Last Poster Wins: Day of the Damned

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-walks past the chaos into the lead-
Hi Misuki
-continues to walk-
A guy... ...
*hits with oak and passes him with misuki in my arms*
-rubs his head-
Yeah, tell me about it.
(BTW I've posted Misuki :3)
-walks up to red and gives her a hug-

*How can it be kidnapping when you are my wife?* xD
(I just posted that's why it took me so long to post here. X))

*Misuki pats Ninja's head and goes to Red*

Hey you might be my wife doesn't mean you can't kidnap me and at least it wasn't as bad as the first time I joined. EVERYONE kidnap me in EVERY post.
I wont allow anyone else to kidnap you from now on ^^ okay chrona can kidnap you, because she is my wife.. and if I say no.. then she maybe gets angry.. don't want an angry wifey xD
That's right angry a wife is like angry God and you have to pay Hell for it to. ^^

*Hugs Red*
Gosh, why did I get two wifes o.O
*Looks at misuki*
Oh yeah that's why :D
*Cuddles into neck*

I have school tomorrow so I will only be able to post in the evenings now. T.T
okay :o when I start school at tuesday then I wont be able to post at all for two weeks. AND I'M GOING TO DIE BECAUSE OF THAT o.O
I know what you mean and you'll miss ssooo much to. T.T
Aww, I think I missed Aira-chan for the day. D:

At least I get to say Hello to you, Angel! Even though I won't really be around much, not until way later.


I'm apparently invited last minute to go mini golfing in some glow in the dark indoor course.
Sorry it took so long to post had a rp but anyways.


*Hugs Hiro sister like*

Your back I missed you!
My wife won't be on for two weeks? Dx *dies*

And to answer your question on the first page Hiro, I could tell by the way you typed that you were a hopeless romantic type. Then I saw your post about you calling yourself that and I was like "I was right~!"

*Hugs Kid and kisses her cheek*

Welcome back and Good Morning!
I'm back again. Didn't win the mini golf game. I came close though, lost by 3 points.

*Hugs Angel back* Sorry for leaving everyone alone all day.

Red won't be on at all for two weeks? Man, that sucks D:
Thanks Chrona. How is everything?
Pretty good I guess. I'm designing shirts for me to wear right now.
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