Last Man Standing

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  1. [​IMG]The wind was slghtly heavy making the trees sway back in forth like they were in their own little tune. The cars were either abandonded on broken down. Smoke was comming out of some of them. The windows to some of the houses were broken and the doors kicked in as if there was a force of entry. The world wasn't the same for the people that were trying to survive. The police fore is now corrupt an oly looking out for themselves leaving many people to fend for themsleves. The streets are quiet most of the times but at night thats when most people come out and kill, steal, and take whatever they can get.

    Dallas was just trying to survive with the small items that he had in his backpack. Because winter was comming he knew that he'd have to look around for a heavier jacker or much better a coat. Opening his backpack he pulled out his flashlight and then counted how much food he had left. Damn this will only last 3 days. Taking a deep breath he zipped up his backpack and flug it over his shoulder. He needed some bandages and first aid and some more water if hewas going to make it atleast another week.

    Being that it was getting dark outside and most of the street lights have been knocked out he needed his flash light to find his way around but he also knew that it was bad because it drew attention. Dallas gripped the blade that he had under his shirt and took a few steps before heading into a convience store and searching through its conteints
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    At first everything was just a common quiet life, boring and obnoxious, an empty shell of fake lives
    walking around the globe with no true destination for him, no true meaning, nothing.
    Then one day everything changed, civilization as they knew it had ended and now it was an eternal war
    of everyone agaisn't everyone, each street dangerous, each human being dangerous.
    Leonel had had it with his common boring life six years ago, and when the apocalypse came,
    h didn't even know what to do but to grab his father's weapon, a change of clothes, food
    and begin to travel aimlessly and lonely, looking for a way to remain alive no matter what.

    At the time nightfall was coming, and it wasn't safe to just be strolling around like a common dog,
    he knew cannibalism took place in certain places, and that everyone would kill for the little food he had left,
    he tied his hair in a low level and put on his red jacket, which had black fur on the hood, he hated those colors,
    they called for attention but he couldn't wear anything else, winter was coming,
    and it was a bad idea to remain unprotected.

    He got up to his feet and began walking away from his hiding spot in the back of a freezer in the convenience store,
    he had seen it get wipe clean before, but from experience he knew anyone would enter looking
    for medical or food supplies, he put his rifle behind on his back and began walking,
    but then he heard footsteps and was able to catch a glimpse of another person going inside,
    he gasped, grew in a defensive position holding his rifle, and hid behind a shelve, staring at
    the stranger who had just entered, just waiting for any hostility signs.
  3. Dallas thogught that the store would have held atleast some more medical suplpies but he knew that as many people were ingured and hurt, people were bound to take them. As he moved around he looked for anything he could get his hands on. Surprisingly he found two bandage wraps and gauze. As he continued searching he found two snack bars and a bottle of slightly clod water. A smile and sigh of relif swept his face as he shoved the watter bottle and medical supplies in his backpack.

    He never knew that trying to survive would be so damn hard. He was alone. Parents dead, Older brother dead but long before the world came to peices. Just thinking about his brother made his heart hurt. The only thing he had lef of his brother was the dog tag he always wore around his neck when his brother gave it to him before heading back to the army. Dallas was going to leave but he figured there was more supplies somewhere.

    Moving around Dallas looked in small openings and then he headed behind the counter only to freeze when he saw the rifle pointed at him and the man who was holding the gun. He was smart enough not to move but he was trained in military combat and the years of highschool westling came in hany every now and again. Slowly he put his hands up to show no sings of him trying to pull a fast one. " Look im just looking for some supplies".
  4. He remained quiet as he heard the man rustling among the garbage and the shelves for
    supplies, he knew he had found some when he heard a sigh of relief coming from that stranger,
    but when the stranger stood in place in front of him and lifted his hands as sign of no conflict, he growled.

