Last Word of the Sentence

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  1. You take the LAST word of the sentence and make a new sentence.

    EXAMPLE: A possum plays dead by the road.

    The Result:

    Road warriors will eat your soul.
  2. souls are my favorite meal of the day.
  3. Days are the tabs of life.

    (don't ask, I have no clue.))
  4. life will make you die
  5. Die by the hands of this panda bear.
  6. bear is not the same as beer
  7. Beer is something odd looking.
  8. Looking cute is an understatement.
  9. Understatement is you being a great servant.
  10. Servant is what I'm proud to be.
  11. Be careful because it's not easy being a servant someone like me.
  12. Me is an awesome person because me is just awesome
  13. Awsome is the slightest definiton for you. :D
  14. You are absolutely right
  15. Right minded people are for those who are left so I guess I'm in the right mind!
  16. Mind over matter is an awsome piece of advice! >:3
  17. Advice is something that you should never brush off and act think it's not there. Be wise and think carefully of what are you doing.
  18. Doing is the key to survival! I WILL SURVIVE >:O
  19. Survive is easy I do it everyday. CX
  20. Everyday I'm shufflin CX
    -starts dancing-
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.