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I don't know if anyone will ever read this, and if anyone ever sees this if they'll unserstabd it. I'm reaving two copies, This is the first typed out as a normal report. I'll set it to broadcast on a loop and maybe, just maybe someone down there will get this. If there is anyone down there.

Its a strange thought that I'm the last living member of my species and will soon me dead. Its been four weeks since it hapened, three since I saw another human face. The others up here becided to take a walk, I see them somwtimes, still now though so far away maybe I just wish to see them, that I'm now completely alone silhoetted against the surface, or the sun, a star going dark momenteraly. Delow me there is only firem not even the land is left and i'll never know how many times I've circled the earth since the meteor hit, I sometimes envy those who died instantly down there.

I don't have much air left, I feel fient, I'll end this now, the second copy will be written in the clinical white wall, mankind's final message. The final broadcast of the ISS.