Late Arrival

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  1. Well... my ticket to stamped wrong, got put on the wrong train. Then they tried to fly me back but put me on a 1 by 2 seat from Alaska then I only met my partner by accident on another forum after this chaotic trip and... >.> forget it, it's too hard to explain.

    Anyway... These little introduction things are a bit odd for me. I'm not very social (Drew can attest to that 'cause he has to live with it) and even going on chats are a bit stressful for whatever reason. (I've got to be in the mood to socialize... this is one of those times so if this rambles on, it's because I'm in an "upper".)

    In regards to writing and RPing, I've been doing both for a very long time. RPing before high school and writing really took off during high school. My writing style is... well, evolving and hopefully for the better. I write anything that comes to mind. Now weither it gets finished or not, that's a different story. My main method I used for a long time to express myself was Japanese style poetry where everything was syllable locked. The strictness is what I found therapeutic and I really enjoyed (and still do) writing that style.

    Currently I write mainly short poems that are primarily free style. A lot of my other work is flash fiction (1000 words or less with a complete story arc) while another portion is, admittedly, not exactly G rated short stories. The genres I write within are broad ranging from the philosophical to adult to science fiction to historical to essay. Whatever grabs my attention and I can complete an emotional thought about, I'll write about it. I have the curse, however, that the longer the work the more likely it is going to be that it won't be finished. The amount of books I've started that have several hundred pages completed and proofed is... well, largely disappointing at somewhere around 15.

    In any case. RPing... Started out rather simply with expanding Nintendo 64 games like Zelda 64 into real life, but my old friends and I expanded Final Fantasy 7 into real life with the Materia system, etc. That developed into D&D 3rd edition and AD&D. (I suddenly feel like I'm giving my curriculum vitae! >.>) My first experience with forum RP was with when it was DOT NET and not DOT TK... Ever since then I've either done forum based or chat based roleplays with a lean toward chat as of late. (For more thorough and detail oriented roleplays, my medium of choice is forum, pawsdown.)

    Ummm... Any personal details you can just ask and if I don't feel like answering then I won't! Not all that shy when the medium is text. Not 100% sure how often I'll be on but I'm hoping this'll help me in a few ways -- a medicine of sorts.


  2. *Hugs* You joined at long last. Welcome and have a cookie or two or ten. :)

    Have fun see the sites, click the clicks and link the links to this and that. Its fun here. Like Ive told you before Diana has made a wonderful site. I love Iwaku and you will too.
  3. *waves frantically at Drew's victim*
  4. Oh, it's a Drewbie kidnap victim! One of our favorite types of newbies.
    Hello and welcome to the site - sorry about the train/plane tickets. Taking EMP Zombies and putting them to work for the airlines probably wasn't the best of our ideas, but we make do.
    Take a look around, of course, I'm sure Drew will happily help you find things you'll like but you can't go wrong with taking a peek at Community 101 and Community Hub for finding out what's going on around the site.

    Good to meet you, hope you have fun!
  5. Heyo! Welcome! Hope to see you around!
  6. Hope to see you around in this ever growing community!