POSTING GAME Last One to Post Wins Volume 3

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  1. O vO I'm still going to kill those devil spawns and make a nice stew for you. Should I accompany them with a nice red wine or just beer? Mmmh, decisions, decisions...
  2. WHat? Sorry not sorry, they look too delicious. xD
  3. I could say the same about you...
  4. O-O okay... Kinky...
  5. Oh my god xD


    Leave the poor babies alone though
  6. So, should I take a shower from now on using spices as soap? Maybe using that thing that tenders the meat as well, so I could be more delicious?
  7. Technically, you can't call these things "babies" because they are not human. So, please, stop it. That won't stop me from hunt them down for dinner.
  8. Wait. When did only humans have babies?
  9. Well, then... Looks like somebody skipped its Biology class...
  10. I will call them whatever I please, thank you very much.

    If I wish to call them babies, I will. If I want to call them, i don’t know... A vegetable, for example.. Then I’ll do that too
  11. Oh dear. Lots happened recently it seems. o.o;
  12. Oh, okay. Relax, Shinku. People can have different opi-
    EXCUUUUSE ME!!! But, you are wrong, sir. There are names that refer to the "babies" that animals have. For example, if a cow has a calf, a dog has a pup, a cat has a cub, etc. So, I do not accept this bullshit!!!
  13. Let's just put the tables back...

    ┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)

    ┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)

    There we go....

    I think....
  14. Those poor tables.

    I will call them what I want! Screw you.

    Babies, kittens, rabbits. It’s all the same. Blah
  15. That is what we call splitting hairs.

    In other words, let's not.


  16. Ha, alrighty then
  17. Onward to victory!!