Last of us (Elorwin & Lady Sandra)

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  1. Raven carefully scanned the overrun city that lay before her, it was the strange mix of the civil order that had once been an impressive city but nature was showing its true strength, as if to prove that nothing man could do was lasting every building and structure was covered in layers of green growth. The bird song filled the air with an illusion of calm and normalcy but she was still cautious, although the creatures that inhabited the world, the infected, rarely came into such open spaces she was not about to take any risks. Flicking one long ebony braid back over her shoulder Raven cautiously made her way from beneath the concrete overhang she had been sheltering under and stood upon the high bluff looking around. The wind whipped her hair around like it had a life of its own and the feathers she wore around her neck seemed to whistle in the wind. Besides the wind not a single creature moved and she cursed her luck, no infected was good but no animals meant no food.

    Food and other supplies was a very real issue in Ravens life, since it had been so many years since humanity had been sent back into the dark ages most of what was left from the time before had long since been used or salvaged. What she had now was what she found for herself, but luckily in that way nature did provide. With the lack of human threat in the danger zones animals were abundant, deer and rabbits roamed freely but there was always the worry of wild dogs and once Raven had seen a large brown bear, she had steered well clear of him.

    For today however it seemed that she would have to move onto another location as she could see nothing here. Leaping down the gentle slope she rode it to the bottom in one swift motion, adrenaline flooding her system at the thrill, continuing the motion at the bottom she charged forward into the loping gate she used to cover long distances with minimal effort. For an hour or more she moved until the late afternoon sun beamed down upon her with a fierce intensity, stopping to rest for a moment Raven glared up at the sun as though its hot rays were intentionally trying to make this harder for her. Panting slightly she glanced around and was thankful to find a fast moving stream just ahead. Moving water meant it was fresh or as fresh as it could be and with a grateful sigh she swooped down up on. Gulping down the water in a couple of mouthfuls and splashing another handful on her face Raven felt a small measure of refreshment return to her although it had been nearly two days since her last meal and she was beginning to feel the effects.

    Again brushing the locks of midnight hair from azure eyes Raven glanced around and with a slight jolt of surprise to her right she saw the formidable walls of one of the safe zones. Although it was some distance to her she could make out the small figures that prowled the wall tops and the multitude of weapons and defences in place. She watched it for a few minutes as she remembered with a faint pang the life within the safe zones, although still not pretty or easy there was company and some form of order. Then to her left the soft thuds of a herd of deer leaping along gained her attention more fully than the distant wall, this area was more of a plain than previous but there was still plenty of places to hide. Moving into position Raven prepared for the hunt.
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  2. "I will find you two and I will get my revenge." Nari said before she left the Safe zone for the first time without anyone else, just her all by her own. Now one three days later, she didn't found them both, but she didn't want to give up yet.

    Soon she didn't know where she is, never saw these streets, nor the buildings. "Where the fuck am I?" She asked herself and looked around further, trying to get anything that could help her, but she also needed to be careful because of the mutants. For now at least it seemed like no one was there.

    She walked along another street and when she reached the end of the road, she looked to the left and right. Her eyes thicken when she saw it. On the left side was something that looked like another safe zone. She smiled and wanted to go to that place. She looked one more time to the right. This time something caught her eye.

    A bit closer then the safe zone she saw someone or something moving. "W-was that a human?" She moved closer and saw someone with black hair, moving away. Nari followed her quietly as she then hit a bottle with her shoe which rolled away. Nari looked up if the person had heard that or not.
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