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  1. What's the last thing you googled? No matter how embarrassing, bizarre, or completely average it was. Just post it here and let your fellow members be amazed.

    Last thing I googled was "snakes in hats". I need to keep myself amused somehow.
  2. cute fantasy anime girl black hair purple eyes

    I was looking for a character.
  3. Nepotism.

    I completely blanked on what it meant.
  4. "busy bees silversun pickups lyrics meaning"

    Yeah, I like that song.
  5. Sleeping puppies.
    I needed to "aw".
  6. "Cracked"

    America's last news site.
  7. "Tritagonist define"

    because I was pretty sure it wasn't a word.

    Turns out it's a term for a character who's like, three ranks down from being the lead role O.o
  8. "against the ruurs"

    Because something was indeed against the ruurs.
  9. "ESO Armor"

    I don't have the game, but was really curious as to what the armour and costumes looked like now the game's been out a while. I'd love to get the game, but I really don't want to download and 80 gig game.
  10. How to install drivers side rear tail lamp circuit board.
  11. bad jokes

    and it was totally worth it.
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  12. "Iwaku"

    It's how I got online.
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  13. Constitution Memorial Day' observed

    It was something I read somewhere else, so I copied it wholesale to google it.
  14. "black people"

    I had to get an image of them for Ser K+ in the "Black Girls rock" thread to show him that black black people and not just brown people actually exist.
  15. I was trying to see what I googled before then because I couldn't remember.

    And now it is what I googled last.



    There you go.

    BUT it did tell me what I googled last before that which was

    And I remember why. I was watching M*A*S*H, Frank Burns said that and attributed it to both Mussolini and Napoleon. I wanted to know if it was a real quote or if he was being a ninny-wafer.
  16. You could have just checked browser history. :P
  17. Yeah but then I'd get distracted with porn which didn't require googling.
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  18. "Were Ground Sloths hermaphrodites?" Gotta love Iwaku.
  19. Grant Thompson King of Random
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