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Last Train Home


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Name: Kendra Walters
Age: 23
Height: 5'6"


Name: Taryn Wittings
Height: 5'4"
Age: 21


Kendra didn't really recall how long or how far she'd traveled. All she knew was that she had to get as far away from New York as possible. By hitchhiking or using the public transit as many times as she could, it didn't matter where she ended up. She just had to get away from the Brooklyn Saints. In the beginning, she adored the gang. The Saints were family. A family she never had, knew, or ever experienced. Whenever she was in trouble, they were there bail her out. Whenever she needed a fix, they gave it to her. Whenever she was hungry, she'd do a job - simple conning, stealing, and shake ups - and fill her stomach. Everything was going so well until Capo died. Vic took over and everything went to hell from there. She messed up. It was either run or get killed. She was more partial towards the first.

Using a good amount of the cash, she'd taken from the Saints, Kendra somehow found herself in Baltimore. Walking along the streets, she was wearing black, fitted jeans, knee high boots, a grey tank top, and a faded blue skater's hoodie. It was in the colder season. Clearly she wasn't dressed for the weather whatsoever. Other than the clothes, her ID, a backpack of a few essentials, and the cash she stole, Kendra arrived in this city with nothing. Moving from place to place, her time in the Saints taught her how to be tough. Rough folks up that tried to do so to her.

Feeling her stomach churn and growl, Kendra needed food. The brunette still had enough left over to pay for it, but the cash was finite. She needed to save it for when it was truly needed. Funny how everything ran on silly pieces of green paper. Eyeing a convenience store, Kendra chuckled as she walked in. She ran away from the gang life only to carry on her criminal behavior. How deliciously ironic.

Feeling the air conditioning as she walked in, Kendra nodded to the cashier. Quickly making her way into the aisle, Kendra stared at a few choices. There were so many things she could choose from. Ideally, she'd go for the hot dogs, but that'd be far to obvious. The thought of hot food though. Kendra tried to shake the thoughts from her mind, but it was too late. She imagined the dog layered in relish, ketchup, and mustard. That was her idea of a perfect meal. She'd miss New York solely because of the dogs. Delicious, unhealthy things.

Finally coming to stop before the bags of beef jerky, Kendra noticed a girl - a raven haired short girl - sneak something into her pockets. Kendra rolled her eyes as she deftly pocketed the beef jerky into her hoodies pocket while checking her phone. Looking around, nobody seemed to be coming for her as she reached out and grabbed the girl's arm. "Outside," she said as she dragged the girl towards the entrance. Seeing the cashier, she waved at him. "Have a nice day."

When they got outside, Kendra kept on walking with the girl in tow. When they were a few blocks away, she brought the girl into an alleyway. Kendra let go. Her amethyst eyes stared at the stranger. "When you steal, you do it quickly. Mix in an activity. Checking your phone, scratching an itch, looking in your purse, whatever. You don't just stuff it in your bag or pocket," Kendra said. She had absolutely no idea why she gave a damn about the stranger. Chances were the girl was just trying to walk on the edge. Stupid - not that Kendra had any right to judge. "Keep that in mind next time you try to slip something out."

Opening her beef jerky bag, Kendra popped a piece into her mouth as she chewed very slowly. She'd have to make this last. "Doing this for fun? Get caught, and you're screwed," she said before shouldering her backpack higher on her back. "Whatever. Good luck if you do it again. You'll need it."

Turning on her heels, Kendra started to slowly make her way out of the alleyway. She had to keep moving and find a place to hunker down for the night. The girl remained in her thoughts. What a cutie she thought to herself. It'd be a shame if she was admitted to the slammer. Kendra had a feeling she wouldn't last a week there. Shrugging to herself, she expelled the thought. It wasn't her problem. There were bigger things to worry about than a stranger.​
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Taryn wasn't sure how they caught up to her, she had been doing such a good job of staying hidden until now. After who knows how long they had finally found her and the girl was ready to walk into their hands. She was tired of running from the people she used to call friends. Looking down at her palm she eyed the small scar at the center. There was a time that the memory of the incision brought Taryn peace, now it just reminded her that she didn't have a home anymore.

It all started in Atlanta when she got a blue envelope in the mail, of course her parents didn't understand but they gave it to her anyway. The front was simply labelled Taryn Wittings. Strange thing was, her address as well as the return address were missing which inquired that whoever sent it, delivered it themselves. Being young at the time she didn't think much of it and opened it anyway. Inside the navy envelope was three separate cards and another smaller envelope. Each card had a time on one side and a location on the other. Curious she decided to open up the smaller envelope. This was a 1" by 1" piece of paper that read in all caps: COME ALONE.
When she received it she had been so desperate to get away from her family that she went. That had been a mistake.

