{Last Outlaw, Lexie} Broken Bones and Broken Men

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  1. October 7th, 1934

    Chuck Harvey lifted another bag of pourable cement into the wheel barrel so it could be hauled away.He took a minute to gather himself before continuing on. He grabbed the next bag of cement and tossed it into a new and empty wheel barrel.

    "What happened to me?" he asked himself as he doubled over and put his hands on his knees and took in a couple of deep breaths and thought the situation he was in. It had been five years since he suffered a concussion that forced him to quit the sport he loved. He had began working the docks in 1930, bringing home a meager $10 a day to support his wife Ava and their two children, fourteen year old Megan and eight year old Desmond.

    Just as he was about to get back to work, a whistle blew, signaling the end of a exhaustive fourteen hour shift. Chuck grabbed his coat and fedora, stopped by Frank's office to collect his pay for the day and trudged home, snow starting to fall from the sky.
  2. Ava Harvey sat quietly in the rocking chair on the front porch, watching Megan and Desmond play. She remembered the stew on the stove and smiled as she cautiously stood up, noticing it start to snow a bit. Her husband, Chuck, would be home fairly soon.

    "Megan, Desmond! Come inside, dinner is almost ready," she called as she moved back inside, heading straight to the kitchen. They happily walked inside and ran upstairs in order to wash up. Ava noticed the snow come down a bit harder as she stirred the stew, looking at the pieces of meat, potatoes, and vegetables in the red tomato-based liquid.
  3. Chuck was trudging through what now was a fall on blizzard. He could hardly see in front of him as made his way back home. Downtown boxing was completely covered in the white stuff and it continued to come down. Chuck trudged down a side and into the residential end of East Boston. He kept walking until he arrived back home and shuffled inside, too tired to say hello.
  4. Ava smiled and looked up as she heard the door open, seeing Chuck walk in seemingly tired. She decided to remain silent as she fixed the bowls of dinner and sat them on the table just as the two kids came running back down, each hugging Chuck at once. They ran to the table, each taking their respective seats, Ava doing the same.
  5. Chuck pulled out his chair and sat down at the table and took his fedora. He looked up at his family and gave them a weak smile. "So how was everyone's day? I heard that a big storm is gonna hit Boston here the next few days, gonna dump a whole lot of snow on us." He said
  6. "Seems as though it's already started," Ava said with a light smile as she lookout the living room window. She room another bite as she listened to Desmond and Megan talk about their day.
  7. Chuck nodded in agreement when Ava said the storm was already in Boston, he took a few bits of the stew while listening to his daughter Megan talk about some new Type of shoes called sneakers. When she asked Chuck if he could but some for her, he just gave her the look and she quite bugging him about it.

    Later that Night

    Chuck was doing the dishes when the lights went out...again. "Dammit! Ava!" He shouted into the pitch blackness, "I thought you told that slimy bastard McVay that I would pay the bill, when I got enough money. What the hell did that f***in leprechaun say?" He asked as he felt through the darkness towards the living room.
  8. "What he always says! About how he has a family he needs to feed and so on and so forth. He gave us until tomorrow but that was it!" Ava said as she tried to look around. She frowned in the darkness and sat down on the couch, unable to give their children a bath right now
  9. Chuck growled in frustration as he opened the closet door and pulled out a few candles. He light one and set it on the coffee table and sat down on the couch. Right next to his, "This is ridiculous, what kind of man am I if I can't even keep my own house lit?" he asked Ava.
  10. Ava looked at her husband and gave a sad smile. "Don't worry. Everything is going to be alright," she said softly with more confidence than she felt. She leaned over and wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug before kissing his cheek gently.
  11. Chuck smiled when his wife gave him a kiss. "Thanks Darlin." Chuck leaned back and rubbed his face. He then turned to his wife. "Remember the first time we met? I was just starting out in boxing and my first fight was in Chicago. I remember after the fight. I went out to that restaurant you worked at, What was it called again? "O'Malley's" or something like that?" Chuck shrugged and continued, "Anyways, you where waiting my table, and you came out and spilled my soup on me cause you were distracted by my good looks." Chuck said with a charming grin.
  12. Ava smiled nervously and laughed softly as she looked at him. "I'm not gonna deny the distraction," she said with a smile. She laid her head on his shoulder. "And you nearly screamed because the heat...that or either I just intimidated you that much," she added and giggled as she closed her eyes.
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