    He had already lost one eye in a battle before, a ridiculous battle over a dead body someone wanted to eat
    he wasn't going to risk his right eye anymore, so he simply hissed two words "Got them?"
    his plan was not that of stealing what little the man had found, but he wanted to know if he was for real
    "How do I know that when I lower my guard you won't kill me."
  5. Dallas kept his eyes leveled onto the guy. He didn't want to piss him off in anyway and from the sound of his voice it seemed like already was. Looking at the guy he had to be atleast 2 inches taller than him but since he was crouching he couldn't tell. Being that he was 6'0 he felt that he was a perfect hight. The more he looked at the guy the more he was trying to figure him out. He had a patch over one of his eyes so he had to be injured in it. His appearance was older than him so he figured he was between early twenties or mid twenties.

    " Look I havent even killed anybody before the only thing close was putting someone uncouncious, I just wanted supplies and i found them so ill be on my way trust me hurting you wasn't my intention". Dallas let out a breath and he took a few steps back. Glancing to the window it was already dark and he could hear footseteps running and then shouting before a gun went off. He knew that he'd have to made his way back quiety but since the scavengers were out he didn't know if he'd make it.
  6. The young man glared, his figure was thin, under his one eye a black shadow could be seen,
    a small scar on his lower lip denoted a recent fight, he wasn't that much taller than your average young man
    but he looked quite strange, his pitch black hair, longer than commonly taken, and his pale skin color
    only gave him away as a person who would catch anyone's eyes, even his soft smell of mint, that no one
    in the world could have, when there was no water to wash oneself with, and yet he was as clean
    as if he had just been in the shower, his clothes were comformed by only a red jacket with black fur,
    dark grey jeans, a pair of black boots and a long sleeved shirt, also black fingerless gloves.

    Still he growled a bit at the stranger's answer. "You have no proof" he hissed, but lowered his gun a little,
    letting him see the color of his one eye, a pitch black, only that, nothing less nothing more, just black,
    not even this common sparkle you could see in the eyes of someone full of life was there, it was as if he were
    a corpse, an undead person standing in front of the man.

    "I don't trust you, but you can't just go out and get yourself killed." he suddenly said, lowering his weapon
    "I'll let you spend the night here, under several conditions." he continued, showing his gloved left hand, and continued
    speaking up "One: You can't touch me, ask about my food or medical supplies, nor much less, my name. To you, I'm
    just another stranger. Two: If you try anything funny I'll kill you without hesitating. Three: I don't want any surprises
    like you left behind your friend. Four: You try to get "romantic" in the middle of the night and I kill you. and Last: You
    DO NOT touch my riffle nor ask questions about it."
  7. Dallas kept his eyes on the man and was still listening to the noise outside . When he heard the man speak he looked at the rifle and then at the door. He wondered where he found such a high powered weapon. The only people he knew that held thouse type of weapons were the police and the cruppted division that split between the guards that were much like people but worse since they raped the women and killed anyone who got in the way of their run of things. he knew that the closest poloce station was overrun by thugs who probubally found the weapons and thought they were king.

    Listening to the man make his 5 rules he nodded at each one. " Dont worry i wont touch you or your gun or even bother you in that matter but thank you for letting me stay the night". Taking his backpack pff his back he went to the small desk and pushed it infront the door. Just in case someone tried to come in he figured he'd wake to the sound if anything. Since it was kinda warm inside he took off his jacked and placed it on the ground as well as his backpack.

    Pulling his dogtag from out his sweater he stared at it for a moment before closing his eyes breifly and then he took a seat on the floor which was soft. Opening up his bag he pulled out a granola bar ad ate it in four bites. Dallas ran his hands though his hair before getting himself comfortable on the floor and then looking up at the cealing. Tommarow morning he'd have to find another place and then work his way to the police station and steal some guns, especially a bullet proof vest.
  8. He stared and watched every movement of the man, but when he noticed him lie down and get comfortable on the
    ground, he walked forward and stood up in front of him, his face right on top of his as he bent down closer.
    "What are you doing?" he asked, his expression completely weirded out
    He pointed at some door behind him, his hair flushing from between his neck.
    "Follow me, idiot." he said, in quite an angered tone before he turned on his hills and walked forward towards the
    door he had just signaled.
    "You're one weird person..." he mumbled between his teeth.