She didn't want to run anymore, she was tired of being alone. She felt her stomach grumble and gave a groan of defeat as she wandered to a convenience store. This was a regular routine of hers, and without any money to sustain herself she had gotten good at the dirty deed but today she was out of it. Memories of her past were flooding her head with pain causing her to be careless. She stepped inside and rushed into an isle. She slid her pack off her shoulder and began stuffing it with snacks and jerky. She grabbed some soda just as the door creaked open. Sighing she was about to leave when she saw a pair of tight leather fingerless gloves. She sucked her lips in thought before just grabbing them quickly and shoving them nonchalantly into her pocket. She eyed the cashier and grinned when she saw that they didn't notice. Just about to leave, she smiled when suddenly someone grabbed her by the arm.

She growled seeming flustered as she was pulled outside. Taryn started trying to pull away but have up pretty much after the the first block. This was it, she was gonna get caught by a brunette woman with muscles and a tattoo. She didn't recognize her so she couldn't have been from back home but what did she want? The woman pulled her into an alleyway and finally released her only to start lecturing her on how to steal correctly without getting caught.

She furrowed her brows and frowned at the girl. She started with her voice raised as the brunette spun on her heel to leave, "You wanna talk to me about getting caught? I don't even have a life, as far as the rest of the world is concerned I died 7 years ago. You think I care if a woman at a convenient store catches me? You think I would be doing this for fun? Trust me, I don't need your pointers. I doubt you've been doing this longer than me anyway." Taryn cleared her throat and rolled her eyes as she pulled the tags off of the gloves. She slipped them on and smiled when the scar became no longer visible. Her stomach growled once again calling to the food in her pack. It was time to head back to her makeshift hideout. She was leaving tomorrow so she she needed to get her stuff together. With that she turned on her heel and wandered towards what she called home.

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Kendra merely chuckled when she heard the woman's retort. She had half a mind to turn around and give the girl hell, but why waste the effort? She wasn't going to see the girl again, and the less attention she could bring to herself the better. While her callousness had kept her alive in a number of situations, the importance of having friends on the streets was something Kendra couldn't completely discount. What if the girl wasn't some chick trying to get her fill of an adrenaline rush? What if she was in the same situation as her? On the run. Kendra shook her head. The chances of that were so astronomically small, she'd have a better chance hooking up with some sugar daddy. She wasn't adverse to sex if everything else was provided. Well, that was a lie. Kendra had standards. A rarity for gang members she supposed.

Taking another piece of beef jerky and placing it in her mouth, Kendra savored the meat as she took in her surroundings. In the distance, she could see a train yard of sorts with a bridge going over. It was as good as place as any. Ideally, happening across an abandoned building would've been a dream. Finding one would be hard though. She was in Baltimore for Christ sakes. City probably utilized every square inch that it could. Kendra would bet the rest of her beef jerky that she'd be underneath some sort of bridge or congregating at the harbors. Crossing the streets while ignoring the predatory gazes of some really questionable persons, Kendra made her way to the train yard. One step at a time she told herself.


Darkness had set in. Like she expected, Kendra was huddled underneath a bridge - a train bridge. Several other homeless were scattered about as well, which she kept a very steady eye on. Her step up wasn't that bad however. Taking some soft material she procured from a nearby dumpster, she had a pretty comfortable bed. Taking some warming to at first, Ted, Mark, June, and Marty let her join their little fire pit. While it certainly couldn't compete with a house, Kendra was glad for the company. With her temporary quarters for the night and somewhat interesting company, things could've been worse.

"What I'm tryin' to say, here, June, is why this young girl's on the streets?" Marty said as he spat into the fire. "I ain't opposed to some pretty ladies, but ... no offense Kendra, but shouldn't you be in school or somethin'?"

Kendra shrugged. "Never had the chance. Got involved with some bad people, and I had to get the hell out of dodge," she said. "School's too expensive too. Students loans? Fuck that."

"Better than being out on the streets," Mark said. "If it weren't for my company going up in--"

"Not this story again," Marty said. "By god, it's the same old thing day in day out!"

Kendra stood there silently as she listened to the argument. Sighing to herself, she put her hands in her pockets. "I'm going for a walk. Take my bedding, I'll find you, and I'll hurt you. Clear?"

The others all nodded as Kendra slung her backpack more securely on her shoulders. Heading off in no direction in particular, she just wanted to be alone. Without the Saints, Kendra didn't have anyone left. Her parents disappeared while she knew nothing about her relatives. The girl from earlier popped into her head. Was she as alone as her?

Kendra laughed as she rounded a pillar. Speak of the devil. Unsure if the woman from earlier saw her or not, Kendra made sure to approach so the woman saw her. While she highly doubted it, she didn't want to get shot or stabbed. Who knew what people carried?

"On the streets too? You just want the full immersive experience don't you?" Kendra asked as she walked a bit closer. She stopped a few feet away as her eyes studied the other woman. "I may've been a bit rude earlier. Sorry. I'm Kendra, if you'd like to know. So ... you're out on the streets too?"​