Last Poster Wins: Day of the Damned

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...I really should have seen that coming. I am my own worst enemy.
confess it, you love the pain hiro-kun :D
The closet is calling for you tenchi-roku :D
I think even if we team up against Red, it wouldn't do any good. She can swing trees around like baseball bats.
*pats tenchi-rokus head gently*
Don't worry, it will just hurt a litle bit ^^
I can bat them like that because I'm a twilight vampire without the sparkles xD mohahhah
Edward and Bella sucks, but volturi rules xD
I have to agree, it does suck.
yeah, Volturi..and all that shit...
-tries to sneak away from red-
Well, I like it xD
*Takes up the fir tree again*
Wanna play? :D
-sees the tree and gets into the closet-
please be gentle :'(
Hiro you get in to ^^
*Grabs him and pulls him in to the closet and closes the door.*
I'm thinking happy thoughts all the time :D
Not open for further replies.