they are both up down, left and right as well as behind us and infront of us ;)
  6. Hey Blood, I'm Shin. :)
    I only started on here last night/this morning, so I'm new too. :)

    Welcome to Iwaku. Hope you have a great time on here.
    What kinda art do you do?
  7. Hello to you too and thanks. I mostly do sketching and I draw comics which I plan on posting on the internet eventually. But right now only my friends and family read them. I like to draw my rp characters too.
  8. Aw, that's awesome. :)
    I made a few unfinished first pages of comics. Kinda. How long have you been doing art for?
  9. Hm, I'm not sure practically my whole life. I have a brother and a couple cousins who are really good. So I grew up watching them and I fell in love with it before I started. And now that I have I know I could never I've it up. It's how I express things a lot, which is good when I'm mad. So I don't start fights as often as I might other wise. :)
  10. Welcome to Iwaku, Bloodmoon!
  11. Whoa, that's cool. *.*

    I wish I could express stuff like that. But everytime I go to do something on my iPad or my drawing pad, I'm always asked to do something. Not all the time but usually when I have this really good idea so it's really annoying.

    Growing up in an art family sounds cool. :)
  12. Yeah, it's nice most days. I sit at home watching my siblings almost 24/7 so when they'd not trying to kill each other I can draw. Wish my brother would say more when I show him my art though. But usually all he says is it's nice.
  13. That's kinda sad that he doesn't say much. :\ But good that he said it was nice. :)
    What kinda style do you do again?

    I grew up watching my brother play games on his laptop. I always enjoyed it. :)
  14. Welcome to Iwaku. I'm a few weeks new as well. I've had a blast here so far, so many different avenues to be creative. I look forward to seeing your art.
  15. I mostly do sketches, though my over all style is pretty cartoony. I used to watch one of my other brothers play games. Not on the laptop because he hates people hanging over his shoulders. But stuff like the wii, or one of the play station consoles he didn't mind being watched on.

    Hello, and welcome to you too then I guess. Thanks, I look forward to getting it on here and showing it.
  16. Aw, yuh, what kinda cartoony style? :)

    I also watched him on different consoles as well. But mainly just his laptop and the playstation 2 back in the day.
  17. Uh style, I draw fantasy stuff a lot. Could you be more specific about what you mean by style?

  18. Diana beats everyone!

    Welcome to the community, BloodMoon! Lemme know if you're looking for RP of my caliber. I always enjoy new faces. XD
  19. Hey there~ I love art too, I'm actually working on a manga :) nice to have you on the site
  20. I am looking for an rp yes. It seems we have pretty similar tastes. I really like fantasy rps. Thank you for the welcome.

    That's cool. And thank you.
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