Last Poster Wins: Day of the Damned

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By the way Red. A hopeless romantic can't just be a punching bag. Hiro should become our friend, that sometimes gets hit by you.
Hahha Well I just said that I concidered him as my friend xD I don't punch people I don't like ^^
I'm glad to have someone take my side in this other than myself. I also can't really think of a more influential person to understand where I'm coming from and get Red to maybe cut back from hitting me as often as she does than Red's first wife. So thank you ^^;

You're surprisingly accurate with that description of me. I'm not sure if that makes you an excellent judge of character or if you saw one of the posts where I called myself a hopeless romantic.
My wife is abandoning me o.O
I don't see it that way. I'm not asking you to stop hitting me completely, I know that's pretty much your thing with the guys you spend time with and I don't mind it sometimes. And feel free to hit me as much as you want when I actually do something stupid or mean. I'll deserve it.
But when you do something stupid then I need to use my flamethrower on you :D I can only hit you when I'm not mad at you^^
*Laughs at the mentioning of the flamethrower to mask his terror*

Fair enough.
*hopes he will do something stupid* ^^
*Misuki appears sleeping on the ground a soft smile on her face*
Honeeey :D *hugs*
I have gotten the universe for you ^^ Just as I promised :D
*Misuki still half asleep as she rubber a her eye with an innocent smile as she hugged Red*

Good Morning and thank you I will always keep it with me.

*Misuki took the universe gently in her hands and put it somewhere unknown*
*hugs misuki back*

Hmm.. didn't know that you could hold the universe in one hand :o Well you learn something new every day ^^
But Red I'm Misuki of course I can! And I misses you a lot and it seems I misses Hiro and Kid.

*Misuki face hanged low*

I wanted to see them.
Well, chrona needed to go somewhere and hiro had work to do :o
I know but at least I can spend some time with you!

*Hugs Red again*
And we can have yuri time in privacy now when no one is here ;)
*Misuki chuckles*

Another time I just woke up and it's 12:27pm. O_o I slept for a long time.
... I slept longer than you :D 12.33 ^^mohahhaha but I went to bed 4 in the morning ...
*sighs* really? you two never know when to quit do you. Lol poor Hiro-kun =(
What have I done? :o
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