    He went in forward through the door and went inside, trough it there was a long hall and a series of stairs
    that led to a place higher in floors, he stopped in front of the stairs "Close the door" he ordered before
    walking upstairs "Follow me" he said rushing it a little.
  9. Dallas was on the verge of closing his eyes when he fet a shadow hovering over him. Opening hsi eyes he jumped slightly in shock to see the guy hovering over him and his face close to his. It took him a moment to realize that he heart was pounding in his chest thinking he was about to get shot or something. Slowly he got up and gathered his jacket abd backpack.

    He heard him mumble something about him being weird and he just shook his head. being that the place was in ruins he was used to sleeping on the floor and he dind't know what was so weird about that. The man's voice was angry when he told him to follow and he suddenly felt like he was a dead weight to the man. Dallas followed the man and then closed the door like he ordered.

    He followed the man onward and clutched his jacket in his hands and he followed him up the stairs. he was surprised there was even stair. Thinking it was a regualr store he'd never expect this.
  10. apartment-3.jpg
    (Kinda like this, but older, duster and less arranged)

    Leonel then glared at him when they reached the last floor, a third floor,
    which gave way to a small hallway with only one door, he kept walking onwards and opened it,
    signaling the man to follow him, he went inside and left this door open, it was grey and the doorknob was metallic
    inside it looked like your average apartment, with only one window on the left side it was quite
    comfortable, this only gave the impression that not only it was in a good state, but also it seemed like
    it had been used by this young man for a long time.

    "Come in and lock the door, don't make a sound tough." he ordered and then walked towards what looked
    like the living room, two wide couches in the middle of it, a small broken table between them, a tv
    which probably didn't work agaisn't the wall, and a few other ignored arrangements, besides a small
    cupboard which held a few already dusted photographs.

    "You can sleep on the couch, use your jacket as pillow, I'll take the master bedroom" he broke the silence,
    If you're hungry, eat, but try not to leave before dawn, this place is specially dangerous during dawn.
  11. When the man glared at him he averted his eyes tword the wall. It was uncomfortable and the more he was around the guy the more he felt unwanted. It wasn't that he wanted to be here. All he wanted to do is gather some medical supplies and then head back to his shit hole of a hideout. It was a pretty good hideout for being undetected by the raiders that came out at night but compared to the place he was standing in it made his hideout look worse than shit itself.

    Closing the door just like the man ordered he placed his bag down against the couch and then nodded slowly when the man rold him he could take the couch. His sore muscles could use a soft resting place. Taking off his boots he sat down on the couch and ran his hands through his ruffled hair. Instead of using the jacket as a blanket he just put it back on and layed on the couch, " Thanks again, sorry for being a bother you wont have to worry about me tommarow.

    Closing his eyes Dallas drifted off to sleep.... Dallas woke the next morning early. His body was feeling much better than before. Not knowing of the man was still sleeping he grabbed his bag and tried not to make as much noise as possible heading to the door before mentally kicking himself in the head for forgetting to put his boots on. He walked back over to the couch pulling his boots back on and then scratching his head walking for the door.
  12. The sun wasn't still completely out due to some clouds and the sound of Molotov bombs being thrown
    could be heard from afar, asides the little sprinkling on the shattered windows from an unknown source of water,
    and the last sound, was the sound of a young man breathing still, lying with his back agains't the door,
    holding his riffle between his arms, deep within his sleep, it was Leonel, whom for some reason was sleeping
    with an sniper riffle between his arms and blacking the only exit door there was in the whole place,
    and a little note scribbled above his head, attached onto the door could be seen easily.

    It said "Touch me and I'll kill you, wake me up and I'll castrate you"

    It was funny how his tough face was much different from what he actually looked like while awake,
    so calm and still he seemed quite... vulnerable, his hair, messy and long as it was, covered part of his face, but without
    his frowning expression he simply looked fine. He had very fine features that only made him look like a
    very good looking young man, besides a very gentle looking one, and although missing one eye, he had the expression
    of somebody who would never harm a moth, even.

