Last Post Wins: The Reckoning

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  1. You know I'm not the last person to post! Hu hur
  2. Yay! I'm not kidnap yet! C:
  3. Yay, I'm not on fire!!
  4. looks like I win :'D
  5. *Walks around looking out for kidnappers.*
  6. *Just stands around doing nothing*
  7. Angelic? Why do you always want tobe kidnapped? >.>
  8. Because she doesn't have a choice so she have just learned to like whats happening xD moahhah

    *kidnapps angelic*
    YAY I did it first :D
  9. *Claps* Yay~ Good for you.
  10. *runs with angelic to the winning point*
  11. I don't want to be kidnap it's just that everyone does it. ;-; That's why I was looking out for them to avoid them but it seems to failed.
  12. *gets shot out of a cannon... into win!*
  13. *Hits chen with a oak, HELL YEAH A FUCKING OAK, which dashes him back to the start point*
    MOHAHHAHAH *runs with angelic to the finnish line*
  14. *teler-ports into win*

  15. *runs in the speed of light in to the win*
  16. *Currently riding on the back of Red*
    We are going to win this right?
  17. Ofc we are ^^
    Or I will win, but you will come second ;)
  18. I don't mind either or as long I'm with you. ^^
  19. o.O
    *chills running down my spine*
    Ehheheheheh... I need to go
    *runs away*
  20. Damn she runs fast I wasn't finished speaking. 'because it's good to have a friend with you' Oh well.
    *Walks taking her time*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.