POSTING GAME Last One to Post Wins Volume 3

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  1. “I was trying to seduce you.”

    “Oh, please, I was seducing you.”

    “I hope no one was trying to seduce anyone while I was about to be lobotomised!”
  2. Jingle jangle
  3. No Jingle Jangle. "
  4. Whaaat

    What about... Jangle jingle
  5. That sounds like a yes c;
  6. Well, it's me thinking actually.
  7. Did you mean: Jingle and Jangle
  8. What the hell is that?
  9. I think those are elves from the uncanny valley.
  10. Huh. Weird..
  11. Sounds... Odd.

    Rocks are very homely, don't ya know?