    Suddenly he opened his eye, turned to look up and found the man standing in front of him, probably wondering
    what the sweet hell he was doing just sleeping there, but instead of saying a word, he looked around, with a curious expression
    trying to realize where he was or what he was doing, he looked up once more and helping himself with the riffle,
    he rose to his feet and yawned calmly.
    "You leaving?"
    he asked, his tone sounding like that of a person who was probably too relaxed for their own
    self well.
  13. Dallas stopped a few feet away from the door staring down at the man sleeping on the floor. And he thought i was weird. Looking just above his head was a paper that caught his attention. Reading the note he smirked. Now how was he suppose to leave when the guy was asleep right againt the damn door. Placing his bag down by his feet he leaned down to wake the guy only to step back when the man opened his eyes right on cue.

    It was still early but the commotion from outside was as plain as day. From the sounds of it, it seemed like delenquents more than raiders. Raiders did their damage at night or on rainy and couldy days but delenquents started trouble whenever they pleased not really giving a damn. Dallas still had the visual of the man sleeping. He looked like he'd never hurt anyone, the man looked peaceful with his messy air and the sound of his even breathing...

    Dallas looked away and picked up his bag ignoring the warm feeling in his stomach. " Um yeah i'd figure id leave and be out or your way". Zipping up his jacket he rested his hands in the deep pockets and looked up at the man. His voice was too calm but he'd just woke up so he figured the mean gumpy man would come back out.
  14. At first he only stared at his expression, he looked nervous at first but then he looked away and moved from his path,
    Leonel sighed and then turned at the door, taking the note away "Hear that outside? That's happening in the
    store across the street" he commented walking toward the only window of the room "You wanna burn like those people?"
    he asked in a cold tone while he pointed with his riffle like he were about to shoot at sight, but all he did was look
    trough the visor of the riffle in silence.

    Then he moved away "If you want you can leave, I don't guarantee your survival tough." he simply said, frowning as if
    something had just happened, and trough the broken parts of the window smoke could come in,
    Leonel moved away from the window and walked towards the door, and o the hallway outside of it,
    peeking trough the small cell like apertures on the wall.

    Outside looked like hell on earth, a bunch of delinquents were shooting at each other without any discretion
    throwing bombs and grenades, even a handmade bazooka could be seen from afar, and among them
    there were many people, women and children lined up agaisn't a wall with a black sack on their heads
    and their hands tied.
    "Slavers" Leonel mumbled between his teeth, gripping on his gun and walking back inside without a
    single word anymore.
  15. Dallas cringed but only slightly by the cold tone in his voice. Taking in a deep breath he walked back over to the couch and then dropped his bag. He could hear the screams and the laughter from the delenquents. The world was hell and there was nothing to do but survive. " Look i know that but if we cant leave in the day or the night then when will i leave?". He just dropped the subject because he knew the man was right. It was hell and he he went out there it was a 50/50 chance.

    Walking over to the window he looked out from what he vould see since the man was looking out the window as well. " Look you see that dead police man next to his car, he has a gun on him, If i can get that gun then ill have something to protect myself other than this blade.".
    Dallas walked over to his bag and then pulled out a gronola ber and slit in in half placing the other next to the man. " Ill be back okay".

    Not even waiting for a response or the man forbiding him from leaving he sprinted to the door and opened it heading downstairs. Taking his blade out he could hear the noise even clearer. Slowly he moved the desk from the door and watched at the delenguents motioned for people to move. Luckilty someone wasn't taking orders and they started beating him. Seeing as it was his oppertunity he snuck out and dashed for the car.

