Last Man Standing

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    Last Man Standing is a Science Fiction story, based around a concept I had for a novella I wrote. Its not space bound, and it doesn't have flying cars like the Jetsons. Its Earthbound and deals with a lot of issues we deal with today. The issue that this story focuses on, is human genome manipulation and rather its sanctified to create a lifeform with the intent to bring it harm, put it in harms way and generally make a soldier out of this artificially created being. It also deals with the issue, what if that life form became 'aware' of its surrounding, what if it became aware that it was killing and being injured for a test or simply for warfare dominance.

    What I am looking for
    1. I'm looking for a partner that can playing an intriguing investigative journalist. Male or female. If its female, we should discuss if it should have romance and or even more mature content. If its male thats fine as well.
    2. They will be investigating a company called "Armitech". I have a lot more to say on this so get in touch if you are interested.
    3. I'd really prefer someone who can write multiple paragraphs and put stories together. So that's really a must have here.
    4. As far as frequency, I'm okay with every other night if it suits your schedule, I know we are all busy here.
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