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  1. Name : Gabriel "Mighty man of God"
    Age : Youngest of the group. 12 years old
    Mythical group : Christain Angel of the lord.
    Powers : Unknown
    history : Gabriel is the youngest of the Archangels but not by age His mind and soul as well as heart was that of a child forever. Many angels picked and probbed him making comments that really hurt the young angel. gabriel always loved helping people and making sure that they where ok. Gabriel is the imbodyment of love, joy, faith, peace and unity which he is to allow others to feel. but coming to this group of strangers this has made gabriel very weak and sad as the group can't get along. He is blind in both eyes and very much weak and scared easily. But what ever you do don't piss him off or threaten his family. Being who he is been picked on a lot even though more powerful then the group at full power.
    Personality : A ball of fun and joy, he is not easy to anger and most likly cry over the death of a homeless man then the death of a rich man well known. Gabriel is soicaly awkward and doesn't really know how to be around woth others. he is in deed a very smart one but he hides it and does many things considered childish to the group.There is a secret side of gabriel a more sharp side though truth is a viture and you need to know the truth sometimes if you need others to work togeather . One of the more carefree of the group but when everyon starts fighting and arguing his powers(Mystery and unknown) start to die out and he will have what humans call a very sick phase.
    Picture : He comes in the form of a homeless child [​IMG]

    Name : Sylio
    age : 21
    race : Demigod of Dionsysus God of madness, drunk, good cheer and peace
    Powers : SHe cane make people that she pass by or touch go mad, insane or crazy. she also can cast insanely strong illusions.
    History : born of the god and lived normal life but easily got into trouble and easily got out of trouble. She makes everyone and everything that has a heart or soulthat knew her think they are mad and send themselves off to mental instutions. She was never liked by anyone she doesn't like many others.
    Personality : Crazy, fun loving and very harsh not afraid to kick someones ass.

    Picture : [​IMG][/BCOLOR]

    Name Demion
    age : 18
    race : Son of Loki
    Universal magic - Control over magic board, fire, water, shadow, earth, sky, shifting heaven magic as well as space and star
    history : Son of Loki. once a child that had alot going for him till he made himself a foe of the norse world. Going to earth and lived there till this group was given and ever since he stays far from them in meetings and never voiced his ideas knowing they wouldn't do it anyway.
    Personality : Dark, Crazy and playful male. Being the son of the god of magic, lies and trickery he is a ball of dark and light put togeather.
    Picture [​IMG]

    Name : Delo
    age : 19
    race : roman demigod of mercury
    Sonic Speed- Rivaled with Gabriel with her speed.
    Light and archery - can blind her foes and firing arrows of fire arrows.
    History : Delo is the daughter of mercry the gods of messenges . becoming magical in many ways and not just her powers she is easily one of the fastest of the group till little gabriel came in and easily challenged her and her speed when travling. Never really been ina group before so it will be interesting.
    Personality : A girl with alot of joy in her life but alot of dark secrets and mystery behind those deep green eyes. she is a gifted lier and magic user of speed but gabriel still stays as her rival at times and likes tp pick on him some times, but in good fun.
    Picture [​IMG]
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  2. Gabriel hung onto his sister back peacefully eyes closed. He was blind so it didn't greatly matter all that much to him if he was asleep or awake it was always dark for him. He hated it in reality and sighed gently as his sister stopped moving and got off her back and held her hand "what does the place look like ?" Asked friendly a huge smile on the blind kids eyes.

    Sylio smiles gently as she was the leader, well no one dared to question her . Too scared or something she was a bit coo coo but she .Over everyone really but tended to keep herself quite some times . She spotted a female and young boy come in and grinned crazily "welcome" giggled gently.

    Demion looked T the new arrives and cackled darkly seeing one was blind "oh look a blind brat. All we end to watch a small child's back weak he is as well" cackled darkly eyes narrowed disappearing and appearing behind Gabriel and smirks and pokes him "don't get in my way kiddo" cackled and vanishes into shadows to the forest.