    Noone saw him. They were too busy with their own doing, Very slowly he pulled the gun out from the dead mans holster and then his rounds placing them in his pocket. Searching in the car he found another gun but it only had 4 bullets. Looking over form the car he could feel his adreniline rushing. And just in time he crepty back and slid in the door closing it when the shots were fired so the sound of the door couldn't be heard. Dallas moved te desk back infront the door and headed up the stairs placing the two guns on the semi broken table.
  16. The moment in which he had just formed his answer, the man had already ran off for who knows what
    outside, probably he was leaving, or so Leonel thought, when he was able to spot him running around like
    a soul carried by the devil toward a police car, stealing the weapons the dead policeman and the car had in,
    at first he saw that as an act of complete and mere stupidity, reason for which in the moment
    the young man walked back inside, placed the guns on the table and looked at him,
    he approached and gave him a strong and almost loud strike on the middle of his head.

    "You Idiot! You want them to find this place and kill me?! You could have died out there!" he began yelling
    "You don't just stroll around like an idiot hoping to find something useful, among an angry mob of looser
    who only want to find something to eat and kill, whether it be human or not!" he then stroked his shoulder
    "Don't ever do that again!" he then sat down at the couch, never letting go off his riffle and stared at the guns,
    moving them away to the left "You can keep them, you'll need them."
  17. Dallas expected he proved himself well but winced in pain when the man hit him in his head. Groaning low he rubbed his head and then tensed up as he clenched his hands. His breathing was raggid as the man lectured him about being an idiot and how he could have got killed or the place being found out about. His yelling just caused Dallas to stare at the man in disbelif. Grabbing the guns off the tabe and placing one under his shirt and placing bullets in the other he leaned against the wall. " Why the fuck would you hit me!? I knew damn well what i was doing and i know noone was watching me! Im not a kid".

    Opening his backpack he pulled out a small water bottle and chugged it down then closed his bag and watched the man sit down. Dallas couldn't even belive the guy would talk him down like he was some dumbass kid. Slouching his body to the floor heplaced his head on his hands and then closed his eyes. He needed a few more items before he could head to the police post and get some better equiptment. The sounds of screaming were gone and he knew that the guys outside were gone as well. He honestly neeeded to clear his mind.
  18. Leonel let his head go backwards to rest on the couch's support, sighing bitterly and crossing his arms
    he didn't know whether to kick the guy out before he got both of them killed, or just give him credit for
    getting two guns in a row without dying, never minding each, he sat back straight and turned to look at
    him for a moment before blinking and looking away once more.

    It had only been a few hours since he had arrived, so he took it easier on the guy and rose to his feet
    "where were you going last night?" he asked, thinking of something else this time, probably a way
    to favor both of them, being the case that he knew that, somehow, he was going for the police station like many others.
  19. After a while of silence he heard the man speak. Asking him what he was going eariler before he was where he was at. Lifting his head up he looked down at the gun in his hand and then at the man. " I was... i still am heading to the police station to get some better supplies and other things that i might need. I was planning to take things one step at a time like getting bandages and other medical supplies incase I got injured or something.

    Standing up he took off his jacket since it wasn't that cold and he sat on the couch next to the man. " Look i know this is one or your rules but can i atleast know your name?. it feels weird that he you some about me and i have not one clue who you are". Dallas yawned and leaned back into the couch then looking at his clothes. His shirt was slightly torn and his pants were dirty and he needed some new clothes and some warm water for a bath. " Do you have a bath around here? or some place with warm water i could use".
  20. Leonel first twitched his shoulder and looked away, but then turned to look at him once more
    believing it wasn't dangerous to tell him his name at all, at least he wasn't going to use it
    agaisn't him anymore anyway.

    "Leonel" he responded, and rose to his feet "I've been to the police station many times, it's empty,
    and it's only filled with rogue police officers. The only place you can hope to find those things in, is the
    hospital five miles from here, Heaven or something it's called." he finished, standing up and walking away,
    as if he didn't want him that close, he sat on the other couch across the table "And I have a shower, but don't
    abuse the hot water, it's not for free and it's limited." he responded the final question, now tilting his head a little

    "Yours?" he asked suddenly
    "What's your name?"