Last Poster Wins: Day of the Damned

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Whomever gets the last post in this thread after 10 pages (before a mod closes it) WINS A LIFE SUPPLY OF JINX BOTS.

p.s. Staff can't win. Sucks to be you!
MOhahhahah I won the universe :D and it shall be given to misuki, because I promised ^^
Oh! XD That's why I missed it. I found the other one by looking for the bit 'Reckoning' part of the name. Plus, you played everything XP so I couldn't tell it apart from the others in terms of posters either.

This prize will be mine X3
Hhahah no this prize is sooooo mine xD you suck to much to get it xD even sylvir said so ^^
I know I won't get the prize. I'm just here to be with my wife.
Naaaw :D I will give you the prize when I win, I promise ^^

btw hiro-kun, now when Ed has left us :''( You will take his place as my punchbag forever :D
I'm mostly here to hang out, get acquainted with people who stop by and waste time in between RP posts. The prize is a nice bonus, that's all.
I miss Ed already...Even though I have his phone number and we text each other...
I don't know how I feel about being somebody's replacement. Especially one you guys seem to know quite well.
You at least can text him :o I can't do that >-< Baka Ed!
Know him well? I knew him for a month or something like that over iwaku and then he disappeard for some month and now he returned just to tell us he would quit xD so I don't know him better than I know you xD
Really? The way you talked about him I assumed you knew him here longer than that.

I still don't like the idea of being a replacement, though.
but butbubutbutbutbutbutbutbut who should I hit with a tuna and a oak if Ed isn't here and I can't do it on you? :o
I became friends with Ed when he first joined the site. I know him a little more than Red does, since we've talked a lot. He's actually depressed right now and wants a break from this. But sadly I think he won't be coming back.
uh :o poor Ed
Then I guess our group rp is screwed
I never said you couldn't. I don't particularly enjoy that you do it, especially when I didn't do anything to deserve it ^^; but you seem to need to do it to somebody... And since you don't hit other girls and I'm really the only guy that's here regularly, I guess that leaves me as the only option. I don't want to be in the shadow of someone I haven't met, that's all.
Well I have to leave to catch my bus soon. In about five minutes anyway.
Bye bye sweetie *kisses Chrona* have a safe trip ^^

So I can hit you with an oak? :D
I can't believe I'm going to say this...


But I guess so. Since it means so much to you. Can I at least be a little more than the residential punching bag?
*waves goodbye to Chrona as she leaves* T-T

But hiro-kun :o I wouldn't use you as my punching bag if I didn't like you :) you're my friend ^^ I use all my guy friends as punching bags :D
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