    Delo sighed gently as she hovered in the air with winged sandals and smiles gently as she flew around and came to the training room and smirks darkly and kicked a bag across the room with a harsh kick. She smirks as it hit the window and then trarget partied with all types of weapons, gun, sythce , sword and dagger.
  3. Name : Raphaela "God has healed"
    Age : 16
    Mythical group : Christain Angel of the lord.
    Powers : Unknown
    history : Raphaela was more commonly known as Raphael, and is the only female of the Archangels. She is often mistaken for a man due to the written stories, which irritates her to no end. She is defensive of her younger brother, Gabriel, and longs to protect him which makes her vulnerable. Aside from her brothers she doesn't really get on with others and can often come off as arrogant.
    Personality : Protective, Family-oriented, Strong-willed, Arrogant, Bossy, Opinionated.
    Picture : [​IMG]

    Name : Aglaia "Laia"
    age : 19
    race : Demigod Daughter of Aphrodite God of love, beauty and sexuality
    Powers : She can make people fall deeply in love or lust with her with one touch.
    History : Raised by her father until he passed when she was 18, she has had little to no contact with her mother and tries to avoid involvement with her as much as possible.
    Personality : Brave, strong, warm-hearted, kind,
    Picture : [​IMG]

    Name: Niall
    age : 20
    race : Son of Ran, God of the sea.
    power: Water magic. He can draw water from his surroundings and use it to heal, hurt or hide. He also grows gills when submerged allowing him to breath underwater.
    history : Son of Ran, he grew up with his father but prefers to spend his days alone gathering knowledge. He'd often spend time in the library or the gym training trying to prove himself to the others around him.
    Personality : Intelligent, Logical, Bright, Curious
    Picture: [​IMG]

    Name : Remus
    age : 18
    race : Demigod son of the God Janus, Gods of gates and doors.
    Powers: Can create portals and open most doors.
    History : He has spent his life on the move, never really staying in one place for too long. He has used his powers to steal money and other things he needed since he was a small boy and doesn't regret any of it. He is the kind of person who does what he needs to in order to survive.
    Personality : Over confident, Sarcastic, Reckless, Unorganised.
    Picture: [​IMG]
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  5. Raphaela put an arm around her brothers shoulder, ignoring the others who approached them as she took a look around. "It's muddy," she said, unable to describe the landscape before her properly. "There are trees and a lot more plant life than we're used to, you're going to have to watch where you walk," she added, her voice like the sweetest music. She tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her eat and tugged her dark red hat further down on her head. "Everything is so...... green. You can barely see the sky here."

    Aglaia, who much preferred to be called Laia, walked slowly over to the newer members and stood before them, assessing each of them. "Hi there, I'm Laia," she said enthusiastically, even if she didn't really mean it. She was too busy memorizing every detail about the pair so she could use it later. How they stood, their posture, their relationship, each bit of information precious.

    Raphaela looked at her and nodded. "Raphaela," she introduced herself. "And this is my brother Gabriel," she added, squeezing her brother's shoulder as she looked down at him. And although her gaze was focussed on her younger brother, her mind was concentrating on where everyone else was so she could protect him if she needed to.

    Laia laughed softly. "Christian kids, interesting," she said looking between the pair. "I thought you were a man though, guess the gold old book got that wrong huh?" she said with a small laugh. She didn't mean it in an offensive way but sometimes she came across that way.

    Raphaela just ignored her, her body stiffening slightly as she watched Laia walk away. So far they hadn't had a good start with the others, and it didn't look like that was going to improve anytime soon.

    Niall barely noticed as the newer kids arrived and instead just stayed where he was, reading the only book that he had and twirling a puddle of water with his finger. It stretched up into the air like a waterspout, a large tube of spinning water from the ground to his finger that wobbled as he turned it in concentric circles. The book itself wasn't all that interesting, in fact it was one that he had read several times but he found it much better than the company around